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2017-10-02 02:52:18 UTC  

Im literally working out with him rn @lawfag5335231

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2017-10-02 02:52:46 UTC  

I'm working out rn2tbhfam

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2017-10-02 02:53:14 UTC  

If you aren't doing preacher curls you might as well be a jew.

2017-10-02 02:53:22 UTC  

We need group fashy workouts

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2017-10-02 02:54:39 UTC  

I'm in

2017-10-02 02:55:09 UTC  

All of us and FashyGains of TRS working out together would be horrible. The smell of testosterone would drive all liberals downwind of us to suicide.
This is how we win

2017-10-02 02:56:17 UTC  

Remember bois. 4 scoops and a liter of milk or you're a fucking jew

2017-10-02 02:58:21 UTC  

@Blumenkrieg You active, my man?

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2017-10-02 06:23:43 UTC  

@everyone Major happening in Vegas!!! 20+ dead up to four active shooters in multiple locations. One at country music festival. Suspected car bombs as well.

2017-10-02 06:24:41 UTC  

We'll see who it is. If anyone has family or friends in the area, I hope they're safe.

2017-10-02 07:18:15 UTC

2017-10-02 10:35:49 UTC  

Not a muzzie, just a democrat race traitor.

2017-10-02 10:39:36 UTC  

Rachel Maddow fan shoots up a country music festival, "we're still trying to find a motive"

2017-10-02 11:18:42 UTC  

2017-10-02 11:31:24 UTC  

Wtf really

2017-10-02 11:31:42 UTC  

Holy shit

2017-10-02 11:38:36 UTC  

That's intense

2017-10-02 11:45:09 UTC  

News is currently saying he had a "automatic weapon " and he was "disgruntled" with the hotel for some reason wondering what kinda spin they will put on this

2017-10-02 11:46:17 UTC  

Nvm already have some jackass blaming the gun on the news

2017-10-02 12:29:12 UTC  

Shooter is white

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2017-10-02 12:29:31 UTC  

Race traitor, happa girlfriend

2017-10-02 12:29:51 UTC  

Im curious what the motive is

2017-10-02 12:30:35 UTC  

Honestly, my guess, given the fact he's fucking an Asian, was to shoot up whites and Trump supporters. Aldean would be a great concert to do it...

2017-10-02 12:30:39 UTC  

Lots of white people grouped up at a patriotic country concert

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2017-10-02 12:30:54 UTC  

He isnt asian

2017-10-02 12:32:13 UTC  

he was married to a gook-- wht a disgrace

2017-10-02 12:33:20 UTC

2017-10-02 12:33:23 UTC  

64 year old man

2017-10-02 12:33:29 UTC  

Stephen paddock

2017-10-02 12:33:55 UTC  

Ripped into the crowd with what sounds like an AK or a PKM. Def had a drum attached to it

2017-10-02 12:34:05 UTC  

Full auto alao

2017-10-02 12:34:06 UTC  


2017-10-02 12:34:21 UTC  

Hearing he's a shitlib. Asian wife was kicked out of concert and was yelling they were all going to die. They attacked this particular concert for a reason. Was well planned and executed. Used concealment and an elevated position. Well placed measured bursts. Very strange

2017-10-02 12:34:25 UTC  

Took a while to reload, my guess is he had multiple drums