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Respek on em

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This is why we need a strong coding wyman in congress

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Becaude of people like you

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Actually I'd prefer if we had a wyvern in Congress

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Put the fear of god in those faggitass politicians

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Draugr Deathlord are my preferred candidate

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Very traditional people

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When she faced the alt right?

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Gamergate shitlord

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I forgot that everyone who agrees with the progressivism is alt right.

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Everyone i disagree with is a NAZI

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It a funny, bitch got famous for making shit up

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And now she is running for congress to get that sweet American taxpayer money

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She'll fail

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After all, we have Ricks that we can drop from the moon

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Or you can just drop your mix tape and put everything on fire

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Must watch Rick n Morter to understand🤔

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Night my music is eh at best

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RIck and Morty, the Big Bang Theory of Current Year

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I was curious so I did a bit of research into the allegations that the CIA pumped drugs into LA, found out it's basically bullshit. First off, that's not even what the original article series claimed, second three outlets responded questioning the validity of the claims it did make: The New York Times; The Los Angeles Times; The Washington Post. Here is an article written by the Executive Editor of the outlet that originally released the series, taking responsibility for poor practices which allowed the article to contain misleading characterizations

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The argument that the CIA funneled cocaine into Los Angeles via the Contras in the 1980s, so as to cripple the black community, is commonly used to characterize he United States government as being explicitly hostile and oppressive towards black americans.

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*walks into /politics channel*

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"are traps gay?"

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*walks out of /politics channel*

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maybe we need a news channel

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So it was a white dude

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dishonorably discharged from the USAF, court marshalled too

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I'm guessing he wasn't the most stable of people then

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Nah it's usually average Joes that go on killing sprees

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As long as they're white males