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2018-08-31 04:09:08 UTC  

What are you Navajo?

2018-08-31 04:09:21 UTC  

Don't be naΓ―ve

2018-08-31 04:10:14 UTC  

Whites were here first.

2018-08-31 04:10:19 UTC  

America and Navajo are nations with separate identities.

2018-08-31 04:10:22 UTC  

Get with modern science.

2018-08-31 04:10:36 UTC  

Whites were the first Blacks

2018-08-31 04:10:46 UTC  

huWhites were KANGZ

2018-08-31 04:11:01 UTC  


2018-08-31 04:11:41 UTC  

Well heading to bed. Sweet dreams huwhite devils

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2018-08-31 04:17:54 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD" Whites were the first blacks."πŸ˜‚

2018-08-31 04:18:00 UTC  

Karl Die Grosse!!!!!!!!!

2018-08-31 04:18:29 UTC  

we wuz vikangz

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2018-08-31 06:04:40 UTC

Unprecedented mass immigration defining the new permanent direction of our nation? I sleep
libruls attackin' mah burgers? Serious business

2018-08-31 10:03:01 UTC  

Good Morning IE!

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2018-08-31 10:25:28 UTC  

Here we go again, with another Syrian couple having their six-year-old daughter tweet in defense of "moderate rebels..."

2018-08-31 10:31:18 UTC  

Firstly, we need to do this. Secondly, what the eff is with that photo:

2018-08-31 10:37:22 UTC  

Posting without commentary:

2018-08-31 12:55:28 UTC  

Or maybe it's because Israeli Jews are different from Western Jews? πŸ€”

2018-08-31 12:56:47 UTC  

Do you actually believe it's one global juice conspiracy deciding what an ethnic group will do in different countries? X

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2018-08-31 13:22:58 UTC  

RT for the win on this story. White Helmets stockpiling chemical weapons for a false flag attack. US denies, says Assad would do chemical attack. Its all so tiresome.

2018-08-31 13:29:02 UTC  

Good morning to everyone except people who say praxis

2018-08-31 13:46:42 UTC  

Good morning I.E.<:deye:359010025223618570> 🌞 Have a great day and weekend.πŸ’ͺ

2018-08-31 13:51:03 UTC  

Thank Groyper it's Friday.

2018-08-31 14:35:57 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD when did the rape of that girl happen?

2018-08-31 14:36:06 UTC  

Did anyone catch the part on Fash the Nation yesterday where they quoted Peter Brimelow at Larry Kudlow's birthday party?

He 'joked' that Kris Kobach would be president in 2025. I didn't foresee him running but he's so obviously the inheritor of the Trump legacy and I think he'll be the guy to take us all the way.

2018-08-31 14:37:23 UTC  

Would be really great if we had guys working for him and Stephen Miller.

I'm sure the guys working for them are already ourguys but if they were literally friends of Patrick that would be better.