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2018-01-15 02:49:53 UTC  
2018-01-15 03:15:51 UTC  

One day, all the boyz will crack cold ones together. I look forward to the day.

2018-01-15 03:17:06 UTC  

A great big PF party. Pretzels, and beer, and square dancing to banjos, in a barn. It will be lit.

2018-01-15 03:18:23 UTC  

We will sacrifice a consecrated animal to consume as well.
I can see it now.
Endless tailgates.

2018-01-15 03:27:29 UTC  

The counter protesters at the prolife rally today were from Democratic Socialists something. DSA. The fags with a flower on their flag. I saw several of their flags.

2018-01-15 04:13:36 UTC  

DSA recruits hight schoolers they are fags

2018-01-15 04:30:38 UTC

2018-01-15 04:31:40 UTC  

Stumbled upon a construction site while postering. Good thing this is such a white community and im not a dindu or this tile saw they left out wouldve been stolen and traded for crack in a heartbeat

2018-01-15 04:53:32 UTC  

@NDO Eric - TX No reason to form a response for the principles Sargon laid out. He already deleted the meat of it. Right now it just reads like a bunch of empty platitudes.

2018-01-15 04:54:14 UTC  

I'd say he got shook.

2018-01-15 05:23:12 UTC  

Did I miss something?

2018-01-15 05:36:04 UTC  

We talked about it the other night in general voice chat. Couple days ago or so

2018-01-15 05:38:31 UTC  

Is there anyone from TN that could do a meet up with one of my collgues down there?

2018-01-15 05:40:09 UTC  

He currently needs to meet up for comfirmation and such along with flyering. But is willing to do it himself if need be, but would like a informal meeting if possible.

2018-01-15 05:41:24 UTC  

His call sign is WolfTrapper1991 #3783

2018-01-15 05:41:26 UTC  

Has he sumbitted an application and been vetted?

2018-01-15 05:41:33 UTC  


2018-01-15 05:41:36 UTC  

Yes he has.

2018-01-15 05:43:07 UTC  

He's talking with a few guys in GA but they are a bit far away.

2018-01-15 05:50:36 UTC  

We'll figure it out tomorrow.

2018-01-15 05:51:17 UTC  

My bro says thanks and he says he'll go ahead and do some flyering.

2018-01-15 05:54:19 UTC  

Alright. We'll talk to him in the other channel to follow up.

2018-01-15 06:01:12 UTC  

I still can't believe @Smiter-IL found a priest at the pro-life March that was sympathetic to us. It made everything worth it.

2018-01-15 06:01:50 UTC  

Get him to bless stuff

2018-01-15 06:03:11 UTC  

I want a pair of knuckle dusters that do holy damage to communist

2018-01-15 06:09:03 UTC  

I didn't get his name. Maybe Smiter did. But now that you mention it, I want my Glock 23 blessed.

2018-01-15 06:12:18 UTC  

Glock 23 .40 cal. nationalism

2018-01-15 08:09:10 UTC  

He applied and got a reply. @Hussar

2018-01-15 08:30:28 UTC  

Getting ready for MLK

2018-01-15 08:30:58 UTC  


2018-01-15 08:34:23 UTC  

I may have accidentally used the w for wumbo

2018-01-15 08:44:08 UTC  

S for Spongebob

2018-01-15 08:44:15 UTC  

And S for Sandy!

2018-01-15 08:44:23 UTC  

Very good

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2018-01-15 08:49:02 UTC  

please don't remind me of those guys

2018-01-15 14:54:58 UTC

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2018-01-15 15:06:14 UTC  

Happy Martin Luther Kangz day.