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2017-10-27 20:46:09 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 20:50:27 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

@Botzu แ••( แ› )แ•— The Nazis should've gone with Wheelchair divisions instead of panzers

2017-10-27 20:51:09 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  
2017-10-27 20:52:00 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

@Captain Foley Define good guys

2017-10-27 20:53:31 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Free Press of Kekistan called the wheelchair an Antifa tank lol

2017-10-27 20:55:31 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

@BridgeBuildingHeathen That's because the Russians succesfully rushed B

2017-10-27 20:57:03 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

@Reaps Yes, if you have both games

2017-10-27 20:58:06 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

I bet they're gonna add Ogres in TW: Warhammer 3

2017-10-27 20:59:21 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Memes are always good

2017-10-27 21:00:50 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 21:06:58 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Ladies and Gentlemen: Frau Merkel

2017-10-27 21:11:24 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Merkel + Hillary = Frau Engel

2017-10-27 21:12:40 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

@Reaps I was about to say

2017-10-27 21:15:21 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

The fat chick changes sides

2017-10-27 21:15:38 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

totally didn't see that coming

2017-10-27 21:18:22 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

@Calake You mean Tea and crumpets

2017-10-27 21:27:24 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 21:30:51 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

I thought it was Arch for a second

2017-10-27 21:48:45 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 21:49:27 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 21:49:46 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

#16? That's way higher than i expected

2017-10-27 21:50:49 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

"We fought monsters and we became them"

2017-10-27 21:51:31 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

what's 70% of 60?

2017-10-27 21:52:18 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

42 secs it is!

2017-10-27 21:55:16 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

10:55 pm

2017-10-27 21:57:56 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

USSA vs United States of Russia

2017-10-27 22:10:35 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Ten Shekels say Sargon goes Commie with Greece


I want it



We all know what must be done

No one ever expects

You just now realized that?

That's black fist

This is absolute haram! To the gulags with you!

0/10 not enough bombs

The lightbulb of RIGHTEOUSNESS

Not really pro-socialist as much as it is simply explaining the differences between the two.

2017-11-05 17:03:52 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #twis]  

Amen to that, my dude


So it was a white dude

I'm guessing he wasn't the most stable of people then


Here we are safe

Here we are free

Is Legend of Korra still going or did it end?

There's this dude called E;R on Youtube, not sure if you know him, but he tears into Legend of Korra

It was a 4 part series called the "Legend of Whorra"

And yeah, he does

They should've done what CN did with Samurai Jack if they wanted to make it more adult

@DanConway You like dark humor, right?

watch this

A friend showed it to me the other day

There's more if you're interested

U.S is my city

Death is a perferable alternative is gommunism


@Soyaman yeah, it does

didn't have the correct licenicing?

Isn't that Germany?

well sheeeeeeeeet

Didn't over 50% of American disapproved the Patriot act when it was suggested?

The biggest problem with Congress is that they have no term limits

Trump cobras > Clinton vipers

I haven't watched Crowder in over a year

The only right-wing dude i've followed contnuously was Naked Ape but he hasn't uploaded in months

I only time i saw Edgy Sphinx was on the Questions for Ancaps video

And Naked Ape's Alt-Right stream

Leeches gonna leech

Politics, Fulcrum. Politics

Starring the Big Brown Buffalo

Fuck guns and nukes! Flamethrowers are where it's at, n i๐Ÿ…ฑ ๐Ÿ…ฑ as

Oh baby~!

NI ๐Ÿ…ฑ ๐Ÿ…ฑ ERED

I'm gonna buy a tank one day and drive it around in an open field

And white beta cucks

*Tongue clicking sounds*

I don't remember it

Then again, I won't watch regular TV

I may have seen it

I remember it now!

It was absolutely disgusting

Oh yeah. The recuse team fakery

Oh boy, here we go

Wasn't the Mali Empire built on the slave trade?

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