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2017-10-29 00:18:05 UTC  

a fast read that feels more like a narrative

2017-10-29 00:19:36 UTC  

Thank you. Always looking for a new good read for the kids. 👌

2017-10-29 00:25:46 UTC  

oh good. Jackson was a mischievous boy, so boys will love it.

2017-10-29 00:33:55 UTC  

So the Murfreesboro "rally" was a psyop to split their forces. Kudos go out to The League and TWP. We can learn from this.

2017-10-29 00:42:06 UTC  

Who's forces?

2017-10-29 00:46:03 UTC  

The commies

2017-10-29 00:46:42 UTC  

Instead of them concentrated in one location they were forced to split their forces.

2017-10-29 00:47:09 UTC  

It also makes them waste resources and time

2017-10-29 00:48:31 UTC  

Were any communists present in force?

2017-10-29 00:48:46 UTC  

Matched their numbers at least

2017-10-29 00:48:54 UTC  

Yea they had at least a few hundred

2017-10-29 00:49:26 UTC  

Mostly standard shitlibs and cat lady's but there was some Antifa

2017-10-29 00:51:29 UTC  

Thomas, what do you think of some anti-pornography type propaganda, or something targeting the ladies?

2017-10-29 01:00:40 UTC  

@The Hooknose- UT welcome aboard great to see new faces

2017-10-29 01:01:12 UTC  

@Goodest_Boy great to be here my dude

2017-10-29 03:40:32 UTC  
2017-10-29 03:40:36 UTC  

2017-10-29 03:41:24 UTC  

@Smiter-IL Lady members aren't really our demographic, and porn is more a symptom of larger cultural issues we speak against, but I'll look into some new pro-morality posters. Remember, fellas, posters are just something to do until you can do banners and demos and speeches.

2017-10-29 03:41:56 UTC  


@everyone Welcome our newest FL member, @Walking Holocaust-FL

2017-10-29 03:41:56 UTC  

He went out with Halfdan and postered USF tonight.

2017-10-29 03:42:23 UTC  


2017-10-29 03:42:27 UTC  

Welcome @Walking Holocaust-FL , it was fun. I just got the rest of the pictures.

2017-10-29 03:42:49 UTC  

welcome brother hail victory

2017-10-29 03:43:36 UTC  

Nice work brother, welcome aboard

2017-10-29 03:43:46 UTC  

It was a nice run, and great to meet some Texas members

2017-10-29 03:43:59 UTC  

SoCal has the best goys, tbh.

2017-10-29 03:44:07 UTC  


2017-10-29 03:44:31 UTC  

So does DFW, and Houston, and Tampa, and Austin, and just about anywhere else I've met our goys in.

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2017-10-29 03:46:14 UTC  

@Halfdan yeah, can't wait for future events. Thanks everybody for the support. Hail Victory!

2017-10-29 03:47:58 UTC  

I plan on giving speeches on the Frankfurt School, Interest Slavery, and Marxism to the College Republicans i start.

2017-10-29 03:48:22 UTC  

Show them the origins of modern "liberalism."

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that glare boii

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Just finished a debate with a half native / half white chick