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the sudden break ones are weird, thats what the latest one did and made me look into things a tad further and me and her actual fiancee kind of talked haha it was a shit show, comical yes. She even outrage texted me about it all trying to spin it so I made an itemized list on why she is a sack of shit in my eyes and to never contact this number again and she had no response and probably never will, I sent sledge the screen caps and they were in here a bit when it went down it was fairly funny looking back, either the bull or the cuck ayyy

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weev is right

rape every woman

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Yeah @Vanguard pissed at my education pushed back a year, but next year ill be free from university shitland, will see if I teach any more labs this year, but then it's onto salary hunt, and im fuckin serious when i wanna go back into NG, and get commissioned

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im in better shape by far than I was years ago

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yeah I dont see myself going past masters tbh

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yeah, i know some PhD friends who got nuked for BS and MS degree people to cut costs in some high tech shit

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id like to get a second masters as mil probably will send me to a fellowship as I get higher in rank so at most probably MBA and MA or MS

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if my plan workks ill be happy to get up to captain

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My dad was BS Bio Chem/Math, the MS Operations Research and an MA in Policy and grandfather was BA Business, MBA

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be nice at O3 board to have one masters done and good OERs

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sitting comfy

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Captain is where you really start to actually matter in life as an officer lol

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either way its the plan

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haha yea

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1LT you matter some based on you as a person

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at least i wont start as some scrawny nerd little 2LT, ill be beefed up, and crazy-eyed

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@here Again if you're online, come party w/ us in voice

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There's a place to live with your war brides

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If Puerto Rico gained statehood, then we could *technically* colonize it.

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got caught up in the kitchen

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It's about the size of Connecticut, I think.

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forgot i was cooking beans, had to move to phase 3

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africa pill

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Looks like Sacco is having another kid

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Who does this surprise? Nobody.

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hmmm which one...

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@Ilya Muromets Rhodesians Never Die.

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@Athena Marie congrats