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2017-08-13 23:47:55 UTC  

you point something that looks like a rifle at me im gonna shoot your ass

2017-08-13 23:48:17 UTC  

the national guard was standing there watching that too

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2017-08-13 23:48:46 UTC  

i dont give a fuck about optics. Next time im going to have a rifle.

2017-08-13 23:48:49 UTC  

The national guard was just a human barricade. Literally useless

2017-08-13 23:48:53 UTC  

You point something that looks like a (((party invite))) at me and I'm gonna defend cars

2017-08-13 23:49:29 UTC  


2017-08-13 23:49:29 UTC  

Optics is important to an extent

2017-08-13 23:49:35 UTC  

But protection comes first

2017-08-13 23:49:50 UTC  

Leaving this server. It was a pleasure being with you all, feel free to add me. Until next time all.

2017-08-13 23:50:22 UTC  

Hail victory @Aaron - VA

2017-08-13 23:50:25 UTC  

Leaving as well

2017-08-13 23:50:31 UTC  

it was an honor

2017-08-13 23:50:36 UTC  

Hail Victory.

2017-08-13 23:50:41 UTC

2017-08-13 23:51:17 UTC  

Next time were having rifles and has masks.

2017-08-13 23:52:23 UTC  

I'm just giving you shit Kurt

2017-08-13 23:52:24 UTC  

Gas masks allowed next time then? Don't wanna be breathing in homemade tear gas

2017-08-13 23:52:40 UTC  

Buy me a beer in Jacksonville and we'll be square

2017-08-13 23:56:34 UTC  

Guys, copy some of this into the antifa watch channel.

2017-08-14 00:07:29 UTC  

Any fashy goys in DC?

2017-08-14 00:11:57 UTC  

There were at least a half dozen cameras on the moment of the punch. If you ID the media groups, you could contact them all. And if they refuse, or they deleted the footage, can they be guilty of destroying evidence of a crime?

2017-08-14 00:12:38 UTC  

My dox was re-tweeted 13,000 times, look on Twitter. I'm going to an interview here in less than an hour

2017-08-14 00:18:27 UTC Yay, I'm famous (again). Wasn't even involved in any street action Saturday

2017-08-14 00:21:18 UTC  

mcfeels stating it now

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2017-08-14 00:43:04 UTC  

The Jews are going all out fellows. There may be a lot of us homeless after this. God please protect us and don't let me get fired

2017-08-14 00:45:59 UTC  

I'm at the bottom of the article and thankfully I'm still unidentified

2017-08-14 00:49:21 UTC  

None should be homeless. Local networks should set up now to take in displaced people.

2017-08-14 01:07:41 UTC  

@everyone The guy who took a swing at me today has been identified as [NAME REDACTED] [PHONE NUMBER REDACTED]1 . Police briefly detained but did not press charges

2017-08-14 01:08:32 UTC  


2017-08-14 01:08:53 UTC  

Do we have any evidence or police statements or anything that the car driver from yesterday's crash panicked? Or is that not what happened? (Trying to compile a list of sources)

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2017-08-14 01:10:57 UTC  

Till this event I really did think the cops in the south were on our side

2017-08-14 01:11:29 UTC  

I want to apologize for some of my criticism yesterday. I did not realize some of those whom I criticized wound up in a brawl, at the time I had no idea what was going on or what happened. I was under the impression there was but a mild scuffle.

2017-08-14 01:11:41 UTC

2017-08-14 01:11:58 UTC  

Fuck these people