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2018-08-22 04:00:35 UTC  

Is that when you drink flaming tide pods?

2018-08-22 04:00:39 UTC  

@wayne peek whats the fire challenge?

2018-08-22 04:01:21 UTC  

Some girl burned her entire body from that challenge.
I'd rename it the "Darwin Challenge" myself.

2018-08-22 04:01:38 UTC  

Haha. Wow just watched some crazy videos on youtube. Im just amazed at what I witness now I'm my conscious life.

2018-08-22 04:01:58 UTC  

Is the challenge to not die?

2018-08-22 04:02:10 UTC  

Only get 2nd degree burns?

2018-08-22 04:02:32 UTC  

Lose only 1 eyebrow?

2018-08-22 04:02:47 UTC  

@Patient Zero Yes, Vegas was fishy, but I'm not sure what the ultimate goal was, other than full seizure of our self defense tools (or at least the bump stocks).

2018-08-22 04:02:47 UTC  

A little girl just burned 49% of her body doing this....

2018-08-22 04:02:53 UTC  

I just watched a video on it.

2018-08-22 04:03:02 UTC  

I thought tide pods were bad...

2018-08-22 04:03:09 UTC  

Why are kids bored nowadays?

2018-08-22 04:03:17 UTC  

We are in the thick of it boys

2018-08-22 04:03:24 UTC  

I played with sticks and threw rocks at snakes when I was a kid

2018-08-22 04:03:25 UTC  

No community, phones, no racial awareness...

2018-08-22 04:03:43 UTC  

Because we shipped all factory jobs overseas duh

2018-08-22 04:03:47 UTC  

Phones are a phones that is

2018-08-22 04:04:22 UTC  

I had an action figure that was Skeletor from He-man that I played with.

2018-08-22 04:04:28 UTC  

Kids are so comfortable, nihilistic and complacent they are doing the dumbest things just to feel alive. Or...our IQ has dropped so far in a generation or 2 that we are doomed. 😃

2018-08-22 04:04:59 UTC  

Well from what Ive seen so far its more of the diverse groups of people who seem to be attempting these stunts.

2018-08-22 04:05:14 UTC  

Yes, smart phones and "social" media, are destroying our children and their ability to actually have meaningful, irl relationships.

2018-08-22 04:05:23 UTC  

Oh good.

2018-08-22 04:05:26 UTC  

White pill. 😃

2018-08-22 04:05:34 UTC  

One lady said, these challenges are usually attempted with water close by

2018-08-22 04:05:37 UTC  

They, um ...*cough*...lesser IQ'd... individuals

2018-08-22 04:05:52 UTC  

Like, yeah....

2018-08-22 04:05:52 UTC  

See, I called it before he even said it!

2018-08-22 04:07:05 UTC  

I just cant believe this is something people are doing. It really shows you how we are on the same planet but were not on the same planet.

2018-08-22 04:07:26 UTC  

Is it really hard to believe anymore?

2018-08-22 04:07:36 UTC  

Is anything hard to believe anymore?

2018-08-22 04:07:41 UTC  


2018-08-22 04:07:48 UTC  

I'd wager phones themselves are generally ok if introduced in the teenage years. It depends on the content. Snapchat, etc and many apps are cursed in terms of what they promote to the user and the mechanics of the interactions.

2018-08-22 04:07:57 UTC  

But I'm not a parent.

2018-08-22 04:08:14 UTC  

Everytime I think clown world has peaked another small car drives up and 10 more clowns pop out

2018-08-22 04:08:25 UTC  


2018-08-22 04:09:20 UTC  

Phones and technology is something that worries me about being a parent, even though I have a while before I ever really have to worry about it

2018-08-22 04:09:41 UTC  

I just want a simple life. A house in the middle of no-where, some kids and a wife, and some books to read.

2018-08-22 04:09:56 UTC  


2018-08-22 04:10:27 UTC  

I only have the wife currently

2018-08-22 04:11:18 UTC  

@Patient Zero Good start

2018-08-22 04:11:26 UTC  

I figured :p