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crusader 2.0

look at the first image then the third

@Wall Buildionaire that's pretty much what I've​ been doing, no rush


Dindu Zone repost

that feel when antsy waiting for rahowa

"Denied, a whisper, a voice to try
To fill the chambers destroyed by lies
Feels we're faking, our power is draining
Out of our hands
Don't let them take our nation
Don't let them take our nation
Don't let them take our nation
Our nation, leaving us drifting through falsehood
Redemption is gone
They tell us that we're fine
That we choose our rights
Our choice a fight
What fucking lies
They slay our minds
This is for penance
This end for silence
Blunt force reminds us
We all are taking the fall
And if they think they've won
They better think...
They fucking better think twice
We've degradated to violence
We own
More than you'll ever know
We own
The streets and your fucking home
Us not them
I've tired, waiting for help
For an answer, for some savior...
They have no hope left to sell
So don't let them take our nation
Let's rise to reach
For that tomorrow that lives inside you and me
I would die fighting for that day
I would die for our day"

Gagged, Bound, Shelved And Forgotten
All Shall Perish

thats awesome




look at this fucking autism


English (36.1%)
Australian (35.4%)
Irish (10.4%)
Scottish (8.9%)
Italian (4.6%)
German (4.5%)
Chinese (4.3%)
Indigenous Australians (3.0%)
Indian (2.1%)
Greek (1.9%)
Dutch (1.4%)
Filipino (0.99%)
Vietnamese (0.98%)
Lebanese (0.90%)
Polish (0.75%)
Maltese (0.72%)
Māori (0.62%)
Croatian (0.56%)
Welsh (0.50%)
French (0.49%)
Sri Lankan (0.46%)
Jewish (0.43%)

2011 census of australia


^ for those who like metal

Jus relaxin

At work, gonna lurk a bit

Tesseract is dope af


yeah, that one is really good

Iq if all races mixed ∆


moving less that 5mph if not parked


though in gear i imagine

shit they took his page down

watch for 30 seconds at this time stamp


i know jones is a faggot, i just wanted to see what he had to say about the event and got a kick out of "Hillary invented the term alt-right"


yeah, i saw that

just wondered if you had anything else

@Robbert Reinhardt yeah, shouldn't be hard


At work, can't talk much sorry


sign of ddos

ddos is inconsistant

will you ppost the source image of BA

does it have to be that specific image?

good enough?

can probably do it better


@D'Marcus Liebowitz at work, can't talk much, good though, you?

@Billy Ray Jenkins ☭ How to type in Microsoft Windows Alt +262D

Cute af, hail

That video is funny as hell

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