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Anyone have a link to the website angry white men? they talked about Johnny Monoxide being featured in it on the Shoah. I can't find it.

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Never mind I found it.

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That pic is legit, I checked. The channel is not available in most countries outside of Britain. I didn't check it out via a proxy but from the teeny thumbs the pics for this video series all looked like they contained chocolate faces.

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<@&302396259354804224> Damn you brits are weird:

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In June 1995, Humphrey went missing. Downing Street did not disclose the fact until it was mentioned to Sheila Gunn, a journalist on The Times, after Gunn told a member of staff that her own cat had died.[9] Gunn's story was mentioned on the front page.[10]

The publicity led to his rediscovery in the nearby Royal Army Medical College, where he had been taken in as a presumed stray and renamed PC, short for "patrol cat".[11] Upon his return, Humphrey issued a statement through the civil service stating, "I have had a wonderful holiday at the Royal Army Medical College, but it is nice to be back and I am looking forward to the new parliamentary session."

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Humphrey moved to his new home with an elderly couple in suburban London on 13 November 1997, though his retirement was not announced until the next day to reduce the risk of kidnap attempts.[17] The Conservatives were quick to point out that Humphrey lived happily at Number 10 for almost eight years under a Conservative government but moved out within six months of Labour taking power.[18]

Conservative MP and animal lover Alan Clark was suspicious about the way Humphrey's retirement was announced and demanded proof that the cat was still alive: "Humphrey is now a missing person. Unless I hear from him or he makes a public appearance, I suspect he has been shot."[19] This led to rumours that Humphrey had been put down on the orders of Mrs Blair.[3]

The Prime Minister's office insisted that veterinary advice was behind the decision to remove Humphrey from Downing Street, and on 24 November 1997 a group of journalists was taken to a secret location in south London and shown that Humphrey was still alive and well. Pictures of the cat posing with copies of the day's newspapers were published and reports indicated that he had put on weight.

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mate that's a legit job over here

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pissing mice and rats everywhere guv

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probably paid better than most of us too...

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If he had to be removed in 96, for health reasons, it seems unlikely he'd live to 2006.

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10 years plus enough of an age to pass as an eight year old cat is about how long you could expect most cats to live.

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that's all i'll say

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@Horatio Cary 65% what?

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you talking shit about england

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(65% white)

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Not cool dude wow

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Have you noticed that if you say things are bad in the USA, Americans agree. If you say things are bad in Australia, Australians agree. If you say things are bad in NZ, kiwis agree. But if you say things are bad in the UK: they disagree with you and tell you how white most villages are and how places like London and Leicester do not count for some reason.

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well remember lester, melbourne doesnt count

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@Lester Cordell In my experience we don't complain until people act like Britain is uniquelly fucked and worse off than e.g. america

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That's the homeland. One brown face in our homeland is too many.

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We're all fucked, some of us look like we're closer to annihilation than others, let's not get all autistic and forget why we're here

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@Lester Cordell Yeah I do get that a lot of why people get blackpilled over the UK is because the expect better from it, I understand

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But I am not saying Brits are complainers here. I'm saying I have seen an unusual trend of denial among Brits that I do not believe exists in other Anglo countries.

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Maybe, I'd say we have a uniquelly toxic signalling culture, but I think the level of signalling is related to being very anglo unfortunately

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denial I feel is a large part of the UKs issue, as the situation is so horrible, it is easier to signal and deny it

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Mahir Cagri

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Turkroack vs Turkmenistan

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Not the same Race