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Giant hogweed burns

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Habitat: Giant hogweed invades disturbed areas across both the Northeast and Pacific Northwestern United States. Although often found in open fields and along roadsides, it has been observed along streams in natural areas.

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Leaves: palmately compound, with three deeply incised leaflets, with spotted leaf stalk, enormous, lower leaves can be 5’ wide. Only basal leaves are produced the first year.

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Flowers: 50-150 white, small, many borne in large, loose umbels at tops of stems. Blooms late June through August.

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Stems: often purple-mottled, up to 4-in in diameter, hollow and ridged.

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Physical/Mechanical Control: Hogweed is difficult to control due to its toxic effects on the skin. A small number of plants can be hand dug, but care should be taken to remove most of the root and to protect skin and eyes.

Repeated mowing does not kill the plant and causes resprouting, but it may weaken the plant if done consistently and persistently enough to starve the roots. Chemical Control: Foliar treatments with glyphosate (trade name “roundup”) or triclopyr ( trade name “garlon”) have been effective. Glyphosate is considered the most effective herbicide and should be used in spring and early summer when plants are less than three feet tall. A follow-up application in midsummer may be necessary. Use caution around desirable species since glyphosate is non-selective.

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If anyone has questions concerning invasive plants, native plants, identification of plants feel free to ask any time, I do this for a living and I want to help make everyone more aware of this beautiful green earth, and our responsibility as it’s stewards.

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@horticult Is there any place on-line to track Hogweed's spread?

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Unfortunately there is no one specific place to track the spread of invasive plants, this website puts out alerts on all invasive species and they update when it’s spotted in new areas.

2018-07-24 17:49:37 UTC  

City or state parks services are the best resource to find out if a new invasive species has been spotted in your area.

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Unfortunately most invasive occur on residential land, and oftentimes the landowner is not informed of the potential ecological threat.

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Snake head fish have been a huge problem too..also from Asia

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Silver carp too.

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It's like Kudzu, those Asians are killing us. Yikes.

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The State bird of South Dakota is the Chinese ring necked pheasant and killing it is a major tourist attraction for us here.

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My grape's

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I have a great book on viticulture if your interested in it

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@V.Balboa - PA that's awesome

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Anyone have methods to get tomatoes to be less acidic? Mine are coming in overly acidic and tart. The problem is in all 4 varieties I planted so I don’t think it’s just the variety.

2018-09-15 12:50:07 UTC  

Dam I wish I would have saw your post earlier @Prestor John Add more Garden Lime to your soil

2018-09-15 14:29:33 UTC  

@V.Balboa - PA thanks. Next year my tomatoes will be on point!

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No problem just Remember to save All your leaves this Fall

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Spinach sprouted!

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Nice but How are you growing them in the Winter ?

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This is my Garden area don't forget to rake and bag all the leaves that you can for spring

2019-01-27 14:35:27 UTC

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because when the weather breaks I till them into the soil and pile the rest into a large pile to decompose into Leave compost which is The Best Compost you can have

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