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Can someone link me confirmation on the Jared Taylor Jordan Peterson debate?

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I can't find anything online

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Although, to be fair, that's not exactly proof

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Damn thats what Im basing it on...might have started a fire

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Ive linked to his discord. Im looking, palms are sweaty...

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Is it just a 4chan rumor?

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*running away*

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Twice in one day, you have dissatisfied us, Wilhelm

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First time?

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The thing in the National server

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Sorry dude, obtuse joke

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I didn't see the post, just that Siggy was extremely displeased

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@everyone hop in voice, we're going to start discussing chapters 2 and 3 of White Identity in 5 minutes

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Sorry dogs going nuts talking

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Many companies and universities have a “chief diversity officer” who reports
directly to the president. In 2006, Michael J. Tate was vice president for equity
and diversity of Washington State University. He had an annual budget of three
million dollars, a full-time staff of 55, and took part in the highest levels of
university decision-making. There were similarly powerful “chief diversity
officers” at Harvard, Berkeley, the University of Virginia, Brown, and the
University of Michigan.21 In 2006, the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse
decided that diversity was so important that its beneficiaries—students—should
pay for it. It increased in-state tuition by 24 percent, from $5,555 to $6,875, to
cover the costs of recruitment to increase diversity.

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why work when you can sue

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good point Samantha. Gotta justify your paycheck.

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wtf is national origin discrimination? firing pajeet because he pooped in the parking lot outside hte building?

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American law schools are accredited by the American Bar Association
(ABA), which uses its power to promote diversity. In 2000, the ABA discovered
that 93.5 percent of first-year students at George Mason University law school in
northern Virginia were white. The ABA recognized that GMU had made a “very
active effort to recruit minorities,” but said it had not done enough. With its
accreditation at stake, GMU law school lowered standards for non-white
applicants and admitted more: 10.98 percent in 2001 and 16.16 percent in 2002.
That was still not enough. In 2003, the ABA summoned GMU’s president and
law school dean and threatened them to their faces with disaccreditation unless
they admitted more non-whites. GMU lowered standards even further, and
managed to raise its non-white admissions to 17.3 percent in 2003, and 19
percent in 2004. This was still not good enough. “Of the 99 minority students in
2003,” the ABA complained, “only 23 were African American; of 111 minority
students in 2004, the number of African Americans held at 23.”

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True diversity required more blacks, but what of the blacks GMU did admit?
From 2003 to 2005, fully 45 percent had grade-point averages below 2.15, which
was defined as “academic failure.” For non-black students, the figure was 4
percent. GMU officials pointed out that the ABA’s own Standard 501(b) says
that “a law school shall not admit applicants who do not appear capable of
satisfactorily completing its educational program and being admitted to the bar.”
Law school dean Dan Polsby explained that this requirement was the greatest
obstacle to increased diversity.

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black lawyer objection replacing "I object" with "aye hol up"

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@celticflame What percentage of your husband's co-workers could be defined as "diversity hires?"

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Not really sure @SamanthaM

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wakanda studies

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@celticflame Sorry, just wondering. :) Avionics seems like a super competitive field.

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ooga booga

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Actual advantage may be sacrificed for diversity. North Miami used to require that police officers know how to swim because they may have to rescue someone
in the water. In 2004, the department dropped that requirement because it desperately wanted Haitian officers, and most Haitian applicants could not swim. “Our swimming requirement may give the false perception that we are not serious in our efforts to hire Haitian police applicants,” explained police chief Gwendolyn Boyd-Savage

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More in his work is electronics is .ore whites though i think

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thats why all the migrants drown before reaching european shores to enrich us all

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Yep lol

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NHI reports lower buoyancy due to bone and muscle density.

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The reason I'm not able to listen to chat right now is because the diversity hires at my work are so unreliable I always get stuck covering for them.

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