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@ophiuchus White Anglo-Saxon Pagan? <:varg:359010745192808449>

2018-10-14 03:29:58 UTC  

If the Pig War had popped off, Alaska would have perhaps be connected via Yukon and British Columbia.

2018-10-14 03:30:46 UTC  

Huh. Never knew that (about the standing invitation for the provinces to join).

2018-10-14 03:31:04 UTC  

Didn’t we try to invade them twice

2018-10-14 03:31:19 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN The area my grandparents are from in Poland has street signs in the original native language

2018-10-14 03:31:21 UTC  

Also had a “war plan red” in the 30’s

2018-10-14 03:31:22 UTC  

@NateDahl76 Yep. 1775 and 1814.

2018-10-14 03:31:27 UTC  

Yeah we did

2018-10-14 03:31:38 UTC  

Yeah, I read about that (War Plan Red), too.

2018-10-14 03:31:38 UTC  

Muh plains of abraham

2018-10-14 03:32:09 UTC  

Quebec is kind of not really a part of our cultural continuum (as strongly obviously)

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There's no meaningful difference between someone from Saskatchewan and someone from North Dakota

2018-10-14 03:32:38 UTC  

There definitely is between someone from Upstate New York and Quebec

2018-10-14 03:33:03 UTC  

Definitely a language thing, although there's a bit of the differing "origin myth" thing too

2018-10-14 03:33:28 UTC  

Yeah, I honestly think that the long-term future of English-speaking (White) North Americans is probably going to be within a single polity.

2018-10-14 03:34:00 UTC  

yeah, I'm inclined to agree

2018-10-14 03:34:06 UTC  

Thanks Nemets, I'll have to check it out

2018-10-14 03:34:17 UTC  

@Nemets I'll read it, might balance out what I got from Beard.

2018-10-14 03:34:57 UTC  

A federation authoritatively united in outward policy but with a good measure of regional and local autonomy would be most desirable imo

2018-10-14 03:35:31 UTC  

There was historically a lot of movement between the US and Canada anyway. For example, my great-grandfather was from an English speaking part of Quebec called Estrie. Moved to Connecticut in his teens, however, his family moved there from Massachusetts during the revolution. Hard to delineate.

2018-10-14 03:35:45 UTC  

My automated Reddit trolling bot is coming along quite nicely

2018-10-14 03:36:18 UTC  

When you field test it, be sure to get us screen shots

2018-10-14 03:36:29 UTC  

I can explain what it does for those who don't know

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Right, and in international dealings the most immediate level is White North America which would justify a superstate united in military, trade policy, borders, etc

2018-10-14 03:36:58 UTC  

@ophiuchus Yeah, it all started with a mass exodus of United Empire Loyalists, who headed up that way after losing the war and being expelled:

2018-10-14 03:36:59 UTC  

Retaining strong local autonomy

2018-10-14 03:37:19 UTC  

Yep! They were definitely torries.

2018-10-14 03:37:38 UTC  

>had family on both sides of revolution and civil war
>tfw white mutt

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> Scan Reddit for pro-immigration comments
> Find potentially relevant counterargument from a database
> Send me an email with links to the comments, the comment text, and recommended counterarguments for me to copy paste

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Salt mining has come a long way

2018-10-14 03:38:25 UTC  

I could respond to multiple people in minutes with minimal effort

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I'm picturing @Jacob in a room, struggling to keep his nostrils above the rapidly rising level of his big brains as they make their way toward the ceiling...

2018-10-14 03:39:27 UTC  

The question is; is there a way to get the balance right and have a vast continental state without stepping on local toes or are the libertarians right that any state will expand itself maximally

2018-10-14 03:39:44 UTC  

Once I get the basics down, I'm going to see if I can develop automated paraphrasing technology that will give me different paraphrased version of the counterarguments each time to make it less noticeable

2018-10-14 03:41:02 UTC  

So far, the database will have the ability to detect and respond to 25 different pro-immigration arguments

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But! Have you gotten amazing restaurants covered?

2018-10-14 03:42:03 UTC  

Yes, that one will be in the database