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2021-01-09 22:46:38 UTC  

Hey dahling

2021-01-09 22:47:07 UTC  

This is great. I am so thrilled

2021-01-09 22:48:44 UTC  

All these wonderful patriots on here are great any questions you have someone will be more than happy to help 😊

2021-01-09 22:49:19 UTC  

@Ivan Trowbridge you think we’re gonna get hit again today?

2021-01-09 23:03:12 UTC  

oneone a link to the broadcast for uK

2021-01-09 23:55:31 UTC  

Nah, I think we're good till Jan 20 when Biden takes the stage for inauguration and when he's just finished with the final CRIME of being a fraudulent Pres he'll be arrested and the World will be in awe..... 1st public Arrest will shock the World 💪😎🇺🇸💯

2021-01-09 23:55:55 UTC  

vatican dark? first arrest POPE?

2021-01-09 23:59:16 UTC  

Well I heard Pompeo was in italy and the Italian president was arrested, maybe while in the area, might as well go after the Vatican..we shall see

2021-01-10 00:26:01 UTC  

Trump on ham Radio NOW 😲😲😲😲😲😲

2021-01-10 00:26:16 UTC  

links says

2021-01-10 00:26:17 UTC  


2021-01-10 00:26:21 UTC  

Holy shit what’s he saying?!

2021-01-10 00:26:40 UTC  

share? voice or webcam

2021-01-10 00:26:57 UTC  

Ddos attack.... Iran

2021-01-10 00:27:58 UTC  

I'm trying to verify......
Never know what's TRUE anymore

2021-01-10 00:28:00 UTC  

Pakistan is without power i see

2021-01-10 00:28:34 UTC  

I saw that too earlier question is who’s next?

2021-01-10 00:28:45 UTC  

vatican dark

2021-01-10 00:29:00 UTC  


2021-01-10 00:29:43 UTC  


2021-01-10 00:38:06 UTC  


2021-01-10 00:47:17 UTC

2021-01-10 00:50:11 UTC  

It’s fixing to happen 💥

2021-01-10 00:54:37 UTC  

I think so

2021-01-10 00:55:14 UTC  

This has been going on for too long now it’s time for it to end.

2021-01-10 00:58:27 UTC  

Anyone have Dish? What channel is OAN or Newsmax on...can’t find it on google

2021-01-10 00:59:24 UTC  

I use duckduckgo
It helps on the censorship

2021-01-10 00:59:46 UTC  

That’s what I use

2021-01-10 00:59:47 UTC  

Oh found newsmax

2021-01-10 01:02:24 UTC  

Hey George News is back!

2021-01-10 01:02:44 UTC  

Rsbn is pretty good too.

2021-01-10 01:10:25 UTC  

Rsbn site says no speech. It's fake news

2021-01-10 01:16:39 UTC  

I just heard that Mitch McConnell and some of his cronies are going to censor the President.

2021-01-10 01:19:34 UTC  
2021-01-10 01:20:20 UTC  

@Di that’s not surprise

2021-01-10 01:20:25 UTC  


2021-01-10 01:20:37 UTC  

Ya considering mitchs wife is ccp

2021-01-10 01:22:42 UTC  

This is a sci fi movie. You can’t make this shit up??? I have lived 60 years through some bad hard things. This is the most terrified I have ever been.