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2017-10-25 13:07:00 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-10-26 11:16:59 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

Also, the imgur post celebrating 25 years of BJ Blazkowicz was quickly derailed into 'zomg I can't believe how many people are complaining about killing Nazis so I'm gonna kill all the Nazis in this game fuck Nazis fuck conservatives they're pretty much Nazis'

I mean, look at all these Nazis. Soooooooooo many Nazis. Like, maybe even half a row of them! Soon there might be a FULL row of them!

Imagine if fuckin' noone had shown up for Spencer's event. How fucking hilariously insulting would that have been. But... nope.

2017-10-26 16:09:51 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

Over/under this gets used in his court appearance as 'evidence'

2017-10-26 22:50:13 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

If he was we'd have about 12 pages of 'fist me daddy' memes

2017-10-26 22:51:36 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

And multiple requests for gay porn

2017-10-26 22:51:46 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

well, shit.

Shamelessly copypasted from someone else:

Three things they are probably hiding:
1) People - some agents in Cuba and Mexico could still be alive, or their children.
2) Methods - they kept a certain invisible ink secret for over 100 years.
3) Incompetency - my guess is that both the US IC and Cuba/Russia IC all knew far too much about LHO, but the US was sloppy on him and the Cuba/Russians coddled him too much, and both sides were gobsmacked when their "idiot pawn" turned into a "queen". ICs hate showing how stupid, lazy, and down right boring they actually are to the general public. Better to maintain the mystique.

2017-10-27 15:01:03 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-10-27 20:37:53 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 20:38:34 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

An all-American Communist ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

2017-10-27 20:39:00 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

2017-10-27 20:39:44 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

*spams chat so the window scrolls out of view*

2017-10-27 20:40:18 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

hahahhaa re: new job @ Polygon

2017-10-27 20:41:24 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Is it an antique wheelchair?

2017-10-27 20:41:41 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Wouldn't the ebil nazis have killed everyone who needed a wheelchair by 196x?

2017-10-27 20:42:25 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

And like I said earlier, the only 'unique gameplay aspect' this wheelchair seems to be bringing to the game is... a lowered view perspective

2017-10-27 20:42:33 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

and he glides around like a fucking dalek

2017-10-27 20:42:48 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

discord is too hard for Sargs

2017-10-27 20:43:13 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

actually, the 'gliding' makes it seem like the wheelchair thing was even more of a last-minute decision

2017-10-27 20:43:18 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

it feels (and looks) awkward

2017-10-27 20:43:29 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

"I need an easy mode discord"

2017-10-27 20:43:33 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

"can I skip the discord?"

2017-10-27 20:43:47 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

"if you use discord you're a FUCKING EXCLUSIONARY ELITIST"

2017-10-27 20:44:46 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Sargon is earning more cash playing Wolf2 badly than other streamers do with fucking spinning wheel raffles and a second person to read the chat messages

2017-10-27 20:45:26 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

War Thunder: Wheelchair (BR:1.0 reserve tank)

2017-10-27 20:46:09 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

publican90: ​Nazi superweapon= flight ofο»Ώ stairs

2017-10-27 20:46:10 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 20:46:54 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

*hits 'use' key on flight of stairs*

2017-10-27 20:46:59 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

*gets newspaper article to read*

2017-10-27 20:47:48 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

chat is screaming at him 'use the gears'

2017-10-27 20:47:58 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

and I was thinking they were jokingly talking about his wheelchair having a gearbox

2017-10-27 20:48:06 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

and I just had the same reaction Carl did

2017-10-27 20:48:15 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

"I have to hop on *that*?"

2017-10-27 20:48:39 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

I actually enjoyed the trailer

2017-10-27 20:48:49 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

But I was watching it during Metokur's E3 stream

2017-10-27 20:48:54 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

so his chat was fucking triggered af

2017-10-27 20:49:20 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

yes master.

2017-10-27 20:49:31 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Everyone gonna be like 'stfu faggot'

2017-10-27 20:49:41 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 20:50:49 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

AWD: Armoured Wheelchair Division

2017-10-27 20:51:25 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Gepanzerte Rollstuhlabteilung

2017-10-27 20:53:52 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

New tech tree for War Thunder: Antifa

2017-10-27 20:54:18 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

*puts it in the aircraft section instead of the tank section*

2017-10-27 20:54:53 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

oh noes

2017-10-27 20:54:56 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

and so it begins

2017-10-27 20:55:33 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

This has gone beyond a rail shooter

2017-10-27 20:55:41 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

it is now a conveyor shooter

2017-10-27 20:56:40 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

i've heard good things about TW Warhammer

2017-10-27 20:56:48 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

It merges the map of I and II or something?

2017-10-27 20:56:53 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

I haven't even started playing I yet

2017-10-27 20:57:04 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

and the fucking sequel is already out

2017-10-27 20:57:35 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

AvocadoHate​: Sargon is just playing like a retard forο»Ώ the real disabled experience

2017-10-27 20:57:37 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 20:58:06 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

He did alright at Arizona Sunshine

2017-10-27 20:58:13 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

which, at the moment, this game might as well be set in

2017-10-27 20:58:21 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

DLC bruhhhhhhh

2017-10-27 20:58:56 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

If this wheelchair section doesn't get meme'd I'd be very surprised

2017-10-27 20:59:09 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

oh good.

2017-10-27 20:59:19 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

maybe Crowbcat can get on it, too

2017-10-27 20:59:26 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Make a 10 minute meme epic out of it

2017-10-27 21:00:20 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

does the lord's work

2017-10-27 21:01:24 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

I remember so many people from TW were quite upset about Warhammer being covered because it 'ruined the realism', and I was sitting over here like "fucking TW Shogun had sword saints who were one-man units taking out 30-40 soldiers at a time"

2017-10-27 21:01:59 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

I'd still love to see a 40k mod based around Combat Mission, but I doubt many people even know what Combat Mission even is anymore

2017-10-27 21:02:31 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 21:02:59 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

so funny to think only 10-15 years ago getting an official lisence out of GW was like squeezing blood out of a stone

2017-10-27 21:04:26 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

I remember... Final Liberation for 40k, and Dark Omen for Warhammer

2017-10-27 21:04:40 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

oh, and Hero Quest and Space Hulk video games for the Amiga

2017-10-27 21:05:02 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

GW saw how well Chaos League did and finally lisenced Blood Bowl

2017-10-27 21:05:44 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Then Dawn of War came along around 200...4? 3? and started prying open the floodgates

2017-10-27 21:06:11 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

conversely, there must be at least ten fucking GW games in the last two or three years

2017-10-27 21:07:17 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

fat lady gonna switch sides

2017-10-27 21:07:58 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

good point

2017-10-27 21:08:18 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Is that the ubersoldat? Or just a big buff dude in an exoskeleton?

2017-10-27 21:09:13 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Sargon complaining about it being 'comical' though

2017-10-27 21:09:17 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

I mean, yeah, it is

2017-10-27 21:09:50 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 21:10:44 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

This seems like a repeat of the first game's cutscene

2017-10-27 21:10:55 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

is he going to have to choose which person gets executed too?

2017-10-27 21:12:12 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Engel's face looks fine

2017-10-27 21:12:22 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

which is odd

2017-10-27 21:12:28 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

pretty sure it got crushed in the last game

2017-10-27 21:13:19 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

calling it, somehow the axe winds up hitting the hand of the soldat or something

2017-10-27 21:13:22 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

and the soldat spergs out

2017-10-27 21:13:27 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

or not

2017-10-27 21:13:36 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

although there's a second person to have a go at

2017-10-27 21:14:03 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Sargs needs to play the first game

2017-10-27 21:14:09 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Engel was a good villain in that

2017-10-27 21:14:15 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

especially that railcar scene

2017-10-27 21:15:05 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

now he has legs

2017-10-27 21:15:31 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 21:15:59 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Every movie I watch I'm usually playing 'wrote the script' in my head

2017-10-27 21:17:25 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

I hope this isn't the same comp that Sargon edits on

2017-10-27 21:17:44 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

then again, I did see all those reviews about how poorly the game is running on multiple, multiple systems atm

2017-10-27 21:19:08 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 21:19:15 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

someone's gonna have to go back to that desktop we just saw

2017-10-27 21:19:20 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

check how many porn tabs he had open

2017-10-27 21:20:11 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Welp, maybe one day they'll optimise it so it runs properly

2017-10-27 21:20:32 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

in *totally unrelated news*, I own Space Hulk Deathwing. If anyone else does, they're welcome to play through it with me

2017-10-27 21:22:38 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

I thought it might go on sale

2017-10-27 21:22:40 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

but nope

2017-10-27 21:23:20 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Someone suggested he play FEAR from 05

2017-10-27 21:23:21 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 21:23:24 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

I loved that game

2017-10-27 21:23:28 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

But Sargon would get mutilated

2017-10-27 21:23:46 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

FEAR and FEAR 2 were rock solid. 3 just... well.. we don't talk about 3.

2017-10-27 21:24:24 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

oh noes

2017-10-27 21:24:33 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

don't do the clean Wehrmacht thing Sargs

2017-10-27 21:26:39 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

I keep trying to dismiss it due to it being a fictional timeline, and it's comical nature

2017-10-27 21:26:41 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 21:26:48 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

seeing the Nazis being cozy with the KKK is just..

2017-10-27 21:26:50 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 21:26:51 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]

2017-10-27 21:26:58 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

have a hard time seeing that happening

2017-10-27 21:27:43 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Well, consdering the story of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, that'd make sense

2017-10-27 21:28:31 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 21:30:40 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

yay it's Uzalu

2017-10-27 21:30:43 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

the James May of livestreams

2017-10-27 21:48:15 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Something we all aspire to

2017-10-27 21:48:37 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Glory to Arsto- errr Kekistan

2017-10-27 21:50:34 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

If you're a woman you only get xp every 78 seconds

2017-10-27 21:51:11 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

30% more

2017-10-27 21:51:44 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

well, if they earn 30% less than men

2017-10-27 21:51:52 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

they should require 30% more work

2017-10-27 21:54:00 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

oh, it's a cat

2017-10-27 21:54:06 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

I thought it was a two-eyed cacodemon

2017-10-27 21:54:10 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

fucking hell, I should go to bed

2017-10-27 21:54:53 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

*maniacal laughter*

2017-10-27 21:55:01 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

what time is it in the UK?

2017-10-27 21:55:09 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 21:55:13 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 21:55:35 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

yeah, I can look most things up, but it's less entertaining conversation that way

2017-10-27 21:56:19 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

let's just say

2017-10-27 21:56:20 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

the sun is up

2017-10-27 21:57:01 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

I have stopped feeling up Obscenely Late after she told me it was inappropriate

2017-10-27 21:58:04 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


2017-10-27 22:00:49 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

This is true.

2017-10-27 22:01:44 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

wew lad, I guess the livestream discord spam worked

2017-10-27 22:01:51 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

bot-commands goin' off up there

2017-10-27 22:05:25 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

Sargon gave up on Wolf2 and went back to Civ6, lel

2017-10-27 22:05:43 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

"Category: comedy"

2017-10-27 23:21:17 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-10-27 23:26:31 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  


2017-10-27 23:30:52 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-10-27 23:52:39 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]


2017-10-29 07:01:20 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-10-29 07:02:44 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

That name rings a bell

2017-10-29 07:02:52 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  


I have little doubt that Matt Heimbach is changing the minds of many people, including socialists on the 'other side of the barricade', and that's kinda disturbing really. Pretty sure he was the one who hosted an AMA and even though people want to tell you that it 'went badly' I have no doubt, having read some of his replies, that what he was saying resonated with many people reading

2017-10-29 14:48:15 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #music]  

Personally I've heard it everywhere (from Monster Truck promos to MMA/kickboxing walkouts); perhaps many people just don't know where it's origins lie

2017-10-29 14:54:53 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

"I'm gonna get a face tattoo *before* I'm successful"

2017-10-29 14:55:13 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  


2017-10-29 15:13:31 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #music]  

Video footage revealing cleark UK-Russian collusion

2017-10-29 15:14:12 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #music]  

Also, I like how 'force' translates to 'boss' in Russian

Well, that's the irony, right up there with his comments towards BLM about racial segregation

It's a little surreal for me, since the last time he was a 'big deal' in any way was back when Bush was in power, and ol' Olbs here positioned as a modern day Edward R Murrow, trying to sound intelligent when most of his arguments boiled down to "bush iz hitlor"

Considering how little I heard from him in the eight years after that, I guess most on the left disposed of their useful idiot. I also think he did actually complain about some of the things Obama was doing, which I suppose didn't do much to help him either.

So, yeah, it's so weird to see him back again, seemingly doing the exact same schtick. It's like I'm stuck in a timewarp

Ah, but how do you *spell his name*?

2017-10-30 18:52:16 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

You can have it, but only if you seize if forcibly

2017-10-30 18:53:12 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

good point

2017-10-30 18:53:21 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

Or, get *someone else* to seize it *for* you, then execute them

2017-10-30 19:02:21 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-10-30 19:20:27 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

War Thunder / World of Tanks players:

2017-10-30 19:42:53 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-10-30 20:30:47 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-11-02 11:20:06 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-11-02 22:09:04 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-11-02 22:24:21 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-11-02 22:35:33 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-11-03 09:57:51 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #music]  

dulcet tones from those smooth pipes

2017-11-03 10:13:03 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-11-03 12:01:04 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

*clak clak clak clak clak clak*

There's a certain irony behind Trump being ridiculed for being so egotistical when so many Dems are willing to throw their own party under the bus for a few extra minutes of fame

Hillary's entire book (and refusal to *go away and let the Dems regroup*), Donna's "it wasn't *my* fault!" expose` and so on and so on

they won't.

Hillary will carry on doing her thing whilst the rest of the party will maneuver to position themselves behind the next frontrunner

In which case Donna's article makes sense if she's trying to get back in the good graces of the Berniebros

Because he'd get some serious traction if he showed up for the 2020 primaries

2017-11-03 14:58:15 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  


2017-11-03 14:59:10 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

"I'm not doing it and *that's that*"

"my point still stands"

that you're a narrow-minded hyper-political dimwit?

that's such a


description though

edgy hipster descriptions or bust

Shoes are racist

Surely dem whitefolk came and stole them from the ancient Mesopotamians

bug dawg

Destiny told me that assuming someone is joking about racism is racist in of itself


Did you just assume my humour?

fuck off racist

goddamn racists everywhere

Turks can't be racist

I watched Valley of the Wolves

they are super-not racist

Well at least you won't have to travel very far

well shit.

"In Mesopotamia, (c. 1600-1200 BC) a type of soft shoes were worn by the mountain people who lived on the border of Iran."


2017-11-03 21:33:03 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-11-03 21:41:00 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-11-03 21:45:46 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-11-03 21:53:16 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

can't deny

2017-11-03 21:53:22 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

that I was waiting for the car to come around the corner

2017-11-03 21:56:17 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

Too cheeki for my breeki

2017-11-03 21:57:36 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  


2017-11-03 21:58:36 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-11-03 21:59:47 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-11-03 22:00:44 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-11-03 22:02:15 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-11-03 22:08:22 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]

2017-11-04 17:31:37 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #music]

2017-11-04 17:40:19 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #music]  

very low-key

2017-11-04 17:40:21 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #music]  

but well produced

2017-11-04 20:34:14 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

youtube's time_continue strikes again

at his home?

good lord

surprised he didn't get mushed by 500 second amendments per minute

Paulie don't play

Old Soviet joke:

Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism are sitting around talking. Socialism says he needs to do an errand and goes off. Three hours later he returns carrying a small package.

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