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@YourFundamentalTheorum Patrick talks to us about various topics in the General Voice chat area at 8:30pm every Wednesday.

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You'll just join the voice chat to listen in, ***mute your mic***, and text chat in <#481597551272001546>.

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@Singleton Mosby WV Veritas got a person to confess it on camera

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@YourFundamentalTheorum also at the end of it you’ll be able to ask questions to Patrick directly

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Just finished reading the flyering guide book. I’m planning on heading out soon. Anyone have any thoughts on security cameras? How much of a risk of doxing do security cameras pose?

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@JoeDrake Depends on where you flyer. If you go to a place where people know you, like a college you attended, then somewhat high. If you are going to a place where nobody knows you, then very small chance.

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#WearAHat 👌

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Sitting next to this girl saying she's going to make a case out the fact a white guy gave her a fine <:sad:366743316475281408> they all know they're privileged and want to say they're not

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Just stay on the lookout for them. If a security camera just sees you walking past it on your way to put up a poster, it's no big deal, though it should be avoided. Never put up a poster in view of a security camera, though. When there is a security camera, don't look directly at it, and try not to look up. Even if you do screw up and end up putting up a poster in view of a security camera, there's a good chance the footage won't dox you as long as you didn't look at the camera. Also consider wearing sunglasses or a hood. If you do wear something to conceal your face, make sure it's something that a typical person would wear at that time and place, or else you attract needless attention. If it's cold outside you're probably fine wearing a hood. If it's sunny you can wear sunglasses. If it's blazing hot Summer and you're wearing a hood, that's super suspicious.

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@fgtveassassin Oh no...a...fine! 😱

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I've postered at least 5 college campuses and 2 downtowns. All these places had cameras, and I still haven't been caught.

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@JoeDrake I've been on camera (willingly) in large IE actions (South Africa action) and never been doxxed or harassed.

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Never forget what they took from you.

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Woah, there used to be white people in Star Wars? 🤔 @Conway - OK

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I'm also on the IE Twitter account and haven't been doxxed, but it was from an angle

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That being said, don't use any of what we say to build up a false sense of security. There's always going to be a bit of dox risk.

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I've definitely discovered there was a camera nearby by looking directly into it.

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At the college by my old high school where people might recognize me. Still haven't been doxxed.

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That's the point when you walk away and put up the poster somewhere else. If you already put one up, take it down, because they probably won't check the camera unless they find a poster.

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We had that happen when we were postering WSU with James. Put up a poster near the entrance of the library, turned out there was a camera pointing right at us. We just took down the poster and went on our way.

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@Jacob smart

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I once flyered IOTBW in a drizzle. Used an umbrella, no chance to be spotted by a security cam

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I'm taking a public speaking class this quarter. Seems like a great opportunity to practice my rhetoric and inform some students on immigration. One of our speeches will be a 7 minute informational speech. I could do a topic like "The Effects of Mass Immigration" and cram a lot of information into it in 7 minutes. Another assignment will be a speech paying tribute to a person, which I could use to discuss a historical figure from a nationalist standpoint. What do you guys think?

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Last quarter I did an information speech on immigration for another class and received a very fair grade. Ended up getting an A in the class. That speech was supposed to be 5 minutes. I think I went a little bit under and still got a lot of good information in.

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@Jacob bro do Henry Ford. The raging antisemite

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The OG Patrick Little

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would that be good optics?

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Nobody knows about that most likely.

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Talk about his industry and such

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That's a good point, however, I want to do speeches that will genuinely change some people's points of view

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Pick somebody that fought for his own people in some esoteric circumstance

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Maybe I can do some military leader who repelled an Islamic invasion

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I'm not afraid to be a bit explicit

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@Asatru Artist - MD "I've got it! The solution isn't to *remove* kebab, but to *make* kebab..."