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2019-07-19 20:26:14 UTC  

Also, please forgive English lol

2019-07-19 20:26:56 UTC  


2019-07-19 20:27:29 UTC  

@Dr Meme just meet her

2019-07-19 20:27:29 UTC  

You gotta do what is in your best interest. Friendships with women are NEVER worth not trying for a relationship, take my advise. Men and women, for the most part, are mentally incompatable

2019-07-19 20:27:35 UTC  

Tldr: my ex messed me up and now i might fall in love with a friend

2019-07-19 20:27:46 UTC  

like know her really well

2019-07-19 20:27:50 UTC  

better then yourself

2019-07-19 20:28:05 UTC  

I fail to see how this could go wrong

2019-07-19 20:28:12 UTC  

either way, rejected or accepted, you win

2019-07-19 20:28:17 UTC  

don't risk doing to the same swamp 2 times in the row

2019-07-19 20:28:28 UTC  

We know eachother since when we started college, around three years ago

2019-07-19 20:28:44 UTC  

Fuck her dad

2019-07-19 20:30:03 UTC  

Just kind calm and think about this

2019-07-19 20:30:29 UTC  
2019-07-19 20:30:31 UTC  

I'm not trying to make a rash desition. Quite the oposite

2019-07-19 20:30:45 UTC  

Did you ever seens her sad as fuck, what might make her jejealous etc

2019-07-19 20:31:27 UTC  

And if your answers are good and you think this will work long them fucking hit it

2019-07-19 20:32:03 UTC  

Yes and yes. We know eachother pretty well

2019-07-19 20:32:24 UTC  

We have taken courses together for almost three years

2019-07-19 20:33:13 UTC  

The thing is that i don't think is a good idea, because i just got out of a bad relationship

2019-07-19 20:33:24 UTC  

And i don't want to hurt her

2019-07-19 20:34:00 UTC  

So just wait

2019-07-19 20:34:17 UTC  

Don't make her your pillow so you can get on your feet

2019-07-19 20:34:47 UTC  

Men the fuck up and do it alone and like real men you are make it fucking work

2019-07-19 20:35:23 UTC  

Show her you are kind of guy for her

2019-07-19 20:35:24 UTC  

That's what i mean

2019-07-19 20:35:38 UTC  

The thing is im a retard with words lol

2019-07-19 20:35:42 UTC  

But yeah

2019-07-19 20:36:24 UTC  

We are still planing on hanging out once she gets back from her home state

2019-07-19 20:36:34 UTC  

She knows about this right?

2019-07-19 20:36:40 UTC  

.about what

2019-07-19 20:36:46 UTC  

That you have problem with words and shit

2019-07-19 20:37:22 UTC  

Yeah she knows

2019-07-19 20:38:24 UTC  

So don't worry about this just get your shit together give yourself some time and then try with her

2019-07-19 20:38:53 UTC  

Yeah, i think i will

2019-07-19 20:41:03 UTC  

Keep us updated and good luck

2019-07-19 20:42:39 UTC  

*I believe in* you *king*

2019-07-19 20:42:49 UTC  

Yeah, i will

2019-07-19 20:42:56 UTC  

Thanks bruvs

2019-07-19 20:43:08 UTC  

You can doit bb

2019-07-19 20:43:15 UTC  

We will meet on the 25 this month