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I've heard that chinks in particular don't respect it if you speak chink.

That they sort of think you're a pussy for learning it.

Did you guys see this shit?

@Based Dad >Jew He's not a cuck, he's in it for molesting the kids. See, none of the teachers will spot a black kid acting like he is being molested because enough of them are that it seems normal. Also, they think they might be racist for pointing out a difference in behaviour if the kid is black.


>caring about SW and ST

It's all fan fiction now.

>tfw they'll never find that footage so you can fap to it.

I bet if you tracked down private purchases of those things most of them would be pedos.

Trick is to make them fuck you up without looking like you were trying to hit them.

That guy is going to make a lot of money.

Did you try making a non-argument?

Molyneux is literally a Jew.

Also, without having watched the video, it's possible that Molyneux may use the Trump tactic to make people say what he doesn't want to say.

You know how Trump says some bullshit to make the media correct him and accidentally tell the truth?

Moly isn't getting himself kicked off of youtube it is how he earns a living. But he can get us to comment with the truth and just not comment nor delete it.

I should drop mine on them. Fucking shoes cut the back of my feet.

@Convo Your family might be pedos.

You get the filipina with the kid so you can fuck the kid.

That's good, it's not even pedo to fuck her then.

Not my fantasy, just an observation of people that get filipina wives.

Have you ever seen an Australian possum?

No, the possums are more qt than our women.

You saw the three of them? Were they together?

The principled thing is to wait until she falls asleep and then spunk in her hair, so she doesn't notice.

Otherwise it counts as a sex act.

Either way, depending on fullness of bush.

I was going to say it'd be slightly better if they used their porn name there but that isn't really how stream sites generally work, right?

I mean this girl actually does do porn.

Yeah I mean they should include that name in thep ic.

But then I corrected myself because stream sites usually don't mention names.

The trick will be when Brad gives his virgin wife genital herpes and has to claim she gave it to him and must have got it from a public toilet seat somewhere.

Any of you familiar with poncho liners and military-style ponchos?

@here No veterans on?

I want to know if the folded liner is wider than the folded poncho when both items are legit.

I have a legit marine poncho liner and a mil-tech poncho which I assumed would work with it.

The liner is wider than the poncho.

So I want to know would this be the case if this was a legit marine poncho.

I'm assuming it would not.

Poncho liner has something-or-other industries for the blind.

Poncho is mil-tech.

Liner is marpat/coyote. Poncho is olive.

Liner from eBay, poncho from Amazon.

Varusteleka says the Germans call it mul-tech or something like that. Mul being their word for garbage.

Oh, 4/20. No wonder I had a good day yesterday.

I remember reading a good story about women's underwear on 4chan.

I don't know if it was true.

Apparently with women's swim suits they put a liner in them so all the nastiness coming out of them doesn't touch the product, right?

So this guy says what he'd do is spy a hot chick in a store and follow her around until she goes to the changing room.

And after she left the stuff she didn't want to be re-shelved he'd swipe the liners.

So he could sniff them and beat off.

I would have never thought to do that I don't think we can afford to lose such a mind.

What about Jim?

Uh oh, is this him being unable to banter?

Oh, right.

If Jim was my dad I bet I would have hanged myself one night after he obliterated my self-esteem and will to live with an idle comment and didn't even realize it.

All call-in, is it?

What should I have for lunch?

Fuck all, going to the shops in a minute.

I've got to stop buying fast food, though. I think I blew the better part of a hundred dollars on it last week.

In Dingo Dollars you're probably looking at at least $13 for a fast food meal. $15-20 is easy to do.

I ate it four times.

Between $19-20 at McDonalds.

I think that was...

Large cheeseburger meal with added bacon. 20 mcbites. Hot apple pie.

In Australia you'll get served by whites and Asians, usually.

Rarely any negroes.

We're starting to get taco here.

That's what I'm saying.

I'm not sure how many are proper taco, though. More South American than Central.

I hate hearing my family arguing about Faceberg.

Some idiot or treasured relative posts some stupid comment on some stupid post and everyone's arguing.

I do not know what benefit they believe they get from it that trumps it as a stressor in their lives.

Maybe that's it, they just want the conflict.

@Hand Banana Jim must be bantzed so that he can transcend autism.

Really though I don't know one person that dislikes Jim.

>stepping on "time travel makes you gay"

No fun allowed.

Sperm might be cheap but high quality protector+provider men with their head on straight enough to be good fathers are much, much more precious than fertile wombs.

Chad impregnating all the women is natural. The problem today is he is not doing his duty. He's probably not even having three Chadlets.

They must feel really at home in Detroit.

More Zanj than they're used to, though, I guess.

I guess Jews think whenever they do that it counts as an Act of God so it's all right.

What is an activated almond, anyway? Germinated?

Jesus, what is that stink?

I just pulled out a shopping bag that had a couple of items of garbage in it.

And what came out of it smells like concentrated piss.

It was only like a doritos bag, some paper, a moisture absorber out of a vitamins container.

Aww yeah is this be some polar bear hunting?

Take that you dumb white cunt.

Look at this one's tattoo.

Is a waste. Must have been molested.

You guys should all go together and travel exclusively by Greyhound.

I was saying the other day this would be a great balaclava for rape. Because every time someone uses this emoji they get flashbacks.

My favourite is when an American asks you "What's up?" and you say "Fuck all" and he thinks you're attacking him.

I figured that isn't something they say there but I've seen it in their movies.

That bit rustled me. I knew lots of kids that thieved shit and they would never have acted like that nigger.

Tell him you could use a government job and ask him if he can put you in touch with the team shilling on /pol/.

My go-to tuna is an olive oil one.


I don't like vinegar.

Sirena used to do one with pickle-infused oil, that was all right. Can't get that now, though. They sell a basil-infused oil one. I reckon it's horrible.


@☇Unlimited Power☇ Not sure what you mean. Sirena doesn't look very processed to me.

What are good boots?

I got some Merrell moabs. I like those except they cut my feet at the back.

Got some Lowas I got a good deal on, starting to get cool enough for those again.

It's not even rubbing. It's like someone took a knife and cut along the lines.

I think what I've got to do is resist spending money on this until I get my posture fully under control. I got some Salomons, for instance. Pretty comfortable in the store but they're uncomfortable as fuck if I put them on at rest. Got to have walked a bit before I put them on.

There's some yoga video where it's a WWE guy, I hear.

I'm taking a look at that Solitary Fitness book that is ostensibly written by that Charles Bronson guy. The criminal, not the actor.

Looks like there's stuff in there about yoga.

Also a chapter about increasing the strength of your genitals.

This is some damn good War Room.

I didn't realize the commies shat on white people enough that calling yourself redneck makes you a Person of Colour now.

Maybe they think the red part means Native American ancestry.

How old is this redneck group?

Maybe some antifa told their kike prof' they were scared the local rednecks would become alt-right so they made this group to try and get them shooting with them instead of shooting them.

I'm so comitted to fighting the domination of tyranny of bosses that I collect welfare.

Maybe they volunteer at places like that as an insurance policy.

So when they're getting sued by a Muslim with broken teeth they can say "B..But I love refugees."

Well I guess if he's a fag he's probably on Paris Craigslist every night looking for Muslims to come over and fuck him while he wears a dress.

I just finished it. Great episode.

In my city we're getting our first top-down kebab colony, soon.

Like, there's no houses there right now. It's a planned settlement.

Putting in a new mosque and new homes, 100% kebab.

Jesus this Adventure Time show has cucking and polyamory in it.

There's a story where this guy finds out his wife has alien-hybrid children, they've been abducting and hanging out with her for years.

And at the end she's like "This is my alien husband" and makes her "husbands" hold/shake hands.

@greg_p - TX That's the thing, though. If Forney has a method by which he can pick up chicks - that's the best method.

A handsome guy's method is "Just be yourself and go say hello, bra."

Sure, but I am pointing out the flaw in the meme.

>Recently moved back to Melbourne after being overseas for a few years, and looking to put down some roots here. Just joined OKC after friends rated it and figured I'd check it out.

>Work in the refugee and migration sector, and have tertiary qualifications in journalism, languages and law.

She's tired of wasting her money and taking international dick. She's 34 and the biological clock is ticking. Time for someone to man up.

A journalist lawyer that works with refugees.

>Why do we allow modern media and politics to dictate what is important in our lives?

She put that in her profile and she mentions her passport at least twice.

>sjw flip

When I see non-whites like this it's still tempting to call them out but I have to remind myself: I don't want their people to win.

The only thing I could think to do for a white guy like that is encourage him to have peer groups. I don't think you could come at him head on without him doubling down.

eg. Find other guys that are fathers.

The hope would be in one of these peer groups guys would look at him in horror and tell him not to do this shit.

I can't imagine he has a single friend that is a man even in an online capacity if he is going down a path that rich in poz.

Poor thing, one of the cats is walking around with a mouse squeaking in his mouth.

He doesn't seem quite sure what to do with it, it has been a while.

Six or seven years ago we were in a different house and mice didn't come into that one much either but one night about six decided they'd come in one after another.

A family, I guess.

He killed them all.

Wasn't a bat skit for current year Simpsons, I thought.

I stopped watching that a long time ago.

This might be starting to make some sense.

Maybe the guy was so beta there was just no hope for him so his brother and brother's wife sorted it out.

My neighbour is a gook, his wife died of bowel cancer, very young their first daughter isn't even five I think.

So he married her sister soon afterwards.

Apparently that's a normal gook thing.

By the look of her she is prettier than the sister, too.

I didn't get a good look at either of them but I'd say upper end of gooks.

I mean the one that died was probably less pretty than the new one he got. I only saw her once and not at her best, though.

Well he is yellow so it's no shame for him to go yellow.

Yeah, just an interesting cultural difference, I thought.

Didn't help me any and all my sister's friends are fat.

You know we're in a place where a kind of vocational school for being a wife and mother could be a really useful thing to have.

Making ramen is a stretch for a lot of girls today.

Skills like sewing and knitting are mostly lost.

Is it possible that people won't vote for her because they are scared Muslims will kill them if they do?

How did France get to a place where they'd surrender Paris to an ancient enemy when they don't even like Yanks visiting it?



That's when my attempt to convert a Turner Diaries audiobook clip to mp3 stopped.

10 minutes in.

What the fuck, these kids are fucked even if this isn't fake.

Is fake, I mean.

So it's a whole channel where the premise is they prank/abuse their kids all day?

Great work on his part simply in that most normies would not know gay clubs have lube dispensers in toilets. I didn't know that.

HIV is for the goyim.

Sometimes you just feel relief when you see a person won't breed.

TL;DR of that wouldn't convey the same meaning.

@Koba Not one kid put out by her until she was 40. This is why we had it right when all female characters were played by men in drag.

Once every church is filled with fags buggering 11-14 boys do you think the perception of either fags or the Catholic Church will change?

Fags will probably start a church and call it Anglo Orthodox.

Just so they can pretend at total penetration, so to speak.

Get a friend to come to your work and pose as your boyfriend.

Fucking her or rejecting her are both bad options.

But if a dude minces around a bit, hugs you and squeezes your butt in front of some of the girls: they'll tell everyone you're a fag and she'll be embarassed.

And in 2017 it doesn't matter if you bring a girl to work and squeeze her butt in front of everyone a week later. That's just how you roll when you're polybinary, or whatever.

It's not lying. It's playing pranks with your friends and letting them assume.

Christ, how old is this?

Timeline ends at 2001.

The year Mummy Returns came out.

On the bright side that ginger lad may become crazy enough that he can get a ginger wife.

Zoophilia isn't race-mixing it is fine.

It's more principled than having sex with humans outside of wedlock.

Jokes aside I watched that video last night. I suspect that even if it really was all just a prank that would mix up kids.

I remember I went to an exhibit once about the history of psychology, or something.

They had these video booths where there would be a person abusing you or praising you or other things.

And you could actually feel yourself having an emotional and physical response to a silly recording.

Even if they told this kid it's an act every day I think it would fuck him up.

Maybe even worse for it being an act.

I wonder what the people that make that play have?

Probably very well-groomed beards, tattoos covering most of their arms. Several passport stamps.

Hermione is an awful character.

It was probably a cuck that made that because I don't think a girl would make an image like that to prove she wasn't soaked.

I'd like to see some Harry Potter-themed counter memes and signs, though.

HP resonates extremely well with our enemies, that's a meme in itself, would be fun to use it.

I've seen it suggested that they love HP because it reminds them of their life before it went off the rails into degeneracy.

Your mileage may vary but it's credible to me because I simply don't remember anyone liking HP that much.

They liked it, but it was like nutella. It only became a meme later.

My ma will be upset when that fag dies. She's his favourite and she loves her queers.

There's a new official one.

I'm not in it.

Does that really happen? I feel like that is probably just something from TV.

When I got sedated for something I'm pretty sure all I did was get out of the recovery chair and walk around in circles seeing if I was clear enough not to fall on my face yet.

<@210211696931766274> What if no one really gets impotence when they get old? It's just that they have become gay since we are always travelling forward in time.

I just sent off two maga hats to someone today. He didn't even get to wear what he bought before the black pills.

Gas should be involved somewhere, I agree.

Ever wonder who makes your vidya?

Hearing those bits from the new Nye show on TDS made me furious.

Is the story legit or overblown? I mean, maybe the dog needed to be put down.

I just read the story.

Whatever the circumstances I think it's best those two get buried beside the dog ASAP.

I'm not anti-pit I think it's nigger owners rather than nigger dogs.

Think of this: there are people that own literally hundreds of dangerous snakes.

Not many people dying by pet snakes, though. Why is that?

Because some responsible white nerd is in charge of them.

Many dog breeds are aggressive.

Have you seen what terriers do for a living?

If you were to press a button that makes pit bulls disappear do you know what would happen?

Niggers and beaners would buy the next most perceived tough dog.

And that dog would be mauling kids.

The difference between the dog and the nigger is that the dog was domesticated and bred to purpose. Niggers were not fully domesticated.

Blacks and beaners buy the pitbulls and abuse them because they want them for dog fighting.

Properly bred dogs are not a problem. White men are responsible for them.

I will agree there are probably many pit lines in the USA worth wiping out because niggers bred them.

You do understand that dogs aren't natural species, right?

It makes no sense to compare them to niggers.

Working dog breeds are aggressive. All of them.

Yes, you know dog breeds aren't just aesthetic choices, right?

When they're selecting dogs to be trained as sniffer dogs, for instance, they will knock back a dog if it seems too laid back.

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