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2019-07-19 20:21:35 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

Hell yeh, 40k in this bitch

Anybody got that Ultimate Apocalypse mod?

You gotta do what is in your best interest. Friendships with women are NEVER worth not trying for a relationship, take my advise. Men and women, for the most part, are mentally incompatable

I fail to see how this could go wrong

either way, rejected or accepted, you win

I been trying for days to find some boys to play with. I got 2 buddies but can't play a good 3v3 with computers

*I believe in* you *king*

o o o f

Does she know about the


@Trash Squid What would you say your political affiliation is?

like your actual views?

Oh yeah, Thomas jefferson said we should hard reset that bitch every 40 years

@DAnteForneus Where you coming form?


Eyo, I been to Poland

You don't happen to be the pole who messaged Swamp Mountain Boogaloo 2.0 do you?

I'm the admin from the page who talked to you, if that was you lol

@Trash Squid What state you in fam? I live in good ol' Montana

So no chance of boogalooing side by side

o o f

It's not so bad here

no sales tax or anything

I don't gotta pass any emission BS

We just got speed limits like, 15 years ago

I been trying to convince the kings to move out here. we will do the opposite of california

move in state by state and take them over

Every bungaloid

I am gonna buy some land innawoods and have a whole bunch of cabins and shit

make like, my own town

Lots of woods up here fam

and not a lot of people

we could literally far cry 5 this bitch

I am almost a perfect twin to joseph seed even

Name the town "Heavens gate" Just to freak nerds out

Maybe we should get the kings together, save up some good money, and literally do this

then we can control the elections in montana and get some our constitutionalist dudes in

make the state a reb state

There is some cheap land out here

Some guy offered me land at 1,000 an acre

forested and shit, so we got lumber

Usually its a little more... not uncommon to find 40,000 on a plot of 20-30 acres


I am at work right now taking a shit

And one of the service writers comes into the bathroom

Hes on the phone with a customer

And he starts taking a piss and his pee hits the mat and its SUPER loud. I can hear the dude on the phone go "Are you taking a piss bro?"

And theres this awkward fucking silence

So I rip Ass

Like loud ass fart

And it fucking echoes in this tiny bathroom

And the dudes just like "call me when you're done man, jesus" and hung uo

I'm a parts advisor at a new Car dealership

I sell honda parts and honda part accessories

I dated a chick with a shaved head once. Her name was Jessie. She had no tiddies, and one time we *fuqqed* for like 25 minutes and I still got no release because every time I looked down I felt like I was *fuqqin* a boy.

See I'm a tiddy guy, so chicks with little tiddy have always been fairly unsuccesful at gathering my love nectar

But short hair thrown in?


*kinda* ghey but not *Gay*

I like my women like I like my coffee

Hot, black, and made by my momma

One of my exes, Ari, was a QT

Tomboy and everything

But, alas, she *fuqqed* my homeboi

So I killed them both


I succed it up like a bitch

Dumped her ass and took a break for a while

perhaps we shall take this elsewhere, back to random chat?

So yall see elon musk dropped that Neural link shit?

Yeah dude

like, this thing is fucking stitched into your brain

The issue I see, is if this technology actually takes off and people started getting this shit installed en masse, We would be fucked

The fear of being controllable or damaged by the interenet

like viruses implanted into the brain and shit, is like "Oh no big deal, I just won't get it"

but the reality is, as soon as it gets going, you will HAVE to get it in order to compete with other people, because it will VASTLY improve an individuals capabilities

I'm kinda diggin it but spooked

Problem is, without it a person would be like a fucking 4th grade education compared to somebody with it


2019-07-21 03:44:24 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

@Trash Squid eyo squiud

2019-07-21 03:44:28 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

it's your boy

2019-07-21 03:44:38 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

*skinny penis*

2019-07-21 03:44:51 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

You tryna play some Dawn of War?

2019-07-21 03:45:04 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  


2019-07-21 03:45:14 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

I'ma invite you to the Boys chat

2019-07-21 03:45:41 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

Dawn of War soulstorm king

2019-07-21 03:45:54 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

but the modded version

2019-07-21 03:46:20 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  


2019-07-21 03:46:28 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

download ua fam

2019-07-21 03:47:07 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

oh you dont got ss?

2019-07-21 03:47:43 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

Well get it king, We will get a whole fuggin squad for DoW

2019-07-21 03:47:47 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

you like RTS games?

2019-07-21 03:58:21 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

>Can't play dawn of war

2019-07-21 03:58:31 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

>2 seconds later

2019-07-21 03:58:40 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  


2019-07-21 03:59:09 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  


2019-07-22 06:18:01 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #trpgs]  

Whoa whoa whoa

2019-07-22 06:18:08 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #trpgs]  

DND chat, eh?

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