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If you want an interesting time, watch Friends on netflix with the sound off and play a Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble album.

It's trippy

Makes the show really dark

Yo I really dig this Kona Triangle.

My kinda music.

more people need to apprecate The Mercury Project, their most viewed song on youtube only has 19k views

yet they kick so much ass

I take that back, I see one with 52k

anyway they're great, I hope somebody appreciates it.

If you're a rhythm person like me, you'll cream when you hear the bass and drums

also some underrated goodness

That's some fuckin doom alright. Metal up your ass.

Normally not a fan of grind, more of a doom guy myself.

holy shmoly

I've wanted some good funeral doom. Always had a hard time finding it.

Pall Bearer is about it.

Yeah that looks fucking rad.

then what are they?

The only album I listened to was Sorrow and Extinction

Definitely seemed like funeral doom

They have that diminished sound though, I think that's what got me

this is pretty rad

kinda reminds me of Ahab, the voice


right on man you've given me some good shit to keep me busy for a minute, it's been a while since I've been shown some good doom

you know Elder?

I got to see them live before they started making shitty albums

/pol/ is gonna drop a deuce on the SJWs for Halloween

this shit will make you lose your mind

Bob Avakian, chair of the Revolutionary Communist Party

"As a young man, Avakian became involved with the Students for a Democratic Society at Berkeley, the Free Speech Movement[2] and the Black Panther Party."
"In 2016 Avakian founded Refuse Fascism, an organization opposed to the presidency of Donald Trump."

every day the links become more obvious

He kind of is. I mean, he runs Refuse Fascism. Is it really that much of a stretch?

Democratic Strategists admits that all of the elements of corruption were there, yet she consistently dodges and avoids calling it corruption

I've got some dankness to add to this 80s theme, this time with a fresh twist my dudes.

Check out this track I pumped out this morning

also Colbert is a gommie

or should I say, Golbie

Damn... Bill Whittle is a fucking boss.

He's gonna kick some antifa asses.

Good lord Jek, you've got quite a lot of stuff you've made.

You've definitely been at this longer than I have

Sounds very professional

over 9000 times better than what I've got so far

Also that Chaplain monologue is the dankness. I performed that in drama class back in hs

do you program your own instruments or do you use premade synths?

I really want this on a shirt

yeah I might do it when it's time to buy some new clothes

I was curious so I did a bit of research into the allegations that the CIA pumped drugs into LA, found out it's basically bullshit. First off, that's not even what the original article series claimed, second three outlets responded questioning the validity of the claims it did make: The New York Times; The Los Angeles Times; The Washington Post. Here is an article written by the Executive Editor of the outlet that originally released the series, taking responsibility for poor practices which allowed the article to contain misleading characterizations

The argument that the CIA funneled cocaine into Los Angeles via the Contras in the 1980s, so as to cripple the black community, is commonly used to characterize he United States government as being explicitly hostile and oppressive towards black americans.

the ending to this is bomb af

that fiddler shreds like nobody's business

Deep in Cider isn't exactly shred-tastic but soulful nonetheless

@Jek Porkins I use Sunvox and I try to get creative with making my own instruments. It's definitely hardmode. When I do use premade instruments, I still run them through some sort of effect or do something creative to them. I was wondering how your instruments sounded so damn nice :P. I realized that there was a bunch I could still do to that song I made and it's come a long way since my rough draft.

Yeah man you know how to pick the fattest fucking basses holy shit ecks dee.

that shit is so crunchy lol

I use Sunvox because it's free and it's fun. I could pirate FL studio but I like what I've got.

you ever tried it?

it's pretty straightforward

I'm thinking I'll probably move over to FL studio at some point if I start getting a little more invested

It's super easy for making chiptune or 8-bit music, can bust that stuff out real quick, but it can also do a lot more. Though some of the modules are pretty limited like the voice filter. That one kind of bugs me with how funky it is.

But it's great how everything is right there, no having to jump between different windows all the time. Also, it's available on pretty much every platform ever, even your phone.

anyway I should stop shilling now

I need to feel edgy because I use the free DAW 😛

the best kind

dis som poopin music alright

that slow filter slide

as the butthole opens

Both these were in caustic?

dang I need to get on them premades. I can probably learn a lot from em.

There's this awesome program called Sylenth that's like a synth programming tutorial series. I tried the demo which is like the first so many lessons and it was pretty useful.

I also found watching live loopstation performances to be really informative.

ooh sounds juicy

fuck your overhead ni🅱🅱a

this is hilarious but it still sounds pretty cool

I dig the congas

Yeah I'm still trying to get a hold of mixing properly, compressing properly and all that. It's tricky sometimes.

Every track I make I seem to do a little better.

That was the first thing I noticed with your other stuff, how much volume you were able to get out of the tracks without fucking up the mix.

I have some real nice monitors and your tracks sounded pretty good.

Might just be your headphones not picking up all the frequencies or having quiet frequencies.

This reminds me of half-life.

Yea this has some real juicy bits.

That wubby dubbyness is pretty sick.

Is that a guitar sample?

Very dystopic.

lol will ignore

I've learned to just stop when I get that feeling

Do as little as possible, and come back to it the next day. It always comes out like shit when I force it.

did you just repeat a section over and over?

you know Disasterpeace?

did the OST for Fez and Hyper Light Drifter

maybe another game not sure

this was inspired by his stuff

instruments aren't the most amazing but I did make them all myself

it was a study in echoes I guess

Makes sense. My stuff has changed all sorts of ways since I first started, though there is still that same thread.

The fact that I have to struggle to craft decent enough instruments has been a large factor in determining what I can come up with as well.

Sometimes, just messing around and making some crazy sound will send me in a whole different direction.

I actually found one cool thing the vocal filter could do and that spawned a whole song.

ermagerd I have a hate hate relationship with that game

I got all the way to the part where you have to have all the scroll or whatever to continue and one of the scrolls glitched so I couldn't get it

sorry I'm trying to finish this track over here, might take me a minute to respond

lol no I'm working on my own

I'll try listening to that in a bit

Man it's annoying when there's one or two tiny little parts of the song that break overhead.

nah it's good

here's the updated version

tell me wht ya think

I just have a lot of shit going on

I tend to layer a bunch of stuff to get a full sound

turn that shit up bruh

pretty happy with the drop ]

stickin those vocal samples in there with a shit ton of reverb really took it up a notch

it's a pretty good song

I don't have a clue what she's sayin but it's pretty tight.

plus she's way hot

reminds me of a lot of my shit XD

this one is really chill

a departure from your other work, one might say

maybe we need a news channel

dishonorably discharged from the USAF, court marshalled too

woah what Thomas Sowell and Dave Rubin?

Thomas Sowell is one of the most underrated public intellectuals ever.

have yall read any of Sowells books?

I'm not sure what to read first, I'm thinking Basic Economics.

I listened to part of black rednecks and I found it to be quite world-view altering.

Gotta git ya levels of analysis right, boi.

and misapplied 99% of the time

You want groove? I'll bring the groove and then some.

do I even want to? lol

oh man I'm always happy when I get reminded of Jon Lajoie

@Jek Porkins Yeah this isn't at all the the kind of stuff I listen to but this is pretty rad.

Well lately it's been a lot of electronic stuff, flying lotus type beats, but I listen to a ton of other stuff like doom metal, stoner metal somewhat, progressive, funk, jazz (but usually stuff with jazz influences), hip-hop and some rap

and a bunch of other genres

@radeon or else you're not gay

gais I can't listen to music this fast

but rly listen to The Meth-Injected Butt fuckers

@Jek Porkins This reminds me of gerudo valley

The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy ...that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of "a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty".

What a fucking great idea amirite?

it's essentially part of a revolutionary utopian vision

The craziest part is that this strategy was actually implemented to some degree beginning in 66

I'm just talking about the notion of intentionally causing crisis within governmental organizations.

specifically the welfare system

well damn, not sure what you mean but I'm very interested

I'm wondering what aspect of the new deal was intended to generate crisis, or if you're saying it did regardless of intention.

Seems like a suspicious rationale, that's for sure.

"stalling economic growth" especially

what the fuck am I looking at 😒

Tool covered one of their songs btw


what's wrong with you people

What's your take on James Allsup?

Very conservative youtuber.

Decent followng, 167k subs.

I don't know, I like him but I think some of his videos lately have been iffy.

Not sure what you mean by that. Like is he hyper traditionalist?

Maybe, I suppose it depends on your perspective.

No, I don't think he supports that. On the other hand that's a very nuanced subject.

For example, I personally would find it hard not to judge someone's character if they called themself a communist.

Sure doesn't speak well of their intention to support my capitalist enterprise.

I wouldn't fire them solely on that position, but it would open up the possibility lol

I don't know I think James can be kind of self-righteous. He's generally on the right side of things but his approach is what turns me off. Now that I think about it, it might be approapriate to call him somewhat retrograde. I guess it's the method whereby he reaches his conclusions.

Idk, help me sort it out guys.

if you feel so inclined

eh it's alright

buncha dumb stuff in there too but there's some gems for sure

whoops wrong one

that one is probably my favorite

@DanConway This video by James Allsup ends with a quote I find quite off.

Has a lot of dislikes.

that's what I'm wondering

more than usual is all

looking it the comments I'm guessing Candace was being very aggressive

Woah........ right off the bat Candace is being a toooootal bitch

Yeah this is why people downvoted for sure

yeah this is much less of a debate and more of an embarrassing fight

this is so hard to watch, I keep having to stop and cool my jets

man Dave is a saint for handling this so well

what the fuck... someone oughta give candace a free ride in a helicopter

this bitch is straight up yelling

that was just a disgusting way to start a conversation, with the whole "you're a grown man" shit

Candace is chimping out so hard. Every time she speaks she might as well just punch herself in the face instead.

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