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they might be outdated or inferior, but damn if they don't have alot of em

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Europe would be the opposite militarily

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Is this alt hype video a blackpill video

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I’m scared

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I’ve never listened to this guy before. Who is he?

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Referring to the alt hype

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@Bjorn - MD Cossacks are actually pure Slavs for the most part. They have their origins in the Orthodox Ruthenians who moved to the Ukrainian frontier of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth before it was annexed by Russia. The name Cossack is Turkic in origin and means something along the lines of bandit or outlaw but it was given to them by Tatars and other Turkic Muslim peoples because of the Cossack's penchant for raiding Tatar settlements.

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@Doc34 Alternative Hypothesis is /ourguy/ that does a lot of research to backup all that he's saying about multiculturalism/race/etc

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Definitely worth a listen.

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@Asatru Artist - MD Yeah I like him already. Even though this video makes me a little sad lol

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Now I’m on the Spencer part and it’s not depressing but damn.

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He’s basically given up on any form of Pan-European Identity

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@Bjorn - MD You sure about that? I've read that the early Terek Cossacks were Orthodox Ossetians , but the largest groups, the Kuban and Don Cossacks are Slavs.

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IE history club when?

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@Bjorn - MD I'm not sure they mixed with enough Tatars to have an overall effect on the Don Cossack gene pool. Tatars were the sworn enemies of the Cossacks, plus they were Muslim, so intermarriage was probably heavily discouraged.

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@Bjorn - MD To be fair though, I've read that a lot of the Slavs up by Murmansk mixed heavily with the local pre-Slavic Finnish tribes. So maybe that's why their a little lighter in complexion.

2018-08-27 05:09:05 UTC  

I dunno know about all that, I definitely agree that there is a lot Sarmatian admixture, at least in South Russians and Ukrainians. But the Mongol and Turkic elements in ethnic Russians is minimal to non-extistant. Russian peasants were essentially forbidden to marry outside their ethnic groups, so the few Russians who do have distant Mongol-Turkic ancestry are usually descended from the aristocracy, but those people are few and far between. This website here has pretty good data on the exact genetic composition of ethnic Russians.

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I think that is just the name of the website, not sure if I buy the Khazar theory either, but their data is still pretty good.

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@Bjorn - MD I believe I've seen genetic studies on the Ashkenazim that say that are of mixed European and Middle-Eastern Semitic decent. Of course that doesn't mean all that much because most Turkic people are only linguistically Turkic and not genetically Turkic.

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@Bjorn - MD I have to say I respect the guy does his research, I'm rewatching this because I feel like there is something probably buried in here that we could take away from it

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Interesting, not sure where the Italian admixture comes from though, I would thought it would have Slavic and Germanic.

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Of course he is mostly arguing against the Neizstchean Richard Spencer and has positive things to say about people we would recognize as identitarian (i.e. RamZPaul) so I'm not sure what he thinks of us, though he is clearly critical of anyone taking part in CVill2

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In the Patrick Casey Era our activism entirely incorporates the same conclusions he came to about big rallies

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Yeah Nathan gets a mention of someone who mistakenly followed Spencer but then wised up and left him behind

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Well there used to be some cross-fertilization between IE and NPI

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Before joining IE, most IE guys I had heard of besides Damigo were the IE guys on NPI's Alt Right Politics Podcast

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different time for sure

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Just finished the entire video.

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What a ride

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@Doc34 yep

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@Bjorn - MD haha idk if I'm even part of the scene *now*

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but it's interesting that's where you were at at the time. a real evolution

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I kinda went from centrist to understanding all these things I couldn't understand all of a sudden made perfect sense when you realize the media and other powerful institutions are anti-white

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good talkin. goodnight guys

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That AltHype Spencer rant was loooooooooooooooong

2018-08-27 07:25:36 UTC Have you done your civic duty yet?

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Good morning IE

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Real hours whom up