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2017-08-04 02:29:40 UTC  

Also, @Jhawk nc, were parasites the main contirbutor to your CCD?

2017-08-04 05:39:08 UTC  

This is the whitest cooking channel ever

2017-08-04 15:07:04 UTC  

European kitchen is good too on jewtube ^^^^

2017-08-05 10:21:27 UTC  

Oh, if we're talking about implicit cooking shows, watch "chef's table" on Netflix. In in French (with subtitles obviously,) and goes around France talking about these little restaurants and the stories behind them: filmed with very good cinematography and set to classical music. Very nice.

2017-08-05 10:21:42 UTC  

Incontrovertibly Aryan

2017-08-05 15:43:16 UTC  

Chefs Table is my favorite series on there. I binge watched that so hard when the new seasons come out

2017-08-06 05:20:12 UTC  

Made some schnitzel last night. Infographic incoming.

2017-08-06 06:39:30 UTC  

Great British Baking Show: Master Class is great too. It's just the two judges making the challenge recipes to their own standards. No contestants, politics, poz or anything, just good natured banter and baking. Plus the recipes are actually really good.

2017-08-06 20:49:16 UTC  

Great British baking show was a guilty pleasure of mine for so long

2017-08-07 02:39:39 UTC  

Some basic meal prep for the week did 2 tilapia fillets and squash also

2017-08-07 02:40:31 UTC  

Eggs are all of the eggpill variety: hardboiled

2017-08-08 05:36:54 UTC

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This is OC

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That looks horrendous

2017-08-08 19:08:02 UTC  

Boomer food is terrifying

2017-08-08 19:39:39 UTC  

*tuna salad jello bowl?????*

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2017-08-08 19:41:50 UTC  

That's somehow worse than aspic

2017-08-09 21:51:52 UTC  

Does anyone here have a good fried chicken breading recipe?

2017-08-09 22:04:15 UTC  

the breading for Korean fried chicken is my favorite. I don't know the recipe off the top of my head, but if you've ever had Korean fried chicken, you can't go back lol

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2017-08-10 01:17:04 UTC  

Gimme a moment

2017-08-10 01:23:24 UTC  

Add a bit of MSG to your dry

2017-08-10 01:23:31 UTC  

You *will not* be disappointed

2017-08-10 01:23:51 UTC  

It can be purchased at most asian markets in its raw form

2017-08-10 01:26:53 UTC  
2017-08-10 02:23:21 UTC  

It's sold as Accent in some American markets too.

2017-08-14 10:05:19 UTC  

@Erika#9709 I'm glad someone else here likes gook food as much as me

2017-08-14 10:05:28 UTC  

Do y'all white individuals like Thai food

2017-08-14 10:05:36 UTC  

It's so good...

2017-08-14 10:06:10 UTC  

I know right?

2017-08-15 01:41:50 UTC  

Vietnamese street food might be the greatest of all time

2017-08-15 01:42:03 UTC  

Plz no bully

2017-08-15 23:25:49 UTC

2017-08-15 23:26:09 UTC  

Food for the week 🙌

2017-08-15 23:33:04 UTC  

Now I'm hungry lol

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@Joseph McCarthy - NJ excellent work