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That's a good one. Got proof?

the sperging is so great though

you missed the spaghetti fight

to be fair mate, it was only torq that had an italian beef with you for some reason

this discord needs nazi emotes @D'Marcus Liebowitz

He considers southern Italians to be niggers

@TheDriver Sicilians vs North Italians

It was the one everyone came together on after the Neeto implosion

From beyond the grave, yes

Lots of personal and systemic failures can line up to create the perfect shitstorm @Asgardian117

Yeah it kinda happens. Really sucks though

I can't

Still hospitalized



Naw I did it to myself lol

What's up goys

Wish I could get in. Public wifi sucksss

I think I have before. I'll do it again

Ah ok

But you're in cali?

Wait that thumbnail isn't right

Oh well

Pic related ^

shit is going our way, FAST

no idea

but this is fucking great

they post shit like this

well damn. @Eli Mosley confirmed prophet

To be fair, we didn't know a lot of things about right wing nationanalist movements and their leaders 5 months ago @Eli Mosley


hahahahahahaa absolutely

good poast

"Good call Hawaii is pretty nasty place anyway
Lots of fake american hippie bums live on the beach and harass tourists for cash
Alaska is clean and pure" from the comments <----

what do you think "clean and pure" meant guys?


88 heil

because our jewish masters' interests are served by a syrian war @gusphase

honestly we should get every white nationalist to reconquista South Africa, start our own White Ethnostate @everyone

Make SA Great Again, amirite?


if cockroaches can, so can they

I was making a jew = cockroach joke.

daily reminder: this is our future if Trump *doesn't* bow to the neocohens and start WWIII

basically yeah

everything is fucked, isn't it?



but that was a syrian airfield, not isis @Convo

round 3, here we go

idk if he will


we're run by jews

no way ahahahahaha

stream link

that is some bad omen


@Lupus_Dei - NC don't need to be infantry to launch nukes

/r/the_donald summed up. the boomer posting is too real

"nevertheless, I refuse to identify as a neocon"

what a faggot

I don't think we can cohabitate the same nation tbh

the "great american experiment" is over



we further slip into dystopian ruin

stop blackpilling me I want to die

Mccain and Grahamnesty have both said this was a "good move" and makes Trump "look strong"

link link

#firekushner is at 7 now

Ah shit didnt know the difference

Its #5 for USA

is there another stream?

that's what gets me

Bannon and the alt right is what literally got this faggot elected

wait did he fire them?

or are you making shit up?

heidrich wtf

4u maybe

could someone explain this to me? is the cartoonist retarded?

salting the earth live is on now


fucking of course. my bane-tier screeshing can be heard for miles right now

@here could someone help me out with the fake black history here? A faggot on twitter is claiming that a Black man was the USA's first President lol

It's cited by Sacramento State University as true

I'm in upsidedown world

@D'Marcus Liebowitz we need your help

was the first president black?

the problem is I have white people with mixed kids claiming this shit @queenarchitect

@β˜‡Unlimited Powerβ˜‡ that's what I've been doing lol. He retweeted me in horror

he has since deleted the tweet

@Beauregard he called me racist in every other tweet. it was funny

i found some fresh pasta

Alt right? πŸ‘Œ More πŸ— like πŸ’– alt TIGHT πŸ‘‰ PUSSY! 🐱 Fuck πŸ† my πŸ‘¨ nazi πŸ™… pussy 🐱 til i πŸ‘ cum πŸ’¦ white πŸ‘± power πŸ’ͺ

lol I'

I'm tweeting this at her

yeah the boomer posting was bad


yes but now we have Kurt Eichnkike as precedent @β˜‡Unlimited Powerβ˜‡

ah I see

On that topic, are there any livestreams up yet?

I'm beginning to believe that, yes.

I wanted to talk about this earlier. It's great.

everyone is saying how it will place an exclamation point on what we already know about nazi atrocities

we all know how this goes lol

"success breeds jealousy" -t.jew

The literal definition of hubris.

that's what they always do when they're called out. "Well what are you gonna do about it, goy?"

All of the above.




someone ping me when there's a stream, im gonna go play xcom

well there goes my xcom plan

thanks man

@SLUG2_ "There's about 14 antifa and 88 of us" this is great lma

i might be a japanese πŸ˜‡ nationalist πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ but if i see a fine πŸ˜°πŸ’¦ ass πŸ‘ korean girl πŸ™ˆ my bloodline πŸ’‰about to be a war crime 🏜

wew indeed

14 words fam. I'm doing it.

the optics of this is so great

holy shit there it is




14 and a lot more.

thanks @Erika

I will! Hopefully more to follow

she's a champion, for real.

so far so good!

figured you guys would like this whitepill in a sea of black. I know I sure do.

exactly that

Where were you when Fraternities across the country joined the Race War?

me every day basically

I hope they're in a blood rage

I regret never going greek. but I imagine this is a heavy blow

basically Frats are the most implicit White Nationalists accepted in mainstream culture

@Caerulus_Rex you will find this interesting: apparently someone has a line with Tucker Carlson's producer and is offering it to /r/Frat

I'd believe it. Surprisingly, /r/frat seems to be pretty woke

this is even more powerful. Makes me want to march for science n shieet

I was ambivalent about Kurds until I had to be around them.

jesus fucking christ they are the jews of the middle east

worse than nogs

is tucker /ourguy/?

I wonder what the shelf life of this meme will be

letters are too hard to read

if you want to see "too far", well, here you go

that one's good

that's the best place to put it

"It's LE CURRENT YEAR and children don't even have the same rights as adults!!! Only an ageist bigot would be against giving children equal rights. Once the old pedophobes die off we'll finally be able to progress."

Yes ^

super happy. sleeps a lot

we have an abundance of breast milk, which is great

lol. I will


oosh that's rough


well she does have a lot extra

but we need to freeze it for later

oh god


that's a woke boomer

oooosh wow

at least you have internet

I gucking do too m8

that's rough buddy

this is quite possibly the gayest thing I've seen all month ^


I was first! or not idk

pink as fuck

I thought you abandoned discord?

pewdiepie is /ourguy/ confirmed

He portrays himself as such in this video at the timestamp I linked to

podcasting and looking after baby, so no sorry

oh no I mean I 'm listening to podcasts lol

oh fug that's nice

"aboriginal male" welp looks like we're done here

616 degrees

@FascistFather dude it's 4am how are we up right now

well shieeeet

"This sub uses counter-Semitic comedy Jews like you won't get it."

an actual comment ^^^

Reporting this sub to /r/againsthatesubreddits and the admins. You guys are done. Think you won? Guess what. Tolerance and progressive values always win in the end, Trumpists. Ever wonder what it was like to be Voldemort getting annihilated right after the Elder wand flew into Harry's hand? You're about to feel it tenfold once you feel the wrath of pissed-off, progressive redditors raging at the fact that Trumpers like you get to walk around even AFTER you've already won. You were supposed to graciously accept your (rigged) election results, give it a rest, and stay in /r/The_Cheeto rather than rub it in our faces that your Orange Hitler won. Now? It's time for you to be put in your places. You've already infected the precious mind of my beloved wife's son, and now you'll pay.
Edit: Just updated SRS, Resist, It's Going Down, and many other like-minded comrades on the existence of this cheeto Nazi recruitment forum. Stand down against Nazis? Fuck that noise. I'd turn down the ability to see the next five new episodes of Rick Sanchez fucking shit up in multidimensional hyperspace with his grandson just so I could have the chance to crush deplorables like you. Other progressive redditors reading my outcry for action against the bane of reddit's existence that is this subreddit, consider this: What if I told you that the Republic was now under the control of a Dark Lord of the Sith? I hope those who like the cut of my jib and my call to /r/esist take notice. Now is the time for action. Wubba lubba dub dub, motherfuckers.

keepass 2

yeah that's what I thought too. They lost a lot of attention by not doing so


oh shit didn't see the "car" part. no I think you're correct

"civil rights" to what? To die in a riot caused by negligent police and city?

fuck that shit

or a decapitated horse head in his bed, preferably

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