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2017-04-18 20:26:59 UTC

2017-04-18 20:27:01 UTC  

they think they are safe in this literal hitler dictatorship

2017-04-18 20:27:01 UTC  

I would assume to make people think they are planning to assasinate someone

2017-04-18 20:27:24 UTC  

actually thats giving them a little too much credit

2017-04-18 20:27:24 UTC  

if thats real, it should be passed along to someone

2017-04-18 20:27:27 UTC  

they could just be dumb

2017-04-18 20:27:35 UTC  

ill send it to eli

2017-04-18 20:27:48 UTC  

but with everything we do look at it through rabbi's lenses

2017-04-18 20:31:06 UTC  

auburn is 6pm right?

2017-04-18 20:31:19 UTC  

mountain time I guess

2017-04-18 20:31:29 UTC  

7pm CST

2017-04-18 20:31:32 UTC  

8pm EST

2017-04-18 20:31:46 UTC  

I guess it could be moving since he's actually doing it in the hall again, So i'm not positive

2017-04-18 20:32:41 UTC  

they're central so...original speech was at 7, after the cancel it was 6 but it might go back to 7 now

2017-04-18 20:42:22 UTC  

Its central

2017-04-18 20:46:47 UTC

2017-04-18 20:46:52 UTC  


2017-04-18 20:48:50 UTC  

Plz read

2017-04-18 20:48:54 UTC  

Don't make me tag everyone

2017-04-18 20:50:41 UTC  

i read

2017-04-18 20:50:46 UTC  

those comments are poz

2017-04-18 20:51:01 UTC  

I wanted to talk about this earlier. It's great.

2017-04-18 20:51:22 UTC  

everyone is saying how it will place an exclamation point on what we already know about nazi atrocities

2017-04-18 20:51:26 UTC  

we all know how this goes lol

2017-04-18 20:53:19 UTC  

has anyone on codoh looked through these yet? you'd think that based on the archeological evidence we have already we can show the holocaust didn't happen.

2017-04-18 20:54:08 UTC  

this explanation is pretty standard, and extremely gay: "[–]ClassBShareHolder [score hidden] 2 hours ago
I'll take a stab at this one. Have you ever noticed that most nail salons are owned by Asians? Ethnic/religious groups help each other. Or, they hire from within their group transferring knowledge of business success.
Jewfish people have been known as business people. Merchants. Jewelers. Lawyers. Their success made others jealous. When one group becomes successful, outsiders begin to suspect foul play/cheating for their success. When one group starts to dominate the financial market, they start to be resented.
It doesn't take much to turn that resentment into hate and fear."

2017-04-18 20:54:43 UTC  

"its jealousy goy"

2017-04-18 20:54:55 UTC  

"success breeds jealousy" -t.jew

The literal definition of hubris.

2017-04-18 20:55:17 UTC  

he's not wrong, he's just proud of it.

2017-04-18 20:55:25 UTC  

that's his mistake.

2017-04-18 20:55:35 UTC  

that's what they always do when they're called out. "Well what are you gonna do about it, goy?"

2017-04-18 20:55:49 UTC  

also, this new evidence is just more bs testimonials

2017-04-18 20:55:54 UTC  

literally nothing of value

2017-04-18 20:56:15 UTC  

since we can already show the existing testimonials were obviously manufactured and incorrect

2017-04-18 20:56:15 UTC  

wouldn't it be funny

2017-04-18 20:56:32 UTC  

if their testimony revealed 60 million jews were actually gassed

2017-04-18 20:56:59 UTC  

its going to be several new variations on electric floors

2017-04-18 20:57:11 UTC  

and all that shit

2017-04-18 20:57:18 UTC  

and I assume they will reveal the nazi masturbation machine

2017-04-18 20:57:21 UTC  

more bear/eagle execution stories