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2018-01-17 01:19:30 UTC  

Arresting officers is another good one

2018-01-17 01:44:43 UTC  

Just found out my girlfriend was being a slut in Facebook groups boys gg

2018-01-17 01:44:47 UTC  

Always keep frame

2018-01-17 01:45:13 UTC  

D-don't be sad over thots

2018-01-17 01:46:10 UTC  

Fuck dude sorry to hear that

2018-01-17 01:46:24 UTC  

I know dem feels bro

2018-01-17 01:46:30 UTC  

Sorry man. Better to cut-off now than have it get worse later.

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Women must be banned from the internet. I have said this before

2018-01-17 01:48:17 UTC  

Remember, a stick only as thick as your thumb.

2018-01-17 01:48:33 UTC  

White sharia NOW

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I don't go into twelve tomorrow I'm about to get fucked up

2018-01-17 01:49:26 UTC  

TBH dude, go get your dick wet with some thot. It'll clear your head.

2018-01-17 01:50:36 UTC  

I think I'm going to give the orthodox life a shot now fucc it

2018-01-17 02:11:47 UTC  

Slot the Thot. @southland was in the same situation man a while back.

2018-01-17 02:21:19 UTC  

Holy shit

2018-01-17 02:21:24 UTC  

This actually isn't a bad idea

2018-01-17 02:21:33 UTC  

This just dawned on me but it's true. When arguing with shitlibs remind them that we already have 47 million migrants.

That's the largest population of foreigners for any one country in the entire world.

When is enough, enough?

Ask the shitlib if he really thinks we need more people. Remind them that more people means more ugly strip malls, more waiting in line at Wallmart, more landfills, more traffic, etc.

Make sure you include landfills so that they associate migrants with trash.

Also include traffic so that so that they associate foreigners with the annoyance of clogged highways and the rage from getting cut off.

If you frame things in those terms I bet you could red-pill damn near everybody who isn't a Jew or a foreigner.

New Flyer: Tired of Traffic and Trash? End Migration Now!

2018-01-17 02:29:23 UTC  

That’d work, but it’s not addressing the heart of the issue which isn’t that it’s logistically incompatible but that it’s ethnically, culturally, politically, and morally incompatible. They’d find a way to make it sound like a good thing, which they already do by making it sound like without illegals we’d all starve because no one except illegals pick food.

2018-01-17 02:30:48 UTC  

Jared Taylor has been making that point for at least a couple years now.

2018-01-17 02:54:20 UTC  

A lot of people know the truth deep down. You are convincing them to first admit it to themselves. Then admit it to their fellow man.

2018-01-17 02:54:53 UTC  

Not to mention the Gadsden wavers who have been brainwashed into believing they can't infringe anyone's right to do anything.

2018-01-17 04:04:26 UTC  

thanks for the add guys

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@everyone Welcome @Patrick MI

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thanks for the add

2018-01-17 04:05:13 UTC  

MI goys coming in strong, congrats brother.

2018-01-17 04:05:21 UTC  

feels good man

2018-01-17 04:05:33 UTC  

deimos and lol should be in soon, probably himmler as well

2018-01-17 04:05:40 UTC  

Yeah we've been growing nonstop lately

2018-01-17 04:05:50 UTC  

fuck yeah steve, how you been since this weekend

2018-01-17 04:06:09 UTC  

Good bro! How about you?

2018-01-17 04:06:20 UTC  

fucking pumped

2018-01-17 04:06:24 UTC  

Good to see you on here finally

2018-01-17 04:06:42 UTC  

getting psyched for this weekend and next, im hosting everyone in two weekends if your coming

2018-01-17 04:06:52 UTC  

Glad to have ya man

2018-01-17 04:06:56 UTC