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2018-08-24 21:31:33 UTC  

Not to mention it's an echo chamber

2018-08-24 21:32:32 UTC  

Gab cannot make money without a payment processor

2018-08-24 21:32:50 UTC  

Aren't they working on their own crypto currency or something?

2018-08-24 21:33:08 UTC  

Also, Gab is only an echo chamber because the left has kicked the right off all their social media platforms.

2018-08-24 21:33:16 UTC  

We don't want to be in an echo chamber...they do.

2018-08-24 21:33:47 UTC  

We would all be on Twitter with the crazy commie left, but they won't let us.

2018-08-24 21:33:58 UTC  

oh yeah i agree, they want to be one, bc they know if other whites here our aurguments then they will agree with us eventually

2018-08-24 21:34:14 UTC  

they silence us because they fear us

2018-08-24 21:34:24 UTC  

they know our ideas are the future

2018-08-24 21:35:37 UTC  

Hell yeah bro!

2018-08-24 21:40:01 UTC  

If they pass a law saying that political ideas are protected speech in public spaces like social media then i think we are good

2018-08-24 21:40:20 UTC  

thats got to be the future

2018-08-24 21:41:03 UTC  

i really hope they push for an internet bill of rights, and not making them public utilities.

2018-08-24 21:41:23 UTC  

i don't want the govt in anymore than they already are

2018-08-24 21:42:18 UTC  

i dont even care if they combine it with net neutrality as long as the big tech is included.... no "nazi" has even been denied power from the power company.

2018-08-24 21:44:24 UTC  

i think whatever law they consider has to include payment processsors and domain names

2018-08-24 21:44:42 UTC  

paypal shouldnt be able to discriminate based on politics

2018-08-24 21:48:55 UTC  

may not even need to be a law, but just done through the courts

2018-08-24 21:49:55 UTC  

if we keep getting favorable decisions by the courts regarding social media and internet issues then that lays the legal groundwork

2018-08-24 22:01:34 UTC  

@Nemets the south African server was a public one.

2018-08-24 22:03:13 UTC  

@Nemets Since that guy didn't leak our logs when he dropped his story, I seriously doubt he even has them

2018-08-24 22:05:55 UTC  

@John O - I imagine that since he was paid to publish the article for a business, essentially - he is kept from leaking, for fear of lawsuit

2018-08-24 22:06:16 UTC  

Same reason he changed the people's names that he wrote about.

2018-08-24 22:09:44 UTC  

Oh, that's right, his lawyer warned him about the serious legal repercussions. No matter what, I think everyone here is solidly in the clear, especially with the strict culture that gets promoted here

2018-08-24 22:21:14 UTC  

Anyone know a/some good news app(s) I can get on my phone?

2018-08-24 22:22:01 UTC  

Drudge Report is what I use

2018-08-24 22:22:30 UTC  

Oh, I didn't know they had one

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2018-08-24 22:30:38 UTC  

An actual real life family member of a bona fide terrorist now has a good chance of becoming a member of U.S. Congress, representing...California. _Can't make this up._

2018-08-24 22:44:51 UTC  

"They aren't sending their best." ~ Trump

2018-08-24 22:59:30 UTC  

And like clockwork the media begins its campaign in support of the South African government . Starting off with TYTat the absolute bottom of the barrel

2018-08-24 23:01:29 UTC  

oh look, a brown person supporting an anti-white government. <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-08-24 23:03:04 UTC  

The people who deny the Armenian genocide are denying white genocide. I'm shocked! Just shocked!

2018-08-24 23:21:01 UTC  

I love these bad lip reading videos! This is my favorite ever! Much love to Sarah...her job really sucks

2018-08-24 23:21:16 UTC  

(sorry for putting in wrong channel before lol)

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2018-08-24 23:50:11 UTC  

He delivers that line with so much confidence and conviction, if liberals heard that they'd be screeching for weeks.

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2018-08-25 00:40:01 UTC  

Realizing the "chicom globalists" <:really:453005408064241674> will censor you even if you toe the "chionist" <:teehee:381917632359563264> line should wake up plenty of white conservatives.

2018-08-25 00:53:22 UTC  

Alex Jones has very little left to lose. There's no reason for him not to go all in now

2018-08-25 00:56:33 UTC  

"Those who march with us will certainly face abuse, misunderstanding, bitter animosity, and possibly the ferocity of struggle and of danger. In return we can only offer to them the deep belief that they are fighting that a great land may live"