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2021-01-12 23:58:58 UTC  

Have a question I’m pretty new to q

2021-01-12 23:59:29 UTC  

From what I understand every time there is a drop you guys try to connect to real events

2021-01-13 00:00:24 UTC  

Why are press and others so scared of it? Had Q ever said go out do this or that? From angst I understand it’s always been on the passive “stay inside military will take care of it”

2021-01-13 00:00:36 UTC  

“Let them do their job” etc

2021-01-13 00:00:39 UTC  


2021-01-13 00:05:36 UTC  

He refers to them as Patriots but yes

2021-01-13 00:06:01 UTC  

There is nothing citizens can do against the Great Reset agenda

2021-01-13 00:07:13 UTC  

Only Trump and the Patriots/Storm(And yes the Military IS on Trump, and our side). The people who signed that letter included the traitor Miley. They have no clearence at the Pentagon. The military has been deploying nationwide as Markd said

2021-01-13 00:07:29 UTC  

Those generals who signed that letter are Obama leftovers. They have no authority when it comes to what is happening, and they have no access to classified intel. DOD has the authority, Miller called in those thousands of troops. National Guard from Five states can only be used in such a manner via IA or other acts. Moreover, those generals do not have access to classified intel, otherwise there would be leaks regarding the Q operation. And Q himself said the Military IS on Trumps side, but there are a few bad actors. They will be taken out of the way without mercy. This isn't a joke. This is saving our country from the Great Reset, and saving freedom and millions of lives from madmen.

2021-01-13 00:17:43 UTC  

That said ATON of people are even more disillusioned by the combined mentioning of a next adminstration(With context people seem to miss) and the letters by the traitorous joint chiefs

2021-01-13 00:17:59 UTC  

All the while the troops go out.

2021-01-13 00:18:29 UTC  

So I suppose we add the joint chiefs to the list of arrested? I imagine they already were there.

2021-01-13 00:34:30 UTC

2021-01-13 00:59:43 UTC  

Original Channel - 100th MonKeeZ ...

All credit for this video goes to Robert David Steele ...

Robert David Steele, a former CIA officer is the pro bono Chief Enabling Officer (CEO) of Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 devoted to teaching holistic analyti...

2021-01-13 01:07:03 UTC  

Ohhhhhhh GREAT..... A chatter in our News room got everybody worked up by relaying a text from her friends message to Church.....
We're heading to South China Sea and we're at War.....
PLEASE USE DECERNMENT WHILE I VET THIS..... She is a very honest long time chatter, but ya know this world can get a lil CRA CRA Crazyyyyyy ehhhhhh 😏🚬💨

2021-01-13 01:31:01 UTC  

Where did Linwood post this? I can’t find him anywhere.

2021-01-13 01:32:40 UTC  

Lindsey Graham! 🤣🤣🤣

2021-01-13 01:50:44 UTC  

Pence just sent a letter to Pelosi 30 mins ago saying he wouldn’t do it

2021-01-13 02:20:59 UTC  

Are you guys watching these hearings?

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2021-01-13 02:26:11 UTC  

I'm overloaded I've been a little unplugged to recharge

2021-01-13 02:26:23 UTC  

Anything good coming from them

2021-01-13 02:27:31 UTC  

I am having to step back a minute myself. I haven’t been sleeping well.

2021-01-13 02:27:41 UTC  

Nancy is there

2021-01-13 02:35:05 UTC  

How do you send someone a friend request to join but can't seem to get on with an invite Link????
I don't know how or where to type her #tag number 🤪🤪🤪🤪 HELP 🆘 😁

2021-01-13 02:48:16 UTC  

Nancy back wonder where she went

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2021-01-13 02:49:23 UTC  

Somebody saying it's not her???? I'm not watching so I don't know..... Our chatroom is bonkers @TNS and I'm whooped 🤪🤪🤪🤪

2021-01-13 02:51:02 UTC  

Nancy isn't there?

2021-01-13 02:58:43 UTC  

I'm still checking but somebody saying it's a different Lady???

2021-01-13 02:59:32 UTC  

Sounds like the same stuttering Nancy.

2021-01-13 03:00:26 UTC  

Okay thanks 😊 I'm gonna call it the night TNS has my head moosh tonight..... God Bless PATRIOTS 🙏💜🇺🇸

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2021-01-13 03:16:14 UTC  

@texasnewsstudio on DLive

2021-01-13 03:36:50 UTC  

Let’s just say it would be a great time fir the army to take the traitors from inside there.

2021-01-13 03:47:02 UTC

2021-01-13 03:47:39 UTC  

NBC trying to say our warnings not to go are encrypted messages to go..

2021-01-13 03:49:13 UTC