Message from Eli Mosley in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-05-09 07:22:29 UTC  

hell hath no furry like a potato scorned

2017-05-09 07:23:16 UTC  

@Eli Mosley if you're awake hop into voice

2017-05-09 07:23:26 UTC  

Last week I got level 14 mad at Oathkeepers. Now Im going to destroy Gavin, the Proud Boys, and the alt knights. They're done. They're all done.

2017-05-09 07:23:30 UTC  

im too mad

2017-05-09 07:23:47 UTC  

you're doing kek's work eli

2017-05-09 07:23:53 UTC  

fucking Baked Alaska and the Proud Boy FAGGOTS brought that CuckKnight with them, tried to deny it and cover it up

2017-05-09 07:24:17 UTC

2017-05-09 07:24:18 UTC  

His name is Sean Van Duser of Oxnard California and I want to know his entire dox.

2017-05-09 07:24:31 UTC  

meanwhile Gavin accused Weev of being behind all the hacks today on his show

2017-05-09 07:24:36 UTC  

they're all done

2017-05-09 07:25:12 UTC  

Im sending the worst possible shit to antifa on Gavin and I want the CuckKnight to have to move

2017-05-09 07:25:53 UTC  

They fucking brought alt lite protestors to OUR FUCKING EVENT

2017-05-09 07:26:05 UTC  

and then lied about it saying he wasn't theirs

2017-05-09 07:26:08 UTC  

fuck these faggots

2017-05-09 07:26:19 UTC  

sounds like a job for /ourguys/ at /pol/

2017-05-09 07:26:41 UTC  


2017-05-09 07:32:10 UTC  

@Eli Mosley this is war. we must destroy him

2017-05-09 07:32:33 UTC  

@Eli Mosley Dont waste too much energy

2017-05-09 07:32:49 UTC  

just try to get our events up because you dont wanna give them too much air

2017-05-09 07:33:09 UTC  

the events are up for the time being. I have enough energy to fuck with these faggots

2017-05-09 07:33:27 UTC  

yeah the Alt Lite is gonna go dox soon

2017-05-09 07:33:31 UTC  

baked alaska and Mike tokes are sucking my dick in DMs right now

2017-05-09 07:33:51 UTC  

you watch they will start to dox IE guys that were at Berkley soon

2017-05-09 07:36:57 UTC

2017-05-09 07:37:08 UTC  

Rare meme made by oscar

2017-05-09 07:47:37 UTC  

Baked Alaska, Mike Totes and Proud Boys did nothing wrong. Im still finding this faggot.

2017-05-09 07:52:31 UTC  

Well Mike Totes is still a kike faggot

2017-05-09 07:53:13 UTC

2017-05-09 07:53:23 UTC

2017-05-09 07:53:48 UTC  

yea yea im not gonna destroy the kid because he is a kike right now. There is plenty of time for that later.

2017-05-09 07:54:25 UTC  

He is really sorry and Baked Alaska "breifed him on counter signaling us"

2017-05-09 07:54:29 UTC  

which is hilarious

2017-05-09 07:54:47 UTC  

I would love to be able to read that conversation

2017-05-09 07:56:30 UTC  

inb4 all these kikes stop listening to the Gavin pozz train and from JDL 2.0

2017-05-09 07:57:14 UTC  

so i'm paying for 75Mbps, getting between 5-7Mbps

2017-05-09 08:00:41 UTC

2017-05-09 08:11:59 UTC  

my interwebbins' are pissing me off... fucking kikes