Message from Pepe the Impaler - DC Area in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-05-15 21:10:38 UTC  

opsec is important. Even when sending flashy images to some lying cheating kike

2017-05-15 21:10:43 UTC  

began describing details about an Islamic State terrorist threat related to the use of laptop computers on aircraft.

2017-05-15 21:10:47 UTC  

that shit has been online forever

2017-05-15 21:10:58 UTC  

thats part of reason certain airlines clamped the fuck down on it in conflict zones

2017-05-15 21:11:07 UTC  

I fucking hate eichenwald more than most shorty journos

2017-05-15 21:11:21 UTC  

The media are just looking for any excuse to shit on Trump tbh

2017-05-15 21:11:52 UTC  

I'm off to bed. I leave you with a dank meme

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2017-05-15 21:13:00 UTC  

Audio Mastering on Vocals So Sweet on this Exodus Americanus. Listen and spread now! Listen now! Go go go!

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2017-05-15 21:50:57 UTC  

wonder if he knows he's following am evil nazi

2017-05-15 22:09:32 UTC  

That dude's blood type is: Totino Pizza Rolls

2017-05-15 22:14:37 UTC

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2017-05-15 22:17:33 UTC  

Amazing shit happened on my list serve today. Fucking mentally ill sjw got so triggered she actually started going off against whites on my attorney listserve.

2017-05-15 22:27:48 UTC

2017-05-15 22:27:56 UTC  

wtf is he doing

2017-05-15 22:28:40 UTC

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2017-05-15 22:30:11 UTC  

We should get the TRS radio group to go to this

2017-05-15 22:30:54 UTC  

Why gray?

2017-05-15 22:31:30 UTC  

nah I made a couple carl drops

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2017-05-15 22:38:05 UTC  

@Pepe the Impaler - DC Area going on an insane rant.

2017-05-15 22:38:37 UTC  

Eichenwald is a habitual liar as pointed out by Tucker Carlson.

2017-05-15 22:39:50 UTC  

If they take out Spencer and Heimbach takes his place I want to see some antifag try to punch him and get killed by TWP.

2017-05-15 22:42:12 UTC  

I'd hope Spencer has plausible deniability or something

2017-05-15 22:44:24 UTC  

i dont see that case goin anywhere

2017-05-15 22:45:07 UTC  

thats not the isue

2017-05-15 22:45:18 UTC  

the issue is that eichenwald is literally nuts

2017-05-15 22:45:30 UTC  

How is that an issue?

2017-05-15 22:45:52 UTC  

Him being nuts will be his destruction when he bites off more than he can chew.