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2018-08-26 03:30:28 UTC  

Bill Nye is perfect for "hate watching".

2018-08-26 03:30:35 UTC  

Who saw Buffy the Vampire Slayer last night?

2018-08-26 03:30:42 UTC  

@Salo Saloson become who you are

2018-08-26 03:30:47 UTC  

Blackie the Vampire Slayer?

2018-08-26 03:30:59 UTC  

wait...the new one isn't out yet, right? nm

2018-08-26 03:31:15 UTC  

@Kingfish Might just do that sometime, I didn't know there were any Sopranos fans on there.

2018-08-26 03:31:33 UTC  

Cause Buffy is black in the new version. <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-08-26 03:32:08 UTC  

i go back and watch sopranos and everytime i find something new.

2018-08-26 03:32:19 UTC  

Man, Seventh Heaven was so wholesome yesterday

2018-08-26 03:32:42 UTC  

Yeah I just made it through the whole series a few days ago

2018-08-26 03:32:43 UTC  

There, i *censored* myself. 😒

2018-08-26 03:32:48 UTC  

@Deleted User what is your crazy theory?

2018-08-26 03:33:03 UTC  

It's a game theory @ThisIsChris

2018-08-26 03:33:29 UTC  

@Kingfish Is it very based, very redpilled?

2018-08-26 03:33:56 UTC  

Speaking of theories, anyone see Althype's video? JF was streaming it earlier

2018-08-26 03:34:18 UTC  

Second half of it was the most thorough slam dunk of richard spencer I've seen yet.

2018-08-26 03:35:10 UTC  

No, it seems.

2018-08-26 03:35:18 UTC  

any tv worth watching in the current year?

2018-08-26 03:35:41 UTC  

@Johnboy Tucker and, despite the bad show title, Pawn Stars

2018-08-26 03:36:09 UTC  

I've learned a surprising amount about how much things cost form that show

2018-08-26 03:36:25 UTC  

I don't even watch TV.

2018-08-26 03:36:54 UTC  

I do watch a lot of political/social stuff on YouTube, to be fair.

2018-08-26 03:36:58 UTC  

Step by Step @Johnboy

2018-08-26 03:37:04 UTC  

But no cable/satellite/tv.

2018-08-26 03:37:45 UTC  

Punky Brewster

2018-08-26 03:37:50 UTC  

Has anyone watched that show "When Calls the Heart"? I heard it had crazy viewership numbers likely because it was the only nonpozzed drama on TV

2018-08-26 03:37:58 UTC  

Where do I find one these T.V.things?

2018-08-26 03:37:59 UTC  

and i cut Netflix after all the anti-white/revisionist history BS with a bunch of whites being turned black for PC sake.

2018-08-26 03:38:10 UTC  

my tv/film vice is strong.

2018-08-26 03:38:44 UTC  

is taxi driver based and redpilled?

2018-08-26 03:40:03 UTC  

My neighbor just has rabbit ears and we call it the huuwhite man's television. Even the commercials are just for whites.

2018-08-26 03:40:22 UTC  

Rabbit ears?

2018-08-26 03:40:37 UTC  

The circle with the two sticks coming out

2018-08-26 03:40:39 UTC  

@Conatus I saw it, I think AltHype was absolutely right about Spencer, but he seems to have gotten really blackpilled. On the same video he was saying that we should essentially give up on countries like Ireland and if they don't resist, they deserve to be replaced.

2018-08-26 03:40:49 UTC  

Antenna. Digital free signal.

2018-08-26 03:41:32 UTC  

Yeah I have Antenna and Amazon Fire Stick

2018-08-26 03:42:00 UTC  

The only thing I really watch is Tasty Trade, which is about Options and Futures trading.

2018-08-26 03:43:12 UTC  

@Virgil Yeah, he did get quite blackpilled, but I've been mulling it over and his points weren't totally wrong. It does seem that the general populace can't be motivated even if you strip away the conditioning to be anti-white - I'd attribute that to ressentiment like how Kierkegaard put it - I'll grab the quote.

2018-08-26 03:44:31 UTC  

with respect to AltHype: you can't do much to save a drowning man that jumps right back into water after you get him out of it

2018-08-26 03:45:32 UTC  

@Virgil It was actually a Heidegger quote, "and what has thus been covered up gets passed off as something familiar and accessible to everyone. virtue of an insensitivity to all distinctions in level and genuineness"

2018-08-26 03:46:29 UTC  

Inclined to agree with the idea of letting the blind be replaced