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2018-11-01 03:42:17 UTC  

Don't let the dark side corrupt you.

2018-11-01 03:42:31 UTC  

Anyone remember who the Jewish judge in Weimar Germany was who was raping Germans and even tied a girl to a cross?

Google is not helping.

2018-11-01 03:42:46 UTC  

speaking of SNL he comments on how Me Too is Jewish

2018-11-01 03:42:52 UTC  

@Selma Driver is a gentile I believe

2018-11-01 03:43:53 UTC  

@Selma He's not ethnically Merchantile?

2018-11-01 03:44:09 UTC  

He could begom Orthodoggs like Brother Nathanael

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He’s /ourguy

2018-11-01 03:45:21 UTC  

Adam Driver is a goy but Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are part Jewish.

2018-11-01 03:46:10 UTC  

@Logan Ironic! Based on physiognomy

2018-11-01 03:46:22 UTC  

Goes to show you can't just judge by nose

2018-11-01 03:46:38 UTC  

Speaking of which, just also learned that Elvis had a Jewish grandmother.

2018-11-01 03:46:58 UTC  

Huh, well he tried to fight the Beatles with Nixon

2018-11-01 03:47:10 UTC  

That's still pretty based. Even if he himself was drugged out of his mind

2018-11-01 03:48:58 UTC  

@Nemets I was doing a family tree and found a possible Jewish couple in the 1850s. They seemed to have been trying very hard to not be Jewish. Moved to a farm in Ohio from London. Lots of Jews don't want anything to do with the ethnic scams/mafia that other Jews try to force on them.

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I want to thank the mods for not changing the server to some weird, unreadable Halloween nonsense. 4 /fit/ is difficult tonight.

2018-11-01 03:51:31 UTC  

I sometime fatigue of merchant gossip. I wish I didn't have to let them live rent free in my head.

What's the nicest Halloween thing you had/saw today? My younger sister made a spice cake and we had pumpkin beer

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I keep reading "NORCAL" as "NordCal"

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Ill stay awake for this

2018-11-01 03:52:45 UTC  

A little girl dressed as Raggedy anne and a little boy dressed as optimus prime who said "IM A TRANSFORMER" and I got to give them both a hug.

2018-11-01 03:53:04 UTC  

@Selma Unless there was some recent reboot, Raggedy Anne is some DEEP LORE

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That's what made me so happy.

2018-11-01 03:53:21 UTC  

Only in my Early Gen-Y do I vaguely remember

2018-11-01 03:54:00 UTC  

Very wholesome. Unless it wasn't and I don't remember

2018-11-01 03:54:35 UTC  

For just one second, I mistook her for Wendy from the titular Wendy's.

2018-11-01 03:55:04 UTC  

@Nemets Did you explain to her how Hans did nothing wrong?

2018-11-01 03:55:11 UTC  

(kidding, even I'm not that autistic)

2018-11-01 03:55:11 UTC  

Ha ha ha.

2018-11-01 03:55:18 UTC  

(But Hans did nothing wrong)

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I've never been so happy to see such a blue country!

2018-11-01 03:55:49 UTC  

@VinceChaos Very interesting data!

2018-11-01 03:55:55 UTC  

No Gray, eh?

2018-11-01 03:55:59 UTC  

Esoteric green Virginia Northam centrism