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Reminder: Good things come to those who organize. Everything you want in the future has roots in today. Our unity in action is what sets us apart from so many others, and it'd be a shame to not capitalize on that strength.

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I've decided

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Anyone else notice that the NRA is really going hard on YouTube ads today?
I've seen about 4 different ads, all of them pretty based.

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Good afternoon famalam

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Lots of pro-2A rallies popping up across the country over the next few weeks. Excellent opportunity to hand out material.

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Networking is good, the business cards are a good bet.

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I like the "Democracy has failed you" pamphlet.

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@FASHRABBIT message me abt the March 4 trump

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Follow me on IG @fashy_otter

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Why the otters, Dom?

2018-02-26 19:08:58 UTC  

Bc he's an otter

2018-02-26 19:09:06 UTC  

Why not?

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You couldn't think of any otter names?

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It's my trademark

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What's your issue with otters? @Thomas Ryan

2018-02-26 19:10:37 UTC  

Tom's racist against otters.

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I'm making that my backup Twitter account name

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Oh no... Not the second one. Nonononono

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Thomas can't answer the OQ

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@lawfag5335231 Wow, man. Hard disavow.

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Public disavowal

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Time to pack it in, boys. They caught me

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I understand, I'm sure it was worth that sweet, sweet Semitic colostrum

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@everyone Welcome @Donald OH

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The time of the big titty goth gf is over, old man. The time of the khazar milky gf is now.

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Oh. Welcome, @Donald OH . Don't be racist.

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Haha thanks

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What an introduction

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Just did my postering today. Very exciting

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I'd like to tell you the general is usually different. But I'd be lying