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That article reminds me of this

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I read something a while ago that said that a majority of people thought blacks made up around 30% of the population. It's because so many black people are shown in tv and advertising.

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I was never really on board with diversity in TV/commercials, the black guy at the board meeting with the woman presenter etc, but I never really noticed how pervasive it is until recently, every commercial has to have some token

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Kinda about to go off on a tangent I guess, but man I really wish they would stop pushing this biracial narrative. My nephew is mixed (yeah I know s a d), and at only 5 years old he’s said multiple times to his dad (black) and my sister, “you don’t look like me!”, and hell literally go into a temper tantrum if you call him black. It’s inhumane to give your children an identity crisis for their rest of their life.

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The saddest thing about it is it isn't something you can just reverse either

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I mean hell I even feel odd being one of the only people on my family that doesn’t have green eyes and blonde hair. I can’t even imagine how my nephew feels.

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I feel that. Only one in my family with red hair and blue eyes. (My dad had them but he left)

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I’ve got like a naturally ash brown hair color and gray eyes, which no one else in my family has lmao. Plus I’m a good foot taller than any other girl in my family.

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Ha, tallest in my family by a long shot

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But geez, it’s like my nephew will say, “I don’t want to be black!” And my sister thinks it’s hilarious. It’s not funny at all and I don’t even know what I could do to make him feel better.

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@NITRODUBS My half-sister has this same issue, she looks pretty native compared to me and the rest of the family. She holds somewhat of a vendetta against Whites and blondes because she herself isn't blonde, or isn't blue eyed, not even hazle-eyed like our Mom. I feel really bad for bi-racial children, they feel so out of place within their own family

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Geez that’s so depressing. And of course it’s always pushed that “mixed babies are so cute!!”. Yeah, sure, have fun with children that will never actually view you as their parent

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Does anyone know where OP possibly got any of the information. I’m seriously intrigued.

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What exactly does “racial/ethnic population removed” mean? I mean how can they have a graph “without blacks” if the racial population was already removed?

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Black murders were removed from the total number of murders to highlight the racial impact of murder rates.

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Then what’s the difference between the red and the blue?

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Basically the denominator. The red is the more accurate as it only counts the population of the racial/ethnic groups remaining. The blue includes the entire U.S. population in calculating the murder rate, hence the lower numbers.

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@Deleted User Ya, Jeff is good guy. He has a lot of contacts that keep him pretty well informed of everything that's going on.

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So you’re saying the red doesn’t include white people? @Emil Kraepelin

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Sorry if I’m being retarded, but if in (b) the blue bar represents the total us population minus blacks, then what does the red bar represent?

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Hey, I'm trying to find a study referenced in a James Allsup video a while back. The one which showed that women had just under a 30% chance of being in a successful marriage after having been with 5 guys. Does anybody remember the title of the video or have a link to the study itself?

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Brazil seems like such a haunted country

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So is Instagram based? All the right wing people still has have their accounts, Pettibone got hers back, they have a Pepe as their humor thumbnail and Alex Jones is still doing his thing

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@Sherlock Say the US population is 100; blacks are 13 and whites 87 (ignoring other races). Further let's say blacks murder 2 and whites murder 3. The total murder rate would be 5 per 100. If we remove black murders, it would be 3 per 100 (blue bar; total pop) or 3 per 87 (red bar; black population removed). Does that make sense?

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Oh ok yeah i get it now

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Nvm it’s not just a Pepe it’s a screen cap of /pol/ 😂😂

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I think you're right about IG. There's a variety of right wing memes and accounts on there.

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lol what a timeline

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IG is going to the place for thots and thought criminals

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And thot criminals

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South Africa is too hot to ignore

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And Southern, for better or worse, is the face that people will attach to it

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It really is. I wonder how this is going to turn

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It'll be a storm for a week or so. Then it'll die down again.

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the gov't can't back down. And the world won't support the whites there.