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I wonder if my results have changed

Very much so

What have you ever done to benefit this planet?

Those two are some of my favorite living memes

Pretty close to the same

Where did you take that?

Why do you think this one is more accurate?

I think there are several axes collapsed into one or two

I'm working on extracting them

I think libertarianism vs authoritarianism is separate from statism or centralized power

I agree, but it's a spectrum

But I think separate from libertarianism because there can be a libertarian strong state

Libertarianism is more about policy than structure

The party is laughable imo

Contributes to a misunderstanding of the idea as inherently anarchic

Globalist cuck


What does "open borders" mean?

That's freedom of movement not open borders

By that argument the US has open borders

That is an absurd way to define the term

Too vague

It's so vague every society has it partly

It is inherently abstract

Still too abstract

Not surprising results

Yeah I think it leans that way

America is on the same level as radical Islam? You fuckin' what?

That is a mind blowing false equivalence

Contradictory statements are contradictory

It really does

Well, less of a problem than you and others make it out to be

It's a steadily declining influence

That's interesting. Do you have a source for that?

That would make sense

Not a threat to national security though

To me it does

National security is my primary concern

It's not necessary

And I would argue against the long-term security of an Authoritarian state

A global caliphate would certainly compromise national security

No it was a comparison between religion in the US and radical Islam

I agree with that

I'm no fan of delusion

Religion poisons everything

Unfortunately religion seems to be symptomatic of a deeper flaw that is faith

I guess I mean mostly in its current embodiment

Once the statist and scientific aspects have been replaced

There are still foundations of wishful thinking, i.e. afterlife

Masturbating to their own awe

A tenuous comparison imo, but devaluing logic and reason is contrary to any productive system of thought

God loves those gaps

They had some pretty good prop

Ze needs a niqab

Don't worry it will seep into other things

There's nothing worse than the crusades

There's nothing worse than dropping nuclear bombs

There's nothing worse than invading Iraq

Regressive agenda 101

Cenk told me that thinking racism is funny is another form of racism

We wuz cobblers

I think mentioning race at all is racist

If you're white

But also being colorblind is racist

Ooo they wrapped something on their feet

The glories of ancient wisdom

Inside the mind of a genius

Nah it's usually average Joes that go on killing sprees

As long as they're white males

You can't deny the stats bro

The funny thing is they give you enough statistics to show that whites commit less than their share of population

But they cut the population # in half bc "white men"

The most retarded/dishonest manipulation of statistics I've seen

We already got a fire hose on that

I want to collect some of that shit for a meta-news type project that shows the narratives of media over time

Historians can look back and say "oh that's why there was a civil war"

Public statements could be cataloged but they are more difficult to deconstruct many times

With inverted pyramid stories, the theses are very explicitly laid out

It's more than okay

It's your journalistic duty

People paint the party thing both ways

From what?

I think that would be far enough to make the racism apparent

I guess it could be done by degrees

Probably more advantageous to keep them as second-class members

The Autism of requiring an objective definition for weapon

American here

Europe has plenty of communists my dude

Did you see the g20?

Not really though

In US you can shoot someone during a felony

"certain" unalienable rights

That is fucked up

UK doesn't have freedom like US

Only a moron would fire once at an assailant

Complain to the US lol

The patriot act is defensible

Overly broad maybe

That is why the build up was released with Trump I think

Oligarchy is always inevitable

I see him more as a response to social tensions and the media

Anti-white sentiment and the demonization of American patriotism

Until they jumped the Sam Harris shark

I've started watching Crowder but I haven't really seen Shapiro

He generally comes prepared and has a reasonable approach

We do need a wall

It's not about jobs ffs

National security

We just can't afford to be so porous

Nukes are objects...

All are used as weapons fool

Pointing a gun at someone is still using it as a weapon

I think that's rape

More likely to face violent splinter groups

Also good as a defense to occupation

It does not

An Abrams would fuck that thing up

Would get fucked up by an Abrams

That doesn't make it legal

Especially with fucking separatists running around

Mostly white separatists

They would crush it

It's the pan-separatists that are more dangerous

Separatist factions aligning to commit treason

And they would lose

That's cultural imperialism bro

Internalized oppression and whatnot

Westerners have it better


And the statue genocide in US

White helmets are terrorist enablers

Well, if they were ignorant

Not putting us in our historical context

If we know better, then they should

That's fair

Well one can judge the cultures, but the actions of individuals should be considered relative to their environment

No one said that

Slavery was wrong, but understandable

Judging individual slave holders for existing within a slave owning society is ridiculous

There are many straw men of centrism

Did I ever suggest killing blacks?


Race is real

IQ is not the sole metric for racial quality obviously

Go ahead and find those creationism studies

Charles I know

Radeon implied that you did

Idiotic surface level understanding of racial differences


Only if you're an idiot is that the solution

Slippery slope fallacy

Well subcultures affect it too

Many on the left say just that

Most centrists though ascribe most of the responsibility to cultural factors

From what I've seen

If X gives you 50 points, I don't see how getting 10 more points matters

No one said inherently inferior

The argument that I've seen that makes sense to me is that IQ and other differences at least call into question the narrative that racism is the determining factor against black success

To find the truth...

By your standards maybe

Implying implications

Right, cultural factors

That doesn't make racial differences go away

They are far more collectivist culturally

Meritocracy is more than just capitalism

We're considering complex factors. Don't demand a study for such an abstract idea

This is pretty typical

The policy implications are scary and racism so let's ignore genetics


They're getting sensitive

You tried to wave it away

Now who's being coy

That is not necessarily true, although it appears likely

Except intelligence is not controlled by a single gene

Lol that's a nice straw man

Have you seen Jean-Francois Gariepy?

Race realist who definitely understands genetics

JF > Sargon

He does require patience though

Too arrogant?

If you say so


These people being?

Race realist =/= white nationalist

@Fulcrum010 I've seen arrogance used to dismiss pretty much every intellectual there is, Sargon included

Unfortunately there is a huge overlap because the two are conflated by the left

Intellectuals are those who discuss ideas civilly on the public forum

Please point out his erroneous claims, because he is always looking for insightful criticism

By definition...


I don't think he's trolling

Imo at this point banning him would just be closed-minded

Fair enough I suppose. I told you he requires patience

I'm a race realist ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Whatever that means

I care that people acknowledge reality though

That would be white nationalists

I also have major problems with them

Well you're wrong Dr

There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that races have genetic differences

That is race realism

No value judgments need come from it necessarily

Is vs Ought anyone?

The issues with race realism seem to be policy implications etc

Irrelevant to the truth of the observation of racial differences

How is that the same thing as white nationalism? (Ought)

Not really

Neither of those necessarily follows race realism

And I don't see the distinction really

Slippery slope huh?

Well can we recognize that we are intelligent adults who won't automatically fall down that slope?

So we can actually acknowledge reality

So conflating race realism with ethnonationalism is unproductive

It only fuels extremism on both sides

> They're the same thing, imo

Then we are all race realists


Race realism =/= racial supremacy

That use is a bullshit loading of the term

Poisoning the well

And feminist means equality and communism means sharing

That is what I'm saying

Not exactly, but a decent simplification

I'm getting back to what the term actually means

To conflate it with something else is asinine

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