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Good to be back!!!!!

colors changed since i got discord again

i knocked some shit off the shelves to celebrate


@Bero hahah

my twitter handle is @legumicide

@Convo how those deadlifts coming along

I was Mad Russian

then Professional Russian

someone was gonna doxx me and i got blackpilled as fuck for a while so i took a week or two off and got a new name

I remember you talkin about the new grip.

@yankees arent people Yeah, I got added to some random servers, and i got a message from someone with my personal email and name in it, no idea who they were

got spooked as fuck

and then I got blackpilled as fuck over Syria

And "Ilya Muromets" is quite a Mad Russian still, look him up, good campfire story for the young slavs

Yeah, I bugged out because I'm so OPSEC oriented and I had no clue how it happened and just pulled the plug for a bit.

glad to be back @yankees arent people , lotta good people here

i might crash out fam

wanna voice but i gotta be up early as fuck and im nodding off

I shall return

before i go

some dude i know sent me the most ridiculous AK style rifle i have seen in a while

i couldnt figure it out

and i know my AKs like a madman

ok sorry

had my phone blow up

look at this thing

WTF is this?

one of the hunting ones?

i never had one

the sites threw me off

and stock

I've had a few arsenal conversions

cool thanks, i was wondering and just couldnt put it together

was wondering if it was a century arms pick and pull thing

this is my favorite AK i've had

never had a 5.45 before

this ones a SLR107FR

bulgarian circle 10

hm. maybe ill try one sometime

but i luv 7.62x39

accurate for me

i have some AR i built that i keep putting more shit on it

just swapped my keymod for an m lok rail


about $2k in it

custom milled out lower

cuz i can


before I go

in talk of 5.56 ammo

i have a shitload of M193 and M855

but... i forgot the USMC brought in mk318

and i dont have much experience with it

but i think im gonna start buying more it seems like it's the best 5.56 out there

i like 45

only have 9mms though right now

the newer rounds are brutal

but wouldn't mind a double stack FNX45 as in a hip holster again

@william.clark- PA dude, one of my friends just got 1000 something rounds of it lol

that round is a mean mofo

do you use it in a mosin?

debated pimping out a cool mosin

but havent

not tacticooled out

just the right touches

i like russian firearms looking mostly original

this ALG trigger in my bulgarian arsenal is a mean mofo tho



im getting a mosin


it's NOT stopping me from getting the .308 savage i want

ok fuck i need sleep, you goys get me going with the arms talk. lol


heil victory fam

i flushed my blackpills away

have a good night

howdy do

god i just saw that about an hour ago

fucking piece of shit, he is

either way he is a despicable oxygen waster

GLR. such an amazing man.

you should read white power if you havent


Koba, did you turn Jew?

lol your name

Eli, hows the situation looking with spencer?


i wonder if all the calls and emails made an impact in any form

i hope so

they deserved to get bombarded


get GLR and Co on them.

i hope this goes to court then

thats awesome Caerulus

Eli, no lawyer friends?

I dunno if taking the bar is easy lol


who's that negroid lawyer who always jumps on all the public cases with chimpouts and cops

Benjamin Crump

@Eli Mosley richard should call him and ask if he will represent him

that would be funny as shit


jigaboo niggajew


what have yuo been up to man, havent shot the shit for a while


good boy!

i got a TENS/EMS unit to start electrocuting myself with to try to help with getting feeling back in my fingers, but i should start seeing a chiropracter i think

im just doing manual labor shit

its what they are for

no i just have some nerve issue in my shoulder still

and it makes me have only partial feeling in my pinkie and ring fingers on left hand

i wouldnt be able to handle that

spics do stuff like that here

my parents house got broken into like 7 years ago or so when they stilled lived here.


there needs to be much less strict laws on forming vigilante groups and paramilitary units

man i'd stay up all night on my roof with a rifle.

i remember my dads truck got broken into all the time as a teen

lol nice Koba

this one girl ive been seeing but super cautious on is a helicopter pilot and a mechanic....i could get her to be my pilot for missions

this is great

@Eli Mosley ah i didnt know you were studying law. good man. but you? chimping out on people???? no.....

@BershaeS hahahah holy shit

lol i know how eli operates 😛

he's one mad cunt

i still have yet to see him use his headbutt in action

thats what i crave

yeah dude

not miley cyrus style

eli should just start classic brownshirting it up

he'd be extra brutal looking in it


will i get put on a list


jk didnt click


yeah im probably on some lists

i suspect the chinese

mean, my personal NSA agent has never hit me up to chill


haha this is great eli


those guys in my state @Eli Mosley

unless theres more

but those total fags in our capital


im tired

i have to wake up early to do evil shit

and stuff


damn banned from walmart

i cant listen to this

haha he blocked me immediately

you should eli

that took like 90 second for him to block me


ok im gonna go sleep working outside is turning me into an old person

as you were, gentlemen


I hope proud boys get it too

fucking stickman toting them like mad lately

anyone got any live feeds?

been helping move

just got online

ahh periscope ok thank you sir

lets see if PBs getting beat down yet

rocks huh

so much for the police safety rule list of banned stuff haha

right well antifa doesnt follow rules ^^

goddamn boomering

on southern's?

im switchin back and forth

shes back up

unless mine glitched and isnt live

yea looks like it



yeh lukes live again


he's been better lately.

these people suck

commies still at it eh

5.11 makes nice pants

5.11 has tons of shit

what country are you in



ive always ordered direct from

but its the best place to check out all their products, model #s of stuff, etc if u dont order from there

yeah cheap shoes sucki like good quality new balance trainers

see if you lived in the US, you could order from , they have tons of shit cheaper than 5.11

dont need the most expensive gear for everything

this makes me happy


you can in a few days eli

channel your headbutt

we need a good headbutt meme

man i either just blew it with some girl i know, or avoided being made into a human sacrifice

holy shit

nigga i live in AZ

soemtimes it gets in the higher 120s

its fucked

dayuuuuummmm i didnt know nate was that short


im tlakin phoenix

we get heat waves

u live here too?

or u speculating 😛

yeah its normally high 100+ teens like that

i just have experienced a few heat waves in the mid to high 120s before, fucking awful man

yeah i've worked outside over summers doing evil shit for extra money many summers


CF = thernovitch?

lost me

im editing some screenshots of some psycho texts from this girl


sorry, thanks


shes a nasty porn ho

she was a normal white girl

and it looked like burning man and the DAPL ruined her

fucking oven that bitch

you need a good diet, not preworkout


i was 145lbs at age 21

but i was underfed

normal is 165ish, thats what i was when i was 18

im 30 and a little over 180, low body fat, just train and eat right

i shouuld say im 5'9


get maximize gains naturally


before even thinking of anything like that

otherwise it turns into pimply doughy body

gotta eat healthy, eating grips of beans has helped me stay lean and strong over the years

i haven't lost a fistfight in 14 years (violence is bad goyyyss)

i consider myself to be buff ninja build

acrobatic and can hit the weights hard

and do crazy ninja trick shit

ok i should eat, might catch u fools in the chat after

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