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2018-09-02 01:17:53 UTC  

Christ, how weird is that?

2018-09-02 01:17:57 UTC  

Charging for a Jew naming

2018-09-02 01:18:16 UTC  

Yeah that is pretty weird

2018-09-02 01:18:24 UTC  

@ThisIsChris How's everything up in NY?

2018-09-02 01:18:35 UTC  

@Salo Saloson No bro. You don't understand. He's Based and Redpilled As Well. Keep It Up, Saint.

2018-09-02 01:18:46 UTC  

pls stop

2018-09-02 01:18:49 UTC  


2018-09-02 01:18:53 UTC  

@PhoenixFire great! had a BBQ with the fam in God's country: Long Island, USA

2018-09-02 01:19:01 UTC  

@Deleted User How's it going?

2018-09-02 01:19:32 UTC  

@PhoenixFire Pretty good, dude. Enjoying a rare night off.

2018-09-02 01:19:44 UTC  

@ThisIsChris Nice! Family time is the best time.

2018-09-02 01:20:30 UTC  

@Fox The military experience is as relative as the College/University experience. Your time in the military will depend on what branch you join, what job you choose/have, where you're stationed, and who your seniors are, etc.
Just like what college you go to, what your major is, what town it's in, who your professors are.

2018-09-02 01:20:31 UTC  

Yeah I love how holidays give an excuse for the family to get together

2018-09-02 01:20:59 UTC  

@Deleted User Myself as well, I got to head back in tomorrow and work through the holiday.

2018-09-02 01:21:48 UTC  

@PhoenixFire Holiday pay?

2018-09-02 01:22:23 UTC  

@Deleted User Dats Riiighttt! Other wise why do it?

2018-09-02 01:22:37 UTC  

Very nice.

2018-09-02 01:24:23 UTC  

@ThisIsChris I'm glad you could get up with them.Do you meet any IE members regularly?

2018-09-02 01:26:06 UTC  

@PhoenixFire There's one who lives nearby I meet usually 2-3 times a month.

2018-09-02 01:26:21 UTC  

For the other guys in the region I meet them at the meetups

2018-09-02 01:26:35 UTC  

The ones I can make it to at least

2018-09-02 01:27:41 UTC  

@ThisIsChris Cool. I look forward to my first meetup.

2018-09-02 01:29:41 UTC  

Well welcome then! @PhoenixFire

2018-09-02 01:30:00 UTC  

Probably soon after your second interview

2018-09-02 01:32:02 UTC  

@ThisIsChris All in good time. So how do you view the marches in Germany?

2018-09-02 01:32:36 UTC  

@PhoenixFire You have a great coordinator. Second favorite coordinator South of the Mason Dixon ( @JesseJames will always be my #1)

2018-09-02 01:33:15 UTC  

ah actually, i might have to revise that statement, we have alot of really great coordinators.

2018-09-02 01:34:29 UTC  

@PhoenixFire I don't really know much about them, what do you think about them?

2018-09-02 01:35:06 UTC  

But everyone knows the moderation team is better 😎

2018-09-02 01:35:28 UTC  

@Deleted User Wayne seems tip top. I think the coordinators should be that way.

2018-09-02 01:40:15 UTC  

@ThisIsChris I'm just glad the Germans are sticking up for themselves. Of course the media is making it seem hateful. As long as they're wise about it then they can make a good statement.

2018-09-02 01:40:15 UTC  

@Deleted User revised or not you know you have my ❤️

2018-09-02 01:40:33 UTC  

D-Damn, king.

2018-09-02 01:42:18 UTC  

You’re the real king. 🤴🏻

2018-09-02 01:48:00 UTC  

I think I need a new heart, guys. The one I have gave out when I took out one yellowjacket nest (_in my car_!) only to realize there was a second nest

2018-09-02 01:48:06 UTC  

Behind my fuel filler cap lid

2018-09-02 01:48:28 UTC  

think one of the coordinators could let me borrow theirs?

2018-09-02 01:52:05 UTC  

Yeah, no problem. Swing through Champion.

2018-09-02 01:54:21 UTC  

@Salo Saloson I've found that engine starter fluid (di-ether) is much better at eliminating wasps than commercial wasp sprays.

2018-09-02 01:54:48 UTC  

Well it killed them all

2018-09-02 01:54:49 UTC  

Just make sure you don't use it around any ignition sources.