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Guys if you're in bitcoin sell now

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JDAM your local mail man

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Im watchin it

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This is probably going to be a drop we've been expecting

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My old unit

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Remember reuse and recycle hate

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Hate is as natural a part of human anatomy as legs or lungs. The prevailing Leftist thoughts on the matter do not eliminate the existence of hate, but merely change its form and direction. One is rewired from hating the unjust, the subversive and the unnatural, to hating his own capabilities wherever they exeed those of the inferior, and hating any mind which does not fully and absolutely adhere to the dogma of self destruction.

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I've gotten some basic bitch liberal girls in my life to start waking up because of the It's okay to be white campaign

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If there is no hate, there can be no love. If you truly love something, you will hate that which opposes it. And if you do not, then you do not truly love it.

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"Hate"is spreading

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to love good is to hate evil. To hate beauty is to hate ugliness. To love your children is to hate what does them harm. To love, you must hate

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*hate, but also that

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I made fun of a typo and made two of my own.

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Absolutely. By the way, you can right click/hold down on posts to edit them. So no need for the asterisk corrections.

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The Austin demo vid has just about surpassed the Houston bookfair vid and has double the likes, and several times as many comments. We've gotten about 100 new subscribers and overall things are looking good on that front.

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3rd sticker design for the sheets?

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Looks good

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I like it

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in case anyone was interested. I think page 335 is important to keep in mind.

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Oh God

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I just found an old image of me

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I once snuck into a Jewish community center event for free food during my poor days

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I had one of them take a picture

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that's pretty jewy

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I stole a hat too

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I know. That's how I fit in

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Thats awesome though.

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