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2017-06-08 19:31:22 UTC  

You beat me to it

2017-06-08 19:33:01 UTC  

That would be a fun channel. #counter_signaling Designated area for bitching about any and every decision made by the organizers.

2017-06-08 19:35:35 UTC  

The trolling would be from the people saying things like "I don't think the optics you want from _____, are very conducive. "

2017-06-08 19:42:35 UTC  

This is going to be a good one

2017-06-08 19:48:10 UTC  

careful, you'll be called a white knight cuck for not beheading all women in position of powers

2017-06-08 19:54:50 UTC  

Or for actually being one

2017-06-08 19:56:26 UTC  

You fags done with the shit talk? Like children I swear.

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2017-06-08 20:18:33 UTC  

I will agree to the #deathtooptics when the Virginia and Maryland VA guys stage a Swastika carrying match up and down the D.C. Mall.

2017-06-08 20:19:05 UTC  

Get 15ish people, video and pictures or it didn't happen

2017-06-08 20:19:44 UTC  

If you don't drive there in a panzer you're a racist liberal cuck

2017-06-08 20:20:10 UTC  

I won't even demand you open carry. I'm silly but not stupid. D.C. gun laws are an anti-constitutional nightmare, but police states are nothing to fuck with.

2017-06-08 20:20:24 UTC  

I mean, you can, if you want.

2017-06-08 20:21:35 UTC  

Find a good Constitutional Lawyer and you could become heroes to all the "muh 2nd Amendment rights" crowd if they don't counter signal the whole Nazism. (Spoiler they will)

2017-06-08 20:23:04 UTC  

So yeah, it's like an old Natural Light commercial. "Wouldn't that be great?l

2017-06-08 20:25:26 UTC  

@Tyrone Thats genius! Thanks for the suggestion

2017-06-08 20:33:40 UTC  

Thanks. We're all on the same team. 👌🏻

2017-06-08 22:46:22 UTC  

@Aaron - VA What's the date for the #MakeTheSwastikaGreatAgain event?

2017-06-08 22:50:22 UTC  

can we do it right after charlottesville so i can go?

2017-06-08 22:53:02 UTC  

August 12th later that night

2017-06-08 22:53:17 UTC  

After party

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2017-06-08 22:54:45 UTC  

Best swastika tattoo gets a free 4loko

2017-06-08 22:54:48 UTC  

I need to compile a list of all the National socialist in this server so we can organize a paganized tribute

2017-06-08 23:02:42 UTC  

add me to the list

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2017-06-08 23:50:15 UTC  

Why are there two general channels

2017-06-08 23:51:49 UTC  

Shitpost overflow channel

2017-06-09 01:39:41 UTC  

I hate it when people spoil a good ship posting session with important talk

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2017-06-09 01:39:59 UTC  

I think we're all cool with trannies and feminists we just don't like immigrants

2017-06-09 01:40:04 UTC  

Don't they realize I spend most of my day in a cage?

2017-06-09 01:40:14 UTC  

the ethnostate will be founded on cages and shitposting

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2017-06-09 01:40:28 UTC  

The serious need not apply

2017-06-09 01:40:37 UTC  

I'm being dead serious

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2017-06-09 01:41:41 UTC  

Last time I got on voice I got in trouble so I have to keep my shit posting to text form. Everyone heard Lord Sacco yelling in the background. It was an honor tbh