Message from Thomas Ryan in Front And Center #general

2017-09-29 21:01:42 UTC  

DM me the details and I'll put it on my list

2017-09-29 21:09:44 UTC  

@Thötterdämmerung Adios America is a book that goes into that

2017-09-29 21:10:54 UTC  

@everyone isn't @Tyler TX the guy who was asking you doxxy questions Billy

2017-09-29 21:10:59 UTC  

Or did I miss something

2017-09-29 21:11:42 UTC  


2017-09-29 21:11:46 UTC  

Because he's in this discord right now

2017-09-29 21:11:58 UTC  

Wasn't it a guy with a firefighter pic

2017-09-29 21:12:21 UTC  

Yeah, kinda weird

2017-09-29 21:12:30 UTC  

I may be being retarded right now

2017-09-29 21:12:45 UTC  

Tyler is good. re-vetted

2017-09-29 21:12:55 UTC  


2017-09-29 21:13:01 UTC  

No you're not. He went through another round of vetting and satisfied eric and tom.

2017-09-29 21:13:01 UTC  

Still needs to do a meet up and such.

2017-09-29 21:13:23 UTC  

That conversation looked sketchy as fuck

2017-09-29 21:13:58 UTC  

Send him to the sparring session tomorrow @SDO Phil-TX

2017-09-29 21:14:39 UTC  

He's up north

2017-09-29 21:15:45 UTC  

Yeah I asked him about his livelihood, guns, etc. I was being naive. My intentions were pure guys. I just got exited. Wheres the sparring session?

2017-09-29 21:16:59 UTC  

You get excited about knowing people's place of employment?

2017-09-29 21:17:06 UTC  

Down in houston

2017-09-29 21:17:26 UTC  

If you were revetted you were revetted, but I'm not going to be convinced for a a while

2017-09-29 21:18:13 UTC  

Feel free to chat one on one

2017-09-29 21:18:31 UTC  

This app has that function, I believe

2017-09-29 21:19:49 UTC

2017-09-29 21:26:49 UTC  

2017-09-29 21:27:29 UTC  

Now it's a party

2017-09-29 21:31:45 UTC  

Interesting how this occurred just after our TX op

2017-09-29 21:38:12 UTC  

The standard for successful IRL events now necessitates an online shoah afterwards.

2017-09-29 21:38:28 UTC  

Either that, or you didn't scare the Jews enough with your proud White man antics.

2017-09-29 21:39:14 UTC  

I must have watched Azzmadors stream a dozen times

2017-09-29 21:39:50 UTC  

It was one of the best ops I've been a part of , for sure.

2017-09-29 21:49:23 UTC  

Anyone remember the remake of land of confusion
Every time I hear that song I think of our world back when music had a point

2017-09-29 22:05:00 UTC  

I wish I could have been at the Texas op

2017-09-29 22:20:18 UTC  

Nietzsche is a time traveler from 8chan whomst couldn't come back because it would've turned him gay

2017-09-29 22:56:08 UTC  

Damn it is stormer down again?

2017-09-29 22:56:56 UTC  

Yes, thots initiated a coup in the Icelandic govt and held the parliament hostage until they signed a resolution banning the site.

2017-09-29 22:58:07 UTC  

In Iceland?

2017-09-29 22:58:26 UTC  

What's that have to do with American service

2017-09-29 22:58:45 UTC  

The site wasn't hosted in America

2017-09-29 22:59:07 UTC  

That explains that

2017-09-29 22:59:39 UTC  

How does chimpout and chimpout radio stay online?