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Communism is the ultimate degenerate form of government.

Communism, Islam, and Zionism must be eradicated if our people are to live in peace.

I'll be there

Xurious is good background music for any occasion.


Clever approach... probably could work on the optics a bit though

Yeah, and it's just a 'starer' pack...
Now a starter pack, that would be different

What's pt?

Lol, now i get it

Anyone else notice that the NRA is really going hard on YouTube ads today?
I've seen about 4 different ads, all of them pretty based.

He actually says "I'm shooting you" in the video

@lawfag5335231 lol, a prank shooting... like, yo yo yo, it's just a prank, stop bleeding everywhere

@Josh OH fighting antifa looks cool as hell , using fists...
But shooting or stabbing... that would be an optics disaster.

Atom waffle is a good example of mixing weapons with activism

16 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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