Message from Boomninja in South African Border War: Operation Savannah #general-chat

2019-10-23 08:05:12 UTC

2019-10-23 09:52:41 UTC  

Yeah they couldnt get it moving because of the weight of the water and melting tires so they had to leave it

2019-10-23 11:23:07 UTC  

Are there any good pictures of the Stormjaers? Can't seem to find any on Pinterest or Google Images

2019-10-23 11:24:24 UTC  

@AllezVites awesome! Never saw it before.

2019-10-23 18:21:10 UTC  

Yeah - it is interesting.

2019-10-23 18:25:51 UTC  

IMO the buffel was a contributing factor to the fatality. Military surplus gives you added confidence which encourages you to take risks you may otherwise not have. Similar to American Football vs. Rugby. Football players hit way harder because they think the helmet protects them, but in the end they have way more cases of brain damage.

In the above instance, these fellows went into a plantation without any backup. Probably thought the water and vehicle were enough protection. RIP to the poor fellow and I'm not saying I could have done it any better myself in the heat of the moment. Just think it's interesting.

2019-10-23 20:43:23 UTC  

Ja no

2019-10-23 20:43:40 UTC  

These okes didnt know proper fires then

2019-10-23 20:43:58 UTC  

Going in alone against the wind is a clearcut death sentence

2019-10-25 11:45:55 UTC

2019-10-25 11:50:24 UTC  

As dit neti heeltyd gebeur het nie

2019-10-25 21:27:56 UTC  


2019-10-26 12:31:54 UTC  

Nice! Pity it is only for boats. Would be nice to have a ground version.

2019-10-26 12:39:04 UTC  

South African navy never gets any love...

2019-10-26 13:02:27 UTC  

and cape town doesnt look like that lol

2019-10-27 11:32:04 UTC  

Eish what a slog of a game SA vs Wales

2019-10-27 11:32:32 UTC  

So many fuck ups that I really, really hope are not repeated in the final.

2019-10-27 11:49:30 UTC  

Who won?

2019-10-27 11:50:56 UTC  

19-16 SA - Wales

2019-10-28 12:19:11 UTC  

Lets just hope they play better this weekend

2019-10-28 12:19:20 UTC  

Indeed I want this cup!

2019-10-28 12:19:29 UTC  

They did well though just a lot of mistakes

2019-10-28 12:20:06 UTC  

Failed catches, not chasing the ball fast enough when Faf would box kick

2019-10-28 12:20:13 UTC  

Other than that they did well

2019-10-28 12:21:08 UTC  

I have a bet going with one of my friends cause he supports England. If we win I get his flag ect. I already won a Japanese flag so lets hope

2019-10-28 12:21:18 UTC  

If you lose?

2019-10-28 12:21:22 UTC  

What does he get?

2019-10-28 12:21:33 UTC  

I lose my flag then

2019-10-28 12:21:44 UTC  

Eish better hope we win then 😉

2019-10-28 12:22:30 UTC  

Yes lol. They should leave the kicks or just kick when they are in shit and have no way out then we'll be set

2019-10-28 12:22:40 UTC when you take your kids to the game.

2019-10-28 12:23:10 UTC  

Lol true

2019-10-28 12:23:36 UTC  

But the faf and Beard love photo is better

2019-10-28 12:23:38 UTC  


2019-10-28 12:23:46 UTC  

Well it was Rassie's plan for the kicks. It could work really well provided the guys up front chase the ball down fast enough. That wasn't happening which is why it backfired at times.

2019-10-28 12:23:55 UTC  

Ja that ones a classic

2019-10-28 12:24:15 UTC  

Smallest springbok takes on the biggest dragon or should I say sheep?

2019-10-28 12:25:17 UTC  

Lol yea id love to see faf drilling that guy into the ground but sadly it didn't happen

2019-10-28 12:26:37 UTC  

robbing them of their first WC final should do 😉

2019-10-28 12:27:31 UTC  

Yea lol fine by me lol. Im just glad we playing England and not the all blacks