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2018-10-14 04:50:35 UTC  

Remind me of Elites from Halo almost

2018-10-14 04:50:40 UTC  

@Nemets Doesn't matter. Turkey must apologize for the Hittites. Maybe "Egypt" (read: Arabs), too.

2018-10-14 04:50:51 UTC  

From what I saw atleast, I could be totally wrong of course.

2018-10-14 04:51:07 UTC  

There’s a lot of kids dressed up as Puyi if you ever go to the forbidden city. Kind of weird.

2018-10-14 04:51:15 UTC  

@Nemets There are explicit camps.

2018-10-14 04:51:26 UTC  

@ophiuchus Huh. Weird.

2018-10-14 04:51:45 UTC  

@Logan How've you been? How's the baby?

2018-10-14 04:52:09 UTC  

@Hakujin - CA Good he is happy and healthy

2018-10-14 04:52:19 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Has anyone looked for smokestacks in the satellite photos? <:redpill:439924063377555497>

2018-10-14 04:53:10 UTC  

I’ve heard he was a redhead too. Was that a real thing or just a process of the mummification?

2018-10-14 04:53:17 UTC  

(Ramses II)

2018-10-14 04:53:44 UTC  

@Logan I really hope we can meet up soon. Now that I'm on the new server it should be much easier.

2018-10-14 04:53:56 UTC  

@Nemets An apt metaphor.

2018-10-14 04:53:57 UTC  

@Hakujin - CA we are going to Montana Monday lol

2018-10-14 04:54:15 UTC  


2018-10-14 04:54:38 UTC  

@ophiuchus the Egyptians waz all Germanic proto-burghers

2018-10-14 04:55:30 UTC  

@Nemets How old are you (roughly)?

2018-10-14 04:55:43 UTC  

Can we call brits proto-burgers

2018-10-14 04:56:10 UTC  

Holy crap, dude. What, do you take in books intravenously, lol?

2018-10-14 04:56:53 UTC  

Daaaang. Good on ya 👍

2018-10-14 04:57:13 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD Nemets has adventures too

2018-10-14 04:57:31 UTC  

He is a renaissance man

2018-10-14 04:58:24 UTC  

All of the screens have absolutely destroyed my reading discipline (though that's obviously a cop-out).

2018-10-14 04:58:36 UTC  

Spencer cries in his room every time Montana chapter shows it’s power level

2018-10-14 04:58:54 UTC  
2018-10-14 04:59:09 UTC  

@NateDahl76 implying he isn't on the streets or couch surfing

2018-10-14 04:59:15 UTC  

So, not to cause a stir, but what's the deal with Spencer and IE

2018-10-14 04:59:33 UTC  

I don't follow movement drama

2018-10-14 05:00:19 UTC  

@Ald I don't think there is any fresh drama, I just wanted to make a lame joke

2018-10-14 05:00:38 UTC  

But why the latent tension

2018-10-14 05:01:17 UTC  

NPI came after IE after Patrick assumed leadership I believe

2018-10-14 05:01:24 UTC  

@Ald Spencer is occupied with his divorce from the Dugin scholar. Only surfaced to do one podcast in the last few months.

2018-10-14 05:01:25 UTC  

Spencer got jealous

2018-10-14 05:01:39 UTC  

I don't think he is really relevant anymore so people don't feel much tension. Just kind of a lingering sense that he tried to coopt IE's membership as if we were something to be taken for granted that could be dragged around from control at the top

2018-10-14 05:02:36 UTC  

So on top of what everyone else can tell you, he can't finish or stick with projects. hasn't been updated in months.

2018-10-14 05:04:05 UTC  

@Nemets Ooh, I get to use this meme! because it's relevant in both topics!

2018-10-14 05:04:30 UTC  

@Nemets It's one of those things where, yeah, the western media lies, but the Chinese government does too

2018-10-14 05:04:33 UTC  

Spencer has had some great moments but he sees he is powerless now

2018-10-14 05:04:38 UTC  

He looks down upon us as being 'too middle class' which when translated means that we don't have larpy TWP optics or Spencer's high and mighty attitude.

2018-10-14 05:04:45 UTC  

@NateDahl76 Praise be (for that fact).

2018-10-14 05:05:28 UTC  

He actually said that did he? @TylerHess