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2018-09-23 02:40:46 UTC  

we set up a regime that desperately needs africans

2018-09-23 02:40:52 UTC  

and theyre willing to buy them

2018-09-23 02:40:55 UTC  

so we sell to them

2018-09-23 02:40:59 UTC  

Which African nation would pay to have them back?

2018-09-23 02:41:00 UTC  

Why y'all so worried about blacks when Mexicans are consciously recolonizing our space.

2018-09-23 02:41:36 UTC  

we set up our regime in africa, they put out an ad needing highly skilled wakandans, we give them our money to buy them, and sell them to ourselves :^ )

2018-09-23 02:41:41 UTC  

@DairyMaxx we've not gotten to the Hispanics yet.

2018-09-23 02:41:46 UTC  

Im sure the US has done something like this before

2018-09-23 02:42:37 UTC  

gangster rap sound engineers desperately needed, submit your mixtape now for a special opportunity!

2018-09-23 02:42:39 UTC  

Maybe we can trade a Boer for a Black with SA, 1-1.

2018-09-23 02:42:53 UTC  

boers shouldnt leave tho

2018-09-23 02:42:55 UTC  

its their land

2018-09-23 02:43:13 UTC  

The black population is not growing, they speak our language, they flush their tp. Meanwhile millions of Mexicans are setting up functioning communities in what used to be our neighborhoods

2018-09-23 02:43:43 UTC  

plus, uh, is one apprentice gangster rap wakandan sound engineer worth one industrious boer 🤔 I think we would need at least 15 boers to transfer one highly skilled wakandan genius to south africa 🤔

2018-09-23 02:43:48 UTC  

They will never be truly safe there, too many enemies. They are outnumbered & outgunned. Let Africa be for Blacks & Arabs, we'll keep the US & Europe.

2018-09-23 02:44:31 UTC  

theyre sturdy Biblical white folks, theyll pull through

2018-09-23 02:44:38 UTC  

The United states has mass deported people based on ethnicity at least half a dozen times

2018-09-23 02:44:47 UTC  

you see

2018-09-23 02:44:59 UTC  

Chinese x1, mexicans x2, Indians x3

2018-09-23 02:45:24 UTC  

@DairyMaxx what used to be our neighborhoods can be ours again. The Hispanics can be deported with ease, their land shares a border with ours. Round them up & send them back after the wall is built & the border patrol & the national guard merge & become the Soverign Guard.

2018-09-23 02:46:00 UTC  

And when I mean mass, I mean millions

2018-09-23 02:46:19 UTC  

And oh wait I missed when we annexed mexican territory so x3

2018-09-23 02:46:32 UTC  

I think you mean 4x

2018-09-23 02:46:45 UTC  

the great deportation of the 21st century

2018-09-23 02:46:47 UTC  

:^ )

2018-09-23 02:47:43 UTC

2018-09-23 02:48:29 UTC  

we could honeypot seasteading into the greatest atlantic mexican fiesta of all time and deport them all to africa on a huge cruise boat

2018-09-23 02:48:38 UTC  

*slaps prison boat* you can fit so many non-whites in this m**herf**ker

2018-09-23 02:48:43 UTC  

you just have to be creative

2018-09-23 02:50:59 UTC  

Theyve infested the park by the gated community im rooming in, I can hear them defile their own language at almost all hours of the day and night

2018-09-23 02:52:00 UTC  

Yikes, can you sleep with your windows open?

2018-09-23 02:53:11 UTC  

It depends on how many loud drunks there are

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2018-09-23 02:55:51 UTC  

Honestly, double or triple the worth of handouts to send one person back is a huge net positive in terms of profits.

I'd easily spend $200,000 for each one if that meant we'd save a total of $500,000 in the long run.

2018-09-23 02:58:26 UTC  

We gotta find a way to get the idea that being in white nations is a bad thing. Some how get the sentiment among POC to self-repatriate.

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2018-09-23 03:04:35 UTC  

Okay, this is *just about what I'd expect*

2018-09-23 03:05:01 UTC  

A new era

2018-09-23 03:05:08 UTC

2018-09-23 03:06:00 UTC  

A new era of broken marriages has been unleashed