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@James Egoist The copyright Jews shut down your video.


After being doxxed and losing his job, Mike has to resort to new methods to pay for his $300 a month grocery bill.

Meet James [REDACTED]

Yeah I felt bad because it was apparently some random Texans phone number, so I deleted the video and reposted it with the edit.

True, very true

It was blocked in 3 seconds as well

So true

Isn't it publicly available on Facebook?

8/pol/ BTFO

Wait, why?


She should have flown Jet Blue instead.

Atleast their not our problem anymore. Have fun leafs.


The author didn't even take the time to name drop Sven.

Sven needs to either start vloging again or start going to events. That's the only way he's going to get the name recognition he deserves.

Definitely not our guy.

Is it white taquia?

These people are plebs who know the left is wrong and evil, but are still stuck in the leftist narrative (Hitler = the Devil), we need to free these people from that.

Whatever happened to the SPLC lawsuit?

I think Trump is going to pardon Joe Arpaio during his rally in Arizona.

Loomer is doing more damage to us than anyone else.

I know it's annoying.

Also worse than Trump.

Press F to pay Respects.

Thats #Fakenews

If you look on the fourm you wont find that post.

Yeah me too

Trump needs to channel Huey Long

57 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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