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i cant wait to play this..

well luckily im patient and i think my this is something my dad will enjoy playing since he was a SADF paratrooper

he actually showed me a picture of the rifle models and thats how i became interested, i have no idea where he got the picture tho. but when i showed him the vehicles he got quite excited and asked me a few questions so i think they peeked his interest

i think maybe one of his friends sons maybe showed it to his dad and it got sent aroun, really have no idea

ahhh the Kwรชvoรซl

Took this pic at youngsfield military base the other day

that would be really cool

well i cant wait for the allouette 3 or the puma

could be koevoet

It gives the game new challenges

If the ratel is located it can easily be taken out by an RPG

And yes the unimog is a bosvark

The kwรชvoรซl

Marksmen did exist but scoped R1's were few in far between. I just spoke to my father who was a designated marksman and he said they trained on R1s and were issued R1s even when the R1s were being fased out. They were trained to use iron sights as shooting at range was impossible due to the lack of open space to clearly see a target. The scoped R1s are still used by marksmen today especially by the recces and the MRS

i want to go buy a casspir

i saw a privately owned one once in plettenberg bay and it was neon orange with black jagermeister logos on the sides it looked pretty epic

Good news everyone mugabe is finally dead !!!

Me neither but its still good news

i know a page on instagram sells a poster of that so they must have a high res image

no problem mate

SAMC and the recces yoused them when they were behind enemy lines doing spec op missions

but they were dreadfull to use apparently

if you go read the book salute the eagle he writes about it

but the marines also used it yes

both branches hated the rifle

well everything rattled and as kooij said its was more prone to fouling than the FAL

the quality of the R#s we got were crap at best

looks like they were trying a new replacement for the buffel that wasnt the casspir or ratel

it look like they took a buffel body and made i longer with added armor

id love to own one and then just make it a flatbed instead of the apc

but ill keep the armored part for when shit hits the fan

well it is basically the south african leopard

its really a shame that all those vehicles are either rusting aaway in some sandf museum or already scrapped

ahh the ratel 20

The scope on the vickers is real it was operated like that to have accurate fire out to 1km away which was quite easily achieved by the vickers and as for the picture where you ask about training or real combat it is a training exercise, photos or cameras for that matter werent allowed in the operational area but exercises were photographed

Those are 106mm recoilless rifles on the mogs

Hmm im thinking the picture of the combat area might also be a demonstration in a township maybe ? Or it could be an aftermath of a battle that occured ? Only thing throwing me off is the fact that all the ratels are so closely parked together

It looks more like theyre setting up a temp base or getting ready to go out on a operation

I wonder if theyre still using oerlikon 20mm's on it or if they switched to the bushmaster 25mm

It looks like a 20mm

Its probably still the oerlikons then

Cool little bit of info about a friend of my dads, his father actually helped to translate the swedish manual for the oerlikon into afrikaans and he helped construct the first training guide for it, he also worked with armscor/denel on optimising the gun for south african use

Well in the afrikaans and german language its pronounced as a zed sound

Not at all really

This was wayy back in the 60s or 70s and he still just got regular army pay

You americans always have to be the special one neh ๐Ÿ˜‚

We still broke the enigma code that basically won ww2

Luckily im not a britbong

And i dislike the british just as much as you guys do so

@Springbok wooden stock R1's were only used in training since the wood was damaged easier than the plastic so onky the R1s with the plastic furniture saw action

@Springboki just asked a couple of my dads friends and himself

@Springbok ill ask my dad if some of his mech-veteran buddies have some info and ill go theough some books for you

A couple of high calibre rounds to the front and that engine is royally screwed

Ehh i guess but their radiatot grills werent as huge as this tbh

Easy to maintain and replace

The same for the ratel and olifant

Fun fact the tiffies (engineers in the army) could change a ratels engine on the move by driving the ratel onto a transport truck and taking out then droppong in a new engine and drive it off again and its good to go

@66Lost99 what you guys moving mate ?

Yup thats a really really early casspir

Ah the G6, the SPG that kicked the communists asses so badly at cuito cuanavale they deny the whole battle

That looks like a russian ZU-23-2

@LethalSaffa NGL that vid gave me a stiffy

Can i reccomend a huion tablet ? Its the best bang for buck tablets on the market now

I never knew the buffel had front and rear turrets, ive never seen a picture of it in that configuration

Thats also a later modification

oooh that looks sexy

are youi planning on adding the antennas to the top of the turret

i havent asked but are you planning on adding the olifant MBT ?

well the mk1 and 2

ahh i cant wait

the ingwe missile ?

i wonder if the eland will be accurate on the battlefield seeing that they knocked out more powerfull t55s

luckily the eland is fast and can manouvre quickly after firing

i believ the turret could stop a bit more

since the eland was our modification of the panhard EML

that i can believe

the eland was never meant to be a tank destroyer

it wouldve been cool if it was possible to lock a scouting ability to a certain vehicle like the eland

and then in later ops it could go to the ratel

as i was saying i think the scouting ability would only allow ground troops and the eland/ratel to mark targets such as enemy vehicles or groups of soldiers

like the system that war thunder implemented with their light tanks where you can scout/mark enemy vehicles accurately for the enemy team insteaqd of placing a marker on a map on the enemy vehicles general location

this would also allow the G6 to deliver more effective fire onto the target

but this is only an idea, i dont know if squad will allow that mechanic to work well

if you can you should add the ability to tie dead swapo onto the casspir wheel wells

( i know its not posible lol)

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