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was it faygo?

this is a little late, but:


look at the kid in back, hes wearing a maga hat

@northern_confederate that kind of redefines my understanding of the eternal anglo


@northern_confederate it reminds me of a speech by Mosley wherre he talks about "money powers": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le-9uWKe2dk

this video gets me pretty pumped

store brand mountain dew like mountain lightning. We like smart buying options

not soda but ...


africola? or the malted milk?

im not sure exactly what malted means, but its non-alcoholic

German ginger soda. Nice label. Clearly the printer is broken though. That authentic German woman isnt nearly as swarthy as she should be.


fixed it

there are sites you can go to to convert soundcloud links to itunes rss

I usually go to getrssfeed.com on my phone and just paste the link

what time does Auburn start?

niggers, Auburn, what time does it start?

thanks....aww yeah. im pumped


this is pretty good

it shows a good action/reaction sequence of events. I wish videos on twatter could be longer to show antifa in the begining as well

this explanation is pretty standard, and extremely gay: "[–]ClassBShareHolder [score hidden] 2 hours ago
I'll take a stab at this one. Have you ever noticed that most nail salons are owned by Asians? Ethnic/religious groups help each other. Or, they hire from within their group transferring knowledge of business success.
Jewfish people have been known as business people. Merchants. Jewelers. Lawyers. Their success made others jealous. When one group becomes successful, outsiders begin to suspect foul play/cheating for their success. When one group starts to dominate the financial market, they start to be resented.
It doesn't take much to turn that resentment into hate and fear."

"its jealousy goy"

more bear/eagle execution stories

"Thats right goyim. Don't you have a new parks and rec to watch? Don't forget the football game is on at 8 too goy. You love football don't you goy?"

her name is so intensely jewy

@Dave your grandfather was a brave man

makes sense

thats great advice

@Convo like this guy. bearded soy


the eichenwaldstein sheeit is hilarious

@northern_confederate yeah. many of them use Christianity as a costume. During the whole woolery thing, people were saying " marx converted to lutheran.." . yeah.

plus eichenwald looks like a bald jewish woman. dead give away

@Lester Cordell im trying to watch it too for the symbolism. I listened to the mark dyer interview on red ice about it. Pretty intertesting. I want to read his book esoteric hollywood

@Lester Cordell thats pretty talented for etsy

im going to turn it on. i was avoiding it bc i thought it was going to be a snoozer

I have a prediction: Currently, Kurt Eichenwaldstein is furiously writing a paper on hentai, that he will publish later today, so that he can say he was "researching" it

seems like something he would do


tales from the trough is awesome. im listening to it now

is a 92 an A and 90-91.9 an A-?

@badtanman my guess is that, given that it seems like the residents are mostly former desert dwellers, its likely that they did something retarded like having an open fire indoors or something

yeah. plus they probably just ran from a smaller fire instead of trying to put it out. I wonder how many of them are illegals

then make it happen

every feature she has is hideous

I didnt notice till now, but hes got the Greek meandros on his collar

maby it travelled there with Alexander

"its the culture"


mothers and fathers surname?

"The two surnames names are ancestral, with the father’s family name followed by the mother’s family name. In Colombia, for example, “Ernesto Escobar Vega” uses two surnames (“Escobar Vega ”) as his legal name, with “Escobar” coming from his father and “Vega” coming from his mother.

This naming convention is the rule in Spanish-speaking countries, says Jeff Kirsch, a faculty associate in the Division of Continuing Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, “but it’s subject to confusion when people come to the United States. Many Hispanics in the U.S. hyphenate ‘Escobar-Vega’ as their surname so that people know that ‘Escobar’ is not a middle name. The concept of a middle name is foreign to most Hispanic cultures."

notice that, in the explanation, hyphenation is an act of signalling to us

that poor guy

Thats a really good question

beaner conundrum

that makes sense

not sure. That kind of makes sense. Or like badtanman said, they just take the fathers combo

"... they would be as, if not more successful than the western world."

whomst is that retarded?

Robert De Nirostein?

@Horatio Cary those are awesome o/ i like the top 2 blue/white/red jawns

Ive always wondered who the primary audience was for tomb raider. They didnt exactly make lara croft ugly

Or that was a way to appeal to both men and women


I think they make it ambiguous in that they dont give her a bf or husband

@SwiFT if you havent seent passengers, its got some interesting symbolism if viewed from our perspective. There are definitely issues with it that are not in the original script. Its still kind of interesting

@SwiFT its a movie. Its on starz on demand.

On the squatting shitter: maybe the squatty potty was some sort of incrementalist conspiracy to get all westerners used to the idea of total squat shitting. The #squatpill

Part of my daily routine is planned specifically around shitting at home. If i have to poop elsewhere, i create a pretty formidable eagles nest



The cucking on fox news last night and this morning is off the charts

Streisand effect

Yeah. He does good

Good analogy

Horus calls that a ceausescu moment

The eternal skeptic


It is


That pax dickenson interview is laden with drops


Yeah kesslers periscopes have been good

Thats a great thread

Its pretty comprehensive

I think the lefts narrative will fall apart completely within a week

They are pretty weasley

Dont they own ancestry.com?

Have yall'mst already seent this?

Email- [email protected], 504um- Pan-autiste


Its awesome

The special edition jawn

@☇Unlimited Power☇ i started on xcox 360. I play the pc special edition one now


They can unfortunately spin it to make it look like a 'justified' response to 'the events in charlotte' and then have an excuse to reiterate their charlotte narrative

I havent checked my normiebook yet


It has happened

I remeber the left trying to justify it saying 'these people are clearly hurting, thats why they are violent'

Good point

That is kinda funny actually. It didnt occur to me what a non sequitur that is

@spencelarianpanautiste on gab

New account


Is there a gab app?

If so i cant find it

'Siri-is there a gab app?'

@blueangel thanks. I was just reading about that. I wonder why apple wont allow it those sumbitches. I came across a faux gab app by a street shitter trying to swindle people somehow

Yeah. Hes pretty gay and so is pjw. Theyre both parasites that hover near the alt right, leaching off its energy, till it becomes a little inconvenient. I remember the waffling they both did during the election. Both said they were altright and then denied it after heilgate

That tri racial guy did the same thing

@Adrien Arcand im still trying to wrap my head around that whole thing. I watched the stranahan periscope but still dont quite see the connection

Best new twatter account

Ifd thinks posobiec is altright


Sam harris. haahaaa

Harris is a piece of shit

The entire (((skeptic))) movement was just a vehicle designed to shit on Christianity

And by extension, whites


@☇Unlimited Power☇ how did it get eclipsed?

Horus is awesome. Besides old Pierce broadcast, ftwr was all i had to listen to

And derb



Originally i gave it a week for the narrative to fall apart. I guess that was too generous

Its too bad it was posobiecs tweet

That guy is strange

Good point

Isnt he the guy that attacked first and then got pummeled?

I remember seeing a video of it yestrday

Shaun king has got to be the biggest clown of the 21st century

Video is pretty funny

The guys dad disowned him basically. The eternal boomer


The ultimate virtue signal

Pretty good news conference

Its live on fox rn

When its over, i recommend watching it

Its at trump tower

He called out the counter protesters. Not sure if he said antifa. Lots of 'excuse mes'

He did say that the right had a lawful permit

And he mentioned our slippery slope narrative on iconoclasm

He said is jefferson and washington next?

This is really good. Caught me off guard


Yeah. Its awesome


I wonder how far cernocich and alt lite will backpedal their cucking

Yeah. I guess theyll just pretend they never said anything

Smart shield design. Are those 50 gal drums?

I know. Read the thread. The lady writes some crazy fanfic

That was the wrong link. This is the one i meant to share. This lady is nuts

She likens this to a possible rwanda in her thread

Loomer is frightening

We should make loomer creepy pastaa

@northern_confederate "imagine a world in which everyone already knows America means white but instead of using historical iconography you create larp shit instead." Well pu


Imagine the smug satisfaction idiots like "ajamu" get every time they get a like or retweet



I think so

Its probably my new favorite account

https://youtu.be/jMqQBLZwRIE What the fudge is peterson going on about here? Nothing he says makes any sense.

Are you joking?

Above a cat 5

He is

Im convinced that sargon isnt holding back but that he actually believes what he says

In the MW debate, sargon says some pretty retarded stuff

@☇Unlimited Power☇ thats pretty interesting. We should be in those next few days right about now

I wish he was able to follow through on his race study

They turned him into a scientism priest

The behaviour that leads to aids will likely lead to something else for which there is no cure

Not cure bit treatment i guess

Thanks fags

Petri dishes

Her tweet is incredibly retarded. I think what bothers me most about it is the content is designed to appeal to a specific audience

Didnt the old testament have slavery too? Maybe its time to get rid of that?

The more the media pushes the more americans will agree

@HeliRidesOfPeace ok cupid and bumble now too. Bumble has 'joined forces with the adl' http://mashable.com/2017/08/17/bumble-okcupid-white-supremacist-hate/#gVFBu3.pIaqL

What does make her nose soft mean?

@DukeStorm the second comment by Carolingian on PATCON is pretty interesting.

Im not sure what its called but the jump scare prank game where you trae a maze and then a face pops up and screams at you. There should be a loomer version

I heard cilantro is in the soy family

"Asian monks eat cilantro in order to control their sex drives, claims Sam Greenspan of 11Points.com in “11 Foods That Just Might Kill Your Sex Drive.” "

@Lupus_Dei - NC i wonder how much the vatican was paid to replace benedict with this guy. He sells globalism as hard as trudeau

I wonder if someone countered her with something similar about (((broadway)))

Why do cats again? You already know how its going to end

Some idiot is paying to promote this

Meanwhile they reject all else from this time period

@Armchair Fascist was just about to ask you what you were listening to


Feminism is also leading to a lot of no-selection as well


Thats a good point

Nuclear family was a more equal distribution


And single white women and weak men


They want a world for them

That they can succeed in

A world requiring strength will not appeal to the nu-male


Its similar to the motivations of many libertarians

I imagine many executives in corps are also childless, similar to their leftist brethren

With libertarians, its a lot of selection bias too. People are motivated in different ways towards libertarianism. What weve been seeing is whites who were motivated for the right reasons being tweezed away towards the altright

I wonder if individualism was just a northern european evolutionary straegy

Each race and subgroup has these tendencies so deeply ingrained in their genes, like blacks and their r selective breeding was from a high disease gradient that is no longer present in the us. Ive finally brought my dad around on the whole "we decapitated the black family, thats why they act this way" horseshit towards the understanding that they are just acting as their african ancestors did to survive. Its really that simple

Its a meme about slavery

Its conservacuck and leftist

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