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2018-04-19 02:04:51 UTC  

this is how you make your intentions clear

2018-04-19 02:04:57 UTC  

and then i will talk to her after church, regardless

2018-04-19 02:05:30 UTC  

Definitely ask her to hang out again though man-that seems like its what you want to do

2018-04-19 02:05:53 UTC  

@Gaius Mucius Scaevola you could also ask her if you could take her to coffee after church or walk her home

2018-04-19 02:06:25 UTC  

she lives a half hour drive away from our church

2018-04-19 02:06:30 UTC  

and comes to church with her family

2018-04-19 02:06:40 UTC  

but i think i could ask if she wants to get lunch and give her a ride home

2018-04-19 02:06:46 UTC  

i think i will do that

2018-04-19 02:07:23 UTC  

Well said @Zyzz

2018-04-19 02:07:48 UTC  

Good idea. If she makes up some silly excuse, then maybe she is not mature enough for you

2018-04-19 02:09:02 UTC  

how do i differentiate silly excuse from legitimate excuse?

2018-04-19 02:09:56 UTC  

If she pulls something like ohhh uuhh im busy or have schoolwork or have to walk my dog, thats silly. Legit would be like oh I have to go visit my grandmother in the hospital

2018-04-19 02:10:49 UTC  

I think it's important too to see if she will offer another time if she's busy. If she does then she's probably interested in you

2018-04-19 02:10:53 UTC  

Last thing you could do is say ok, when are you free? If she says not until the end of the semester I would call her out jokingly

2018-04-19 02:11:17 UTC  

someone will thoroughly explain a legitimate excuse.

2018-04-19 02:11:56 UTC  

it also the feeling you get from how she responds.. learn to trust intuition

2018-04-19 02:12:58 UTC  

if she gives an excuse i'll just say "alright let me know when you're free for a date" and wait to see if she ever actually lets me know

2018-04-19 02:13:36 UTC  

@Gaius Mucius Scaevola one thing I would throw in there. even though 18-22/23 isn't unheard of, it really is quite a huge difference

2018-04-19 02:13:56 UTC  

according to the half your age+7 rule she's at my lower limit

2018-04-19 02:14:10 UTC  

but she is really gorgeous and trad

2018-04-19 02:14:55 UTC  

its rare for a girl to ever follow up with someone about when they are free for a date.. it is best to ask "so when are you free?"

2018-04-19 02:15:34 UTC  

if she can't do brunch after church one of these weeks soon should i ask her again once the semester is over?

2018-04-19 02:16:16 UTC  

@Gaius Mucius Scaevola I would play it by ear, meet her at Church, ask how things are going

2018-04-19 02:16:33 UTC  

if she's light on details then move on

2018-04-19 02:16:50 UTC  

she hasn't initiated texting in a while

2018-04-19 02:16:55 UTC  

so i guess i'll just play it by ear

2018-04-19 02:16:59 UTC  

tfw no gf until then

2018-04-19 02:17:21 UTC  

Don't worry man you are wicked young. And as you get older, you will meet more mature girls

2018-04-19 02:17:28 UTC  

<#436337973001322508> welcomes "tfw no gf" memes

2018-04-19 02:17:32 UTC  

dat fertility window tho

2018-04-19 02:17:38 UTC  


2018-04-19 02:17:54 UTC  

Plenty of time man

2018-04-19 02:18:54 UTC  

@Gaius Mucius Scaevola like @Pat-MA said 18 year olds are really immature and unstable (sorry young guys lol). If I were you I wouldn't bother with a girl younger than 21. Don't worry about fertility window, you have a good while.

2018-04-19 02:19:22 UTC  


2018-04-19 02:19:24 UTC  

but alright

2018-04-19 02:19:50 UTC  

Yeah man, I read an article about how most girls hit their peak maturity nowadays at age 27

2018-04-19 02:19:59 UTC  

Also, one of the open secrets is this: most girls are trad in some way, it's the natural way

2018-04-19 02:20:51 UTC  

big thing to me is she was born and raised orthodox christian

2018-04-19 02:21:00 UTC  

and orthodox christians are already an intense minority in this country

2018-04-19 02:21:36 UTC  

I agree religion is important. On religion she sounds great, but I think the age thing really is a challenge.

2018-04-19 02:21:49 UTC