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2020-10-16 01:49:24 UTC  

GG @mykidzmomma, you just advanced to level 1!

2020-10-16 01:49:33 UTC  


2020-10-16 01:49:51 UTC  

I haven't even got looking at posts today!

2020-10-16 01:50:52 UTC  

I love your digs

2020-10-16 01:51:14 UTC  

Tha k u @mykidzmomma!!

2020-10-16 01:52:47 UTC  

So do you have to sign in and out on this platform

2020-10-16 01:54:34 UTC  

I don't tbink so. I have it on my phone and it just loads

2020-10-16 01:54:43 UTC  


2020-10-16 01:54:46 UTC  

I have spent the last two days moving. I'm gonna crash. Ill catch everyone tomorrow.

2020-10-16 01:54:59 UTC  


2020-10-16 01:55:09 UTC  

nite Pudls86

2020-10-16 01:55:36 UTC  

Oh poor u! Thanks @Pudls86 sleep well ✌️🇺🇸

2020-10-16 01:55:53 UTC  

I really am looking into trey. I think ms thirteen ties somewhere

2020-10-16 01:56:16 UTC  


2020-10-16 01:56:39 UTC  

I haven't looked into him a lot... But keep us informed of ur digs

2020-10-16 01:57:18 UTC  

I will. Send me anything you guys find on him

2020-10-16 01:57:43 UTC  

I will have a look tomorrow for u 😘

2020-10-16 02:02:26 UTC  

Gotta head off now for a bit. Feel free to send out my link to add Patriots

2020-10-16 02:02:48 UTC  
2020-10-16 02:02:55 UTC  


2020-10-16 02:04:34 UTC  
2020-10-16 02:12:36 UTC  

@everyone can everyone see the announcement channel?

2020-10-16 02:14:38 UTC  

Hey <@513157530709655582>, thanks for joining! :v::flag_us:

2020-10-16 02:16:56 UTC  

Welcome <@513157530709655582> 👋🏻

2020-10-16 02:16:56 UTC  

GG @xx BANE xx, you just advanced to level 2!

2020-10-16 02:18:28 UTC  

Hey @italian_girl_13, thanks for joining! :v::flag_us:

2020-10-16 02:20:39 UTC  

Welcome new people 👋🏻

2020-10-16 02:39:05 UTC  

Hey @Twilightleaf17, thanks for joining! :v::flag_us:

2020-10-16 02:39:31 UTC  

👋🏻 hey...

2020-10-16 02:40:22 UTC  

Just getting this started so bear with us...

2020-10-16 02:40:40 UTC  

How is everyone tonight?

2020-10-16 02:41:51 UTC  

Good’re you? Not many peeps on...I’m an admin, so trying to do some construction and maintenance, lol

2020-10-16 02:43:16 UTC  

Can you you see the announcements channel? @Twilightleaf17

2020-10-16 02:43:27 UTC  

Doing great. Have to do the work when you can. Sure plenty more will show up in next few days. Always good to have a home for info

2020-10-16 02:43:49 UTC  

Yes it is up

2020-10-16 02:44:31 UTC  

So true, not many people are familiar with discord, so trying to help in my small way 😀

2020-10-16 02:45:44 UTC  

I only learned of it a few months ago. Got side tracked into watching riots for a bit early on and learned that way

2020-10-16 02:46:48 UTC  

Any questions you might have I’ll try to answer....oh yea. I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t witnessed’s sad

2020-10-16 02:48:58 UTC  

Sure is, but just becomes same circus, same players, repeat repeat. Too much negativity. Positive is way to go. That is what they want us distracted and not seeing clearly. Glad you are doing this, thank you

2020-10-16 02:50:18 UTC  

I believe that the owner is looking to have another way for people to connect and discuss and support each other in lieu of what happened with Twitter shutdown today...

2020-10-16 02:52:34 UTC  

What color is your state? Red or blue? Swing?