Message from Felden - CO in Nice Respectable People Group #general

2018-10-31 03:48:19 UTC  

Oh dude thats my 12 years old skateboarding manifesto right there @Virgil

2018-10-31 03:48:40 UTC  

"its more than just a phase mom! its Dads music!"

2018-10-31 03:50:14 UTC  

In old IE there would have been several bad optics lieds posted and removed by now. Music posting nights are so cozy

2018-10-31 03:50:43 UTC  

Yeah was wondering when the wignat stuff would show up

2018-10-31 03:50:45 UTC  

To listen on very high volume. One of my all-time favorite songs.

2018-10-31 03:50:49 UTC  

Comfy music nights yeah.

2018-10-31 03:50:51 UTC  

We are beatniks yeah

2018-10-31 03:50:53 UTC  

*snap snap" here's more syllables

2018-10-31 03:51:45 UTC  

Snaps are triggering to some. We do jazz hands. And to pay homage to McFeels.

2018-10-31 03:52:44 UTC  

Felden the coordinator! Congrats!

2018-10-31 03:52:56 UTC  

@Selma Iove them. They are true to the European aesthetic. They sound like super happy White angels:

2018-10-31 03:53:07 UTC  

Yo Felden the Coordinator and the newly minted Dad.

2018-10-31 03:53:40 UTC  

@Felden - CO good work! Being a coordinator and a dad is like three full time jobs

2018-10-31 03:53:45 UTC  

Thanks guys! Responsibility level has increased bigly

2018-10-31 03:54:26 UTC  

Also, I canโ€™t snap my fingers. โ˜น๏ธ

2018-10-31 03:54:33 UTC  

Yeah one of the best takeaways from the camping trip was how authentic the American Nationalist feel there was. Enough of this "what flag do you want in the fascist ethnostate" bullshit. This is our country and our history.

2018-10-31 03:54:35 UTC  

Respect rescinded

2018-10-31 03:54:47 UTC  

@Felden - CO Congrats brother!

2018-10-31 03:54:54 UTC  

Lol whoever put in that react did the two moms one

2018-10-31 03:55:06 UTC  

Lol yeah they did.

2018-10-31 03:55:10 UTC  

dammit Virgil!

2018-10-31 03:55:10 UTC  

Whoops lol

2018-10-31 03:55:52 UTC  


2018-10-31 03:55:52 UTC  


2018-10-31 03:57:35 UTC  

Yeah, even though we mostly agreed on stuff it was nice to be able to openly talk about how we reslly felt on topics during camping

2018-10-31 03:57:55 UTC  

๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ Better?

2018-10-31 03:58:01 UTC  

I dindunuffin

2018-10-31 03:58:06 UTC  

Thatโ€™s the beauty of a camp fire. I canโ€™t wait to go camping with the CO guys.

2018-10-31 03:58:18 UTC  

Whoops, definetly not better

2018-10-31 03:58:29 UTC  

Ffs Virgil ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-10-31 03:58:42 UTC  

Camping is great stuff

2018-10-31 03:59:01 UTC  

They really need to make these emotes more clear ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-10-31 04:01:39 UTC  

We promoted @Felden - CO to coordinator and the next thing you know he's a dad!

2018-10-31 04:01:55 UTC  

IE really pays off.

2018-10-31 04:02:21 UTC  

That was 100% the order of events

2018-10-31 04:03:17 UTC  

I recently met with many of my local IE brothers at a coffee shop. The Leftist SWPLs there were all ears. I went to get another cup of coffee, and the stunningly beautiful young girl behind the county asked: "What are you guys talking about out there? I dont mean to pry." I'm totally positive that these Leftist imbeciles were talking all about us. To the lovely, lovely girl behind that county, I answered her question by telling her that, "all those guys are my sons." She and several bystanders were incredulous. But I talked them into it. They actually believed me!!

2018-10-31 04:03:26 UTC  

No one explained this process to me...

2018-10-31 04:04:07 UTC  

When is the next BIG IE EVENT?

2018-10-31 04:04:11 UTC  

@Valaska you better check your mail box, your kids probably hungry by now.

2018-10-31 04:04:11 UTC  

A member and I would like to meet